9 Best Backpacks for Medical School

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We are going to review for you the best backpacks for medical school students

Packing light is a concept that never applies to medical school. There are simply a lot of things that you need to carry. There’s the heavy medical book, laptops, tablets, and even some primary medical gear. 

The general bags are not just cut out for all these loads. They are just not spacious or durable enough for the job. And the ones that can carry all these lacks comfort. They are hard on the shoulder or are not breathable enough.

So, finding the best backpack for medical school isn’t as easy as it sounds unless you have a list of top products. This article will provide you with this list of the top backpacks for medical school students. 

The Top 9 Best Backpacks for Medical School

1. Vancropak College Bag

Vancropak College Bag

The Vancropak backpack is a multi-functional bag that is ideal for every medical student. It is even suitable for college students and casual outings. The bag comes with material and builds that are just perfect both in terms of design and build.

Its parent company uses a very high-quality Oxford cloth for making this sturdy bag. This cloth ensures high integrity, long life, and very pleasant finish quality. The canvas material also offers decent water-resistance to the bag. Its metal zippers have the same quality. So, you will never have to worry about water entering your bag and ruining your stuff.

The overall build of this bag is identical to general rucksacks. It has several zipper pockets and in-built sleeves for your books and other stuff. The bags also have an extra lining that ensures a stable frame. It’s not rigid, but the bag will retain its shape. 

As for the back part, the bag has a very comfortable multi-layer back. It uses mesh with soft padding for high breathability. So, it’s highly unlikely that you would feel any discomfort or strain on your shoulder. 


  • USB port for easy charging
  • Wide and padded shoulder straps
  • Water-resistant material
  • Comes with extra lining for additional durability
  • Smooth and water-resistant zippers

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The Swissgear 1900 is not specifically a medical school bag, but it can serve the purpose. The laptop bag has enough space to hold all your supplies without any issue. In fact, the in-built sleeve and pocket of the bag further enhance its organization. 

Moreover, since the bags’ designed to secure laptops, it’s tough and can prevent damage to a great extent. The bags also have a flat bottom base with a lined build. So, it’s simple to load and unload your stuff. The bags also have a trolley sleeve and a tablet safe for extra convenience. 

Further, this laptop bag can hold up to 17 inches laptops and has a padded sleeve for it. You also get 1 front pocket, 2 side pockets, and 2 mesh pockets in it. There’s also an RFID pocket that ensures your cards stay protected against electromagnetic impulses.


  • Airflow venting technology-based back
  • Ergonomically shaped shoulder straps
  • Heavily padded back panel
  • Flat bottom base
  • Includes RFID protective pocket

4. Xd Design Anti-Theft Bag

Xd Design Anti-Theft Bag

Anti-theft laptop bags have been the market rage for quite some time now. They are aesthetically good, spacious, and very protective. These bags, as the name suggests, are designed to prevent unwanted access to the bags. 

They look almost like a standard rucksack, but they use concerned zippers. These bags also have a partially rigid structure making them resistant to falls. You can also expect decent anti-shock and water resistance properties. 

The anti-theft bag’s most noticeable feature is its organization. The inside part has ample space for a 15.6 inches laptop along with tablets, books, and other similar things. There are also some small pockets on the bags that you can use. The best part, each bag comes with secret pockets that are best to store important papers like passports, IDs, and more. 

For more convenience, the parent company also provides a built-in USB port. So you can charge your phone while keeping your power bank inside the bag. The bags also include illuminating strips that come in real handy at night. 


  • Ideal for laptops of up to 15.6 inches
  • Cuts resistant material
  • Waterproof bag
  • 13 L storage 
  • 9.7 inches tablet compartment
  • Secret pockets and zipper
  • Integrated USB port 
  • Lined with Anti-shock foam
  • Cutproof PP protection board layer

5. Matein Slim Travel Backpack

Matein Slim Travel Backpack

If you are looking for a bag that’s slim yet has enough space for your stuff, the Matein Slim travel backpack is a must-consider. It’s one of the most compact bags that you will find in the market. It measures just 18*12.2*5.5 inches in dimensions and yet maintains a storage space of 34L. 

This space is enough for your books, wallets, laptops, and other accessories. It also has a separate front compartment for small articles like pens, iPad, and smartphones. Then there is the side pocket that is best for keeping keys, cards, and earpieces. There are also small side pockets and a velcro-locked internal pocket. You can use the side pockets for water bottles, and umbrellas while the small internal pocket is great for small items.

Other than space, the bag is also great in durability and security. It uses high-quality polyester fabric as the base material, which is sturdy enough to resist regular wear and tear. Plus, the whole thing is an Anti-theft design. The bag comes with a small lock that you can use for locking the main compartment. 


  • Anti-theft bag
  • 34 L Storage space
  • Ideal for laptops of up to 15 inches
  • Lightweight and semi-rigid
  • Anti-sweat shoulder straps
  • Slim in size
  • Velcro pocket inside the bag
  • Built-in charging cable and USB port.

6. The North Face Recon School

North Face Recon School Laptop Backpack

The Recon School laptop bag by The North Face is an amazing bag for all sorts of people. It’s perfect for everyday college use, outing, traveling, and even office use. The bag offers versatility and durability that are unmatched.

It uses high-quality fabric and complements it with a superior quality stitch for prolonged life. The product will offer you clear and consistent stitching with no loose threads. Its overall build also ensures that the bag stays lightweight.

