20 Best Angel Tattoos for Men of 2022

Best Angel Tattoos for Men

It will never be wrong to get an angel tattoo and show people what you believe in. Tattoos are not just any random work of art on an individual’s body. They serve a far more deep purpose than this.

It is very important that you wisely choose what tattoo you are getting and where exactly you are going to get it on your body because a tattoo is a lifelong commitment that you can not just get rid of any day.

One of the tattoo designs that has gained a lot of popularity among men is that of an angel. These tattoos depict hope, love, and spirituality.

However, tattoos depicting an angel come in various designs. So, it is crucial to select the one that caters to your needs. To help make your decision-making easy, here are the 20 best Angel tattoos of 2021 for men. 

The Best Angel Tattoos For Men

When it comes to getting a tattoo, it is very important that you choose the one that best suits you. There are different types of tattoos available. However, most of them are not as meaningful as the angel tattoo.

These angel tattoos help you showcase your connection with God. No matter what angel tattoo you get, these tattoos leave a deep spiritual feeling in the viewer’s heart.

1. Guardian Angel Tattoo

The guardian angel is the Angel that protects you and guides you whenever you feel like you are alone. The tattoo represents that your guardian angel is always close to you to help you.

You can get this tattoo almost anywhere on your body. However, it will look the best on your wrist where you can see it whenever you feel like you want some guidance. The Guardian Angel Tattoo will not only give hope and purpose to you but to the viewers as well. 

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2. Baby Angel Tattoo

If you are the kind of person who does not want something bold and huge, you can go for the Baby Angel Tattoo. The tattoo shows a baby angel praying to God that represents how innocence is the key link between earth and heaven. It is a perfect tattoo that will spread happiness wherever you will go. 

The tattoo is small in size, which means that you can easily get this tattoo wherever you like on your body. Be it your neck, wrist, chest, or back: the tattoo will look good on you. 

4. Angel Wings Tattoo

The Angel Wings Tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos when people want a tattoo to depict freedom. These tattoos are generally larger in size than other Angel tattoos. The wings represent spirituality and freedom and showcase to people how free-minded you are. 

The tattoos look the best when you get inked with a single shade. As the design of the tattoo is large, the best place you should get this tattoo is either on your back or on your shoulder.

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5. Small Angel Tattoo

It is not important that you should have a large tattoo to make an impact. You can simply have a small meaningful tattoo to get the job done. The small angel tattoo is perfect for people who want a small, inexpensive tattoo. 

As the tattoo is small, you can get this anywhere on your body. You can get inked by using the tiny ink, which is very adaptable; you can get it either on your neck, chest, or wrist and can also cover it up whenever needed.

6. Angel and Demon Tattoo

The Angel and Demon tattoo is the perfect tattoo for all the people who are fighting their inner devil. People usually get this tattoo to show that everyone has both a good and an evil side, and it is up to us which side we choose. 

The design showcases the conflict between good and evil and spreads hope and light. The tattoo is quite large in size and will look best if inked on the back. 

7. Angel of Death Tattoo

It will not be wrong to say that life is very uncertain and that death is a very important part of our life. The Angel of death is the perfect tattoo for people who understand that no one lives forever and that our existence is temporary. 

The tattoo is quite thought-provoking and makes people think of how uncertain our life is. People who want to live their life to the fullest get inked with the Angel of Death Tattoo.

8. Fallen Angel Tattoo

Angel Tattoos are the best to give all people a glimpse of what your inner thoughts are. The Fallen Angel Tattoo does the same by portraying the loss of innocence. It shows a fallen angel looking sad with his face turned down towards the ground. 

You can get this tattoo on your back as the large-scale tattoo has a prominent structure. The placement of the wings will be on the shoulder, and the Angel will be on the back. 

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9. Warrior Angel Tattoo

Show people that you are not afraid of anyone and are ready to fight any hurdle that comes your way with the Warrior Angel tattoo. The Warrior Angels are known to fight and overcome the evil which you can represent with the help of this tattoo.

