10 Small Anime Tattoos Ideas and Design


Do you want to get Tattoos ideas and designs? A great way to start your dream of getting a tattoo can be with small tattoos. And if you are an anime lover, it’s just the cherry on top. Anime tattoo fans are, after all, anime fans. 

Smaller anime tattoos are popular these days, especially among youth. Because of its unique aesthetics, the impact of this fascinating World of Japanese animation has easily spread into the tattoo world. These small anime body art can appear more attractive than huge pieces or complete sleeves. 

What are Anime tattoos?

From what we know, anime tattoos are more than just a collection of tattooed cartoons. Anime cartoons have established a sizable audience. Children’s cartoons like Pokemon and DragonBall Z have caught western attention and brought anime to popularity and fame.

Anime caters to a wide range of age groups. Some storylines are somewhat dark and serious, while others are about adult love. With a good range of genres, there is always something for kids.

10 Small Anime Tattoos Ideas and Design

Lots of folks associate anime tattoos with Japanese culture, and in fact, Japanese citizens wear them as tattoos to show their passion and devotion to their country. Having these tattoos is also one way to demonstrate your appreciation for this art style. And having images from your favorite show means you are interested in and adore that specific show or character.  

You can choose from one of the ideas below or create your unique design or image if you prefer something that nobody else will have.

1. Death Note Tattoo

Death Note is a Japanese anime series. This terrifying anime series is well-known among horror tattoo fans. Blood may be included in Death Note tattoo designs, especially for the demon-like Ryuk character. If you are a dedicated anime fan, a fantastic Death Note Tattoo will blow your mind. There are many amazing designs available for Kira, Misa, Ryuk, the shinigami, and other characters from the series, so pick one that best fits your persona.

2. Attack on Titan tattoo

The tale follows a young character name Eren Yeager, who pledges to defeat the Titans when one destroys his homelands and murders his mother; the series is set in a world where humans live inside cities encircled by three massive walls that protect them from the giant man-eating creatures known as Titans.

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo on them, then Captain Levi or Mikasa tattoos and the Ackerman and the wings are common and widely accepted characters.

3. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon first aired in Japan in the early 1990s and was eventually dubbed into other languages, allowing it to reach a global audience and earning the characters widespread affection. Usagi Tsukino, a high school student who transforms into Sailor Moon to obtain a magical gemstone, is the series’ protagonist.

Anime characters such as Sailor Moon, Usagi, the cat, and Luna are frequently drawn.

4. Dragon

Although a legendary beast, the dragon is connected with a range of things in Japanese culture. As a result, it features in one of many anime series. The head of a dragon, or the whole dragon, is a stunning tattoo, and most artists can draw it because it is so common. A dragon eating its tail is one of the most famous tattoo designs. This artwork is an excellent tattoo design because of its deep significance in Japanese culture and other cultures around the World.

5. Samurai

A samurai design symbolizes power and bravery; therefore, getting one on your arm or back can help you express these qualities. In addition, it is widely regarded as one of the World’s best and most popular anime series. Getting samurai tattoos is, in fact, one of the truest signs of being an anime fan.

6. Naruto

Naruto, a young ninja who strives to be the local chief and to be acknowledged by his friends, is another well-known protagonist from the anime universe.

His pre-adolescent years are depicted first, followed by his adolescent years in the story. Naruto tattoos are particularly popular among fans due to their vivid colors and distinct appearance.

7. Sonic and Pokémon

Sonic the Hedgehog anime is one of the World’s most famous characters, not just because of the game based on him, but also because children love his pace.

Then there’s the Pokémon anime series, which the Pokémon organization handles. Humans, known as Pokémon Trainers, hunt and train Pokémon to compete against other Pokémon in the plot. There are already roughly 900 Pokémon species.

Tattoos of humans and Pokemon are as distinct as an anime tattoo can be.

You could get a single Pokemon tattoo or a set of them. Thousands of tattoo fans from all over the World get their images permanently tattooed on their bodies.

8. Princess Mononoke

The narrative follows Ashitaka, who finds himself in the middle of a war between the gods of the forest and the men who abuse its resources.

Mononoke is a shape-shifting monster with power over people and may bring death and sickness.

Princess Mononoke’s tattoo designs often include the princess and her adorable dog.

9. The Dragon Ball z

Dragon Ball Z is also extremely famous all over the World, and it is often regarded as one of the most significant in the propagation of Japanese animation.

It’s based on the classical Chinese novel Journey to the West, with Hong Kong martial arts themes. Given the series’ lengthy history and widespread appeal, the Dragon Ball tattoo designs are as diverse as imaginable.

The characters of this series are so well-known that they may appeal to every tattoo fan, from bright colors to small character outlines.

 10. The Anime Girl.

A charming anime girl is a very fantastic picture of body art. Drawing a beautiful Japanese woman with long hair, a short skirt, and tall boots are usually required. As a result, you can have a tattoo of a charming Japanese girl.


Though anime originated in Japan, it now has a global following. It demonstrates that the choices are unlimited if you get one of these tattoos, as there are many other popular characters. And remember, it is not always necessary for tattoos to be large to impact.

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