10 Evil Mermaid Tattoos Ideas and Design


The mermaid is a popular tattoo design for both men and women. They represent liberty. The ability to swim across a wide ocean without being hampered by the miseries of humans. The charm of a mermaid tattoo is that it can be done anywhere on the body. Their long, graceful physique makes them attractive in any setting. 

What are Evil Mermaid Tattoos? 

Mermaid is a strong female character who represents individuality, freedom, and self-reliance. Mermaids have a special fondness for the elements of water as a whole. They’ve appeared in several folktales throughout the world. Mermaids have the tail of a fish & upper body of a human, making them one-of-a-unique creatures. Mermaids are potent symbols of womanhood, the sea, change, and metamorphosis.

There are currently various options available, ranging from Disney representations of childhood to gruesome and frightening depictions of the mermaid. Each tattoo has a different significance depending on how it is interpreted and the tattoo style.

Do you also want to get a traditional mermaid tattoo but don’t know where to start? Below are some of the best traditional mermaid tattoos.  

List Of Top 10 Evil Mermaid Tattoos Ideas and Design

1. Black and Gray Traditional Mermaid Tattoo:

The black and grey tattoo idea is another tattooing application that went from a simple method to become a full-fledged artistic style. While black and grey tattoos, particularly single needle work, arose from a shortage of resources, the amount of detailing and talent in showing these mermaids – they’re even being transformed into fantastic tattoos. Many tattoo fans prefer the subtle beauty of black and grey over the brilliant colors of other types, characterized by exact line work and superb shading. In fact, an increasing number of people are opting to forego color altogether and devote their bodies to the concept of black and grey art.

2. Delicate Mermaid Tattoos:

In order to create a great tattoo, the original American tattoo workshop emphasized the need for bold lines. Every tattooist is familiar with the term “bold will hold.” Whether inked in black and grey or full color, using thin lines to create delicate motifs of a sea woman is an emerging trend. They provide a range of minor features for delicate work, such as lovely hair, glitter tails, and layered mermaid scales, which let this sensitive tattoo art pop. 

3. Vibrant Color and Watercolor Mermaid Tattoo:

Color is the only thing that appeals to certain people’s brilliant and vibrant personalities. Mermaids, or a more delicate but equally vibrant watercolor tattoo, are a terrific choice for this multicolored style. Color ink gives artists an extra degree of expression that they can use in various ways. Some people utilize colors to improve hyper-realistic portraits, while others get ideas from Disney tattoos — the Little Mermaid tattoo is a popular example. Another popular trend is to produce a marine look evocative of watercolor paintings. 

4. Innovative Tattoo Inspiration:

Artists who are not afraid to try new things, push the boundaries, and reinvent what is feasible in their medium to create good art. Tattooing is no exception. The amount of talent on showcase in tattoo stores worldwide is sufficient proof that tattooing has progressed from a fringe activity to a full-fledged creative movement. Like any other medium, tattooing is evolving, with modern trends reshaping what people think is possible; gorgeous geometric designs and befuddling visuals make it unique. The mermaids are indeed ideal for these creative designs. 

5. Dark Themed and Skeleton Mermaid Tattoos:

While many individuals are only familiar with the fairy tale images of mermaids, there is a darker version of these creatures. A more frightening version of mermaids is becoming popular. Some tattoo artists give their women sunken eyes, a decaying half-fish, half-body corpse, while others tattoo the skeletons of these aquatic chimaeras. 

6. Floral Little Mermaid Tattoos

When done correctly, these kinds of small mermaid tattoos look amazing. The tattooist has tattooed a tiny mermaid with incredible detail in this image. Flowers surround the mermaid, and the tail is tattooed with intricate designs. A mermaid is thought to represent youth and love. They always appear to be having fun, whether they’re playing tricks or lurking in coves. The flowers in these designs symbolize love and connection.

7. Short Hair Mermaid Tattoo Ideas:

The adorable tiny short-haired mermaid is depicted wearing a cap and grasping a black and white rope. This mermaid tattoo was done quite well by the tattoo artist. The mermaid tattoo’s lower half is tattooed in olive green, but the remainder of the artwork is grayscale.

In many civilizations worldwide, mermaids are seen as a symbol of good fortune. A mermaid’s head is frequently seen at the bow of a ship or on any other sailing vessel. If you want to put your spin on these mermaid tattoos, you can combine them with other mermaid tattoos that depict different sea creatures.

8. The Sea Queen, Mermaid Tattoo:

This lovely mermaid tattoo is the next on the list. The tattoo artist inked the bottom part of the mermaid in shades of yellow, green, and red. Unlike another classic mermaid black & white tattoo, the tattoo artist has done a good job coloring this one. This mermaid tattoo is certainly a work of beauty, and it may be tattooed on your leg, back or wrist if you want it. In the mermaid tattoo design, you can also include fish, rocks, and other elements. To make the tattoo stand out, you can even modify the mermaid’s hair color to something more distinctive.

9. Mermaid Tattoo With Trident: 

Other mermaid tattoo ideas are significantly distinct from this typical mermaid tattoo. The mermaid is depicted holding a trident in this tattoo design. Lord Poseidon carries the trident, which is a magical weapon. During the era of the First Titanomachy, Poseidon crafted the trident. The mermaid in this design is lovely, but she’s also a fighter! Rocks, seagrass, and fishes can be added to this traditional mermaid tattoo design if you want to incorporate other elements from the water. This mermaid tattoo, which is on the forearm, is stunning.

10. The Mermaid’s Dog Tattoo

This mermaid tattoo is stunning, and you can see the intricate patterns on the mermaid’s body and bottom half. The entire mermaid is black and crimson in color. This isn’t your typical mermaid tattoo in the classic sense. In this tattoo design, the mermaid clutches a dog, which symbolizes loyalty and commitment. Dogs are one of the most devoted animals on the earth, and merging components of a dog tattoo with an important mermaid tattoo adds dimension to the overall tattoo design. The fact that the mermaid has tattoos on her arms and body is another stunning feature of this mermaid tattoo. This is a distinct feature not found in most mermaid tattoos.

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