10 Best Baddie Tattoos Ideas


A tattoo is attractive. There’s a tattoo for every kind of person; whether you’re a masculine, feminine, on-trend type, or a bossy person who stands tall, there’s a tattoo for you all. Getting a tattoo is a unique idea to appreciate and embrace your body with gorgeous tattoo art.

For many people nowadays, getting a tattoo is a no-biggie. After all, getting some inked tattoos may be a cool way to express yourself while also looking stylish. However, while choosing to go under the needle may be simple, it might be tough to choose what to get tattooed on your body and where to get it done.

Baddie Tattoos

Tattoos can be cool, stylish, elegant, and whatnot according to the preferences and likes of individuals. One such type of tattoo is baddie tattoos that we can easily spot on youngsters and other age groups. While these tattoos are appealing for many reasons, one of the main reasons is that it exhibits a bold personality. It shows a fighter who can take any challenges given to them and get triumph in that. 

10 Best Baddie Tattoos Ideas

Tattoos are extremely personal and unique to the person who gets them inked on their body. Choosing the ideal tattoo for yourself could take a long time. When going through this process, be sure to assess and don’t worry about time. 

While there are many options for baddie tattoos in the market, we have developed the 10 best baddie tattoo ideas. These baddie tattoos are stunning, daring, sophisticated, and savage-worthy.

1. Playboy Tattoo

This baddie list wouldn’t be perfect without the baddie butterfly tattoos at the top. For decades, the Playboy bunny has been connected with sex. It is widely regarded as a sign of desire and sensuality. For other people, it is a charming and mysterious design. 

2.  Butterfly tattoos

Women’s butterfly tattoos were previously fashionable before the baddie trend. Butterflies are a great option because they are gorgeous, untamed, and unrestricted. 

Many ladies chose this emblem because it appealed to them. This tattoo will give both feminine and bold vibes if you get them on your shoulders or behind the ears. But, of course, the tattoo’s size is an important consideration.

3. Snake 

Baddie tattoos with a snake or serpent are especially prominent. They’re popular because of their flexibility, and the styles can be very different. For example, one can prefer bright colors and enormous pieces covering their entire arm, while others can keep it simple with a tiny black tattoo. One thing we can all agree on is that the serpent has many different design interpretations and different meanings. In general, they are associated with trouble or danger. But at the same time, reincarnation, transformation, and renewal because they shed their skin. In some cultures, they are associated with sins, and in others, it is believed to bring good fortune.

4. Spine or Back tattoos

Because of the muscles, veins, very thin skin, and closeness to bone, spine or back tattoos are among the most painful to get inked. However, it shows the bravery and boldness one has. 

Men often go for the upper back with full-covered designs, and women go for single spine line designs that are so elegant but remember, one can go with any design or style size with this one.  

5. Red Dragon Tattoos

Dragons are known for their sheer power, fury, toughness, fearlessness, and vigor. With all these characters, they go on our baddie tattoo list. 

These red dragon tattoos look great on your arm. The red ink pops out, making it hot and bold in every aspect.

6. Tittle tattoos

A tattoo saying you are a gangster or a bossy lady is a baddie. You can have any title as per your preference or feel connected to your body. To spice up the game, add some small designs or play with font style to make it more sexy and appealing. 

7. Roman Numbers

The Roman number is also a baddie to go for when thinking of getting a tattoo. Roman numerals are a way to pay gratitude to an important number or date in your life existence. They carry a lot of meaning for the person who wears them. The number can be a birth, an anniversary, or another important date. 

8. Skull Tattoos

You can be all creative with this one – add colors, give a 3D effect, or extend it with other designs and pictures of artwork. They never go out of fashion and are hence trendy, giving a badass look. Without skull tattoos, the baddie tattoo list is incomplete

9. Full arm Tattoo

If you’re getting a tattoo on your arm, make it as big as possible. The point to be noted is it is not for weak hearts, but they’ll undoubtedly create an impression. A full sleeve is a fantastic choice for individuals who wish to paint an entire artwork on their arms.

It will pass on a baddie gangster vibe to others around you.

10. Wolf Tattoos

Wolf tattoos are popular among people who respect loyalty, family, and protection, as these gorgeous animals frequently symbolize these qualities. However, these wolf tattoos are designed for people with a wild side and can help you unlock your inner beast. 

This significance is captured in a tribal wolf tattoo that is both simple and effective. You can go as big as you can with this one. The artwork portrays the fierce nature of an individual.


One needs to be bold enough to get a Baddie tattoo inked. They will be intimidating for sure but will show your bold side. We have shown the 10 best baddie tattoos in this article but don’t just go with these. You can also explore it on your own to get a baddie tattoo as you like because the choices are endless here. Remember to go with your personality type, and you will not regret the inked tattoo. 

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