10 Cool Trap Tattoos Design and Ideas


Tattoos are a great way to express oneself. Some tattoos portray self-love, and some have stories attached to them. It cannot be easy to narrow down your options with so many great tattoos, and some may require inspiration. Tattoos can range in size and complexity, from modest and simple to distinctive and fierce. The location of the tattoos is also something to consider. Remember that it will be with you for a lifetime, so we would recommend that you think and consider it before taking the step. There are many designs concerning tattoos. A few examples are – goth culture style, portrait style, traditional or old school style, grunge style, and many more. In this article, we will be talking about trapped tattoos.

What are trapped tattoos?

The chest, forearms, back, and arms have always been the most common sites for tattoos, but trap tattoos are becoming increasingly fashionable.

Even though they are in the same body place, there are differences between shoulder and trap tattoos. For example, trap tattoos can occasionally be shoulder tattoos, and trap tattoos can sometimes become shoulder tattoos by extending the design’s reach. Shoulder tattoos, on the other hand, are usually placed on the top part of the arm, while trap tattoos are placed between the shoulder and the neck. 

10 Cool Trap Tattoos Design and Ideas

As we have already mentioned, it’s a fantastic place to come up with new tattoo design ideas, and as you may have often observed, designs look better there than elsewhere on the body. But there are countless designs available, and choosing which one to get is another difficult task. Don’t worry! Following are some cool trap tattoos you may consider while getting inked. 

1. Text tattoos

Because they can easily be made to go exactly along with the muscle, text tattoos fit well as trap tattoos. Align the text with the muscle. For extra effect, some people like the lettering to flow up to their neck or over their shoulder a little but this only works great with some pattern design. Invest a little more time and effort in the design to ensure that the text in that region appears to be amazing and well-aligned. 

2. Rose Tattoos

They are very popular and common when it comes to trapping tattoo designs. For example, a rose tattoo representing love lost or gained has been valued as a sign of the greatest level of emotion throughout time. You can make it more beautiful by adding leaves and colors to it. These work best in any size, big or small. 

3. Flying bird tattoo

It is highly recommended for ladies out there. A small flying bird is an elegant tattoo design that expresses freedom. You get any number of flying birds according to your preference. A flying bird represents hope, joy, and the importance of family. To amp up the tattoo, you can always add color to it to beautify it more. 

4. Meaningful Symbols

People prefer small-size tattoos when it comes to meaningful symbols. These symbols can be anything that you believe in. A few examples can be – heart, infinity loop, yin and yang, peace sign, anchor, etc. All of them have some other meaning attached to them. It looks cute and attractive. 

5. Roman Number

Those interested in obtaining roman numerals tattooed on their skin should try trap tattoos. Roman numerals, like text tattoos, appear to fit beautifully in the trap area, and people usually question what they signify due to their unusual location. These roman numbers can be a birth date, anniversary date, or anything close to your heart. 

6. Mechanic style

With this, you can unleash your inner mechanic. It can start from the top trap region and go down or extend to the shoulder and chest area. It will look classy in black and grey.

7. Tribal print style tattoos

They look particularly attractive if they run parallel to the muscle or extend from the top of the chest to the top of the back. If you’re thinking about getting a tiny or large horizontal tribal-style tattoo, at least think about getting it as a trap tattoo if you believe it’ll look amazing there. This tattoo complements men’s physiques, giving bold and masculine vibes.

8. Dragon tattoo

A common effect in animal tattoos is twisting, spinning, and revolving across the chest, over the shoulder, and down arm’s length. Here snakes and dragons, any lengthy animal looks best with the head rising steadily and over the shoulder and downwards to the chest. It is catchy to the eyes. 

9. Sword and knives

Swords and knives are two prominent examples of outstanding designed items that work well in the trap region. They look excellent if they’re only on one side of the body, but they can also look fantastic if the handle is on a side trap and the blade runs through to the other. It creates a more symmetrical appearance that is highly attractive to the eye. Both the ways the design is stylish. 

10. Eagle tattoo

An eagle tattoo can take various forms, including a skeleton, weaponry, or ethnic design for certain guys. For others, a strong, powerful, and scary inking of a bird of prey, i.e., an eagle, is ideal. Because the wings can be stretched throughout the chest, around the arm, and the bicep area. A flying eagle about to pounce looks stunning as a trap and extended shoulder tattoo.


One of the reasons trap tattoos have become so trendy is that you can utilize them to place designs that wouldn’t look as good somewhere else. Another reason is it’s at a perfect place where you can easily hide it, but if you want to show it off, a V-neck or similar slightly loose-fitting shirt can expose all or part of it. Trap tattoos can be difficult to create, so you should hire a professional artist to complete this art task if you decide to get one. We have shown some trendy and cool trap tattoos design and ideas so that you can get some inspiration from the same. It is highly recommended if you are new or old to the tattoo world, get one trap tattoo, and you will not regret the decision. 

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