Talking of the space, the bag offers 30 liters of storage. There is a large laptop compartment that’s enough for any laptop of up to 15 inches. There are also two mesh side pockets and a large books compartment that you can use. The bags also have a stash pocket on the front side. It’s a mesh pocket that you can stretch for storing accessories. 

The fittings on these bags are of the same quality. It uses a Flexvent suspension for the shoulder strap. This technology makes the straps more breathable. The back part of the bag shares the same properties. It is a padded mesh back with a breathable lumbar panel for better comfort.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • 30L storage capacity
  • Lined with pads to reduce damage risks
  • Dedicated tablet sleeve with extra padding
  • Foam-lined back panel and straps
  • 15 inches laptop sleeve

7. Kaukko Laptop Outdoor Backpack

Kaukko Laptop Outdoor Backpack

For those of you who like casual bags, Kaukko outdoor laptop backpack is perfect. The bags combine the appeals of the old bags with the functionality of newer ones to provide a very distinct look.

This particular bag by Kaukko uses 6000 polyester fabric as the main material. This fiber makes the bag resilient and highly durable. It can resist a wide range of cuts, bruises, and scratches. It also makes the bag water-resistant. 

Kaukko has also strayed away from the usual bag design. This particular model has a drawstring to open/close the main compartment. Covering this close is a flap with a magnetic strap with a metal pin closure. The front pocket also has the same system to lock and secure your possessions. 

Other than these two pockets, the bag also has 2 side pockets for the water bottle and umbrella. These pockets don’t have a locking mechanism, but they do have an adjustable strap to lock the article in its place. 


  • High resilience fabric composition
  • Secure front pocket with zipper and metal pin locks
  • Air mesh-based padded shoulder strap
  • Adjustable drawstring closure for the main compartment
  • Comes with 6 months warranty
  • 22L storage capacity
  • Compatible with laptops of up to 15 inches
  • Available in multiple colors and patterns
  • Water resilient Polyester bag

8. Under Armour Hustle 3.0

Under Armour Hustle 3.0

Hustle 3.0 is a sporty type backpack from the athletic product brand Under Armour. The bag lives up to the reputation of the brand and packs every feature that you expect from it. In fact, the thing goes a step further to ensure comfort for the users.

It is one of the very few bags that have a sneaker pocket. It’s a small pocket on the lower front part of the bag that you can use to store shoes. This pocket also comes in handy for storing laundry while traveling. 

Other than the sneaker pocket, the bag also has a laptop sleeve for securing a laptop of up to 15 inches. Then there are the two additional pockets, a small pocket, and two mesh pockets. 

What makes the bag even better is its material and resistance. It uses UA storm technology and is completely resistant to water. The lining at the bottom part also adds decent abrasion resistance to it. 


  • Water-resistant
  • 15 inches laptop sleeve
  • High comfort HeatGear shoulder strap
  • Comes with a sneaker or laundry pocket
  • Abrasive resistant bottom

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9. SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack

SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack

The ScanSmart backpack is yet another interesting bag by Swissgear Travel. This bag, like most Swissgear models, is a multi-purpose bag that’s ideal for all situations. It can store laptops, tablets, books, and any other thing you might need with ease.

In fact, there are separate sections for a lot of them. For instance, the main compartment has a sleeve for the laptop. This section can contain any laptop of up to 17 inches in size in a very secure way. There is a soft foam lining to ensure this safety and absorb shocks before they damage the laptop. The bag also offers you a padded tablet pocket. 

Apart from these two pockets, this bag has 1 front, 2 mesh, and 2 side pockets. SwissGear has also added a dedicated phone pocket and an additional headphone pocket in this bag. Additionally, it includes an RFID-protector organizer that comes in handy to prevent data theft risks. 

Coming to comfort, the bag has a lay-flat bottom. It can stand at any place and open up to 180 degrees. SwissGear has also deployed mesh-based foamed lined back panels for this bag. Adding to this back are the high breathability and adjustability of shoulder straps. So, you won’t have any problem carrying heavy stuff or wearing the bag for a long time.  


  • Heavily padded back panel
  • Compatible for laptops of up to 17 inches
  • Dedicated tablet sleeve
  • RFID protected compartment
  • Lay flat bottom
  • Zipper access laptop compartment
  • Multiple color options
  • Tough polyester fabric build

10. Aspen Student Backpack

Aspen Student Backpack

The Aspen Student backpack is an exclusive product for college students who have to carry a lot of accessories. It’s designed to provide maximum space with minimum area coverage. It means that the bag can store all your goods without looking bulky. 

Aspen bags are also great in terms of organization and pockets. It has a large compartment, 3 zipper pockets, and 2 side pockets. The main pockets are where you store your clothes and textbooks, while the zipper pockets are best for accessories. 

As for the side pockets, they allow slight adjustability. So, you can use them for both water bottles and umbrellas. There’s also a dedicated laptop sleeve inside the compartment that can fit a device of up to 15.6 inches. 

The bag, like most bags, has decent waterproof qualities. It uses a polyester fabric that’s naturally resilient and can lock out liquids. The fiber also adds strength and life to the bag. So, It’s going to stay with you for several years. 


  • Water and tear-resistant composition
  • Multi-layer foam padded shoulder strap and back panel
  • High breathability back support
  • Hidden hook to lock zippers
  • Card pockets
  • Hole for headphone and charger wire

Final Words

Finding a bag with the right space and cushioning may seem tough, but it’s not. Most companies nowadays try to make bags that are ready for multitasking. The few bags you just saw are examples of these bag types.

So, if you are a medical student looking for a quality backpack, the bags above are perfect for you. Try them!

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