 It is the perfect tattoo for a kind of man who wants to showcase the warrior side of himself to the world. The Warrior Angel tattoo on your shoulder will give hope and strength to the people.

10. Praying Angel Tattoo

One of the reasons many people opt for an Angel tattoo is to showcase their connection with the one true God. And this can be done in a significant way with the help of the Praying Angel tattoo. The tattoo shows an angel with a halo praying to God. 

The tattoo is best for you if you want to let people know how much you believe in God. Not just for you, but it will also act as a piece of hope and guidance to the people around you. The tattoo is the best choice for people who are looking for a wrist tattoo. 

11. Dark Angel Tattoo

Whenever we think of Angels, the first thing that comes to our mind is purity and innocence. However, all the angels do not represent the same. There are Dark Angels as well that represent the opposite of the Angel of light. 

People often get inked with the Dark Angel Tattoo to let people know about their negative and dark thoughts. It is the best tattoo to portray your clashes and inner conflicts.  

12. Memorial Angel Tattoo

Memorial Angel Tattoo is the tattoo often preferred by people when their loved one has passed away. The tattoo is made to honor your loved ones and to comfort yourself that your loved one is watching you from heaven. 

Body art has been and will remain one of the best ways to honor and show love to your loved one. This tattoo comes in different sizes that mean you can get it almost anywhere you want on your body. 

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13. Angel Gabriel Tattoo

Gabriel, the most important messenger of God, is one of the most powerful archangels. Even the meaning of the name” Gabriel” is “Man Of God.” What other way is better than getting inked with the Angel Gabriel Tattoo to show your spirituality and that you are also a man of God. 

The tattoo has a fascinating design and will look marvelous on your upper arm. This is the perfect tattoo for all the people who trust the signs and messages given to them in life. 

14. Angel Michael Tattoo

Michael is an archangel that symbolizes courage and strength. In the bible, he is also known as the evil destroyer. People who have often fought hard battles and have won against the inner evils get inked by the Angel Michael Tattoo.

It is the perfect tattoo to let the world know how courageous and strong you are. Not just this, but it will also motivate the viewers and give them the strength to fight evil. 

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15. Angel Halo Tattoo

When we talk about angels, one thing that comes to mind is the halo above their heads. The halo is a crown of light that shows that all the angels are sacred beings. The Angel Halo Tattoo is often selected by people to represent the loss of their loved ones. 

It is an impactful design that can also be used to show the world your strong connection with God. The tattoo design is relatively smaller than other Angel tattoos, which means you can get inked wherever you want on your body.  

16. Angel Rose Tattoo

Angels Tattoos often represent spirituality and God’s love. In contrast, a blooming rose represents love and passion. These both combined together make a perfect tattoo symbolizing your love and passion towards God. 

Not just this, some people often get inked with this tattoo to show that their love is pure and innocent. The tattoo will be your perfect choice if you want a large tattoo on your upper arm.  

17. Angel Whispering in the Ear Tattoo

Thinking of getting your neck and ear inked? If so, then the Angel Whispering in the Ear Tattoo is one of the best tattoos you can get. As the name suggests, the tattoo shows an angel whispering in your ear. This represents that your decisions are connected with goodness, wisdom, and ethics. This tattoo is the perfect tattoo for you if you want to get noticed and outshine the crowd. 

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18. Cross with Angel Wings Tattoo

The Cross with Angel Wings Tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos of all time. It is often selected by people to show their faith in Christianity. This is a quite impactful design, and there are various meanings connected with this tattoo. 

Some people get this tattoo in the memory of their loved ones, while others get inked with this tattoo to show their religious beliefs. The best part about body art is that different individuals can interpret a different meaning from the same tattoo. 

19. Crying Angel Tattoo

To some people, the picture of a crying angel might look sad. However, the meaning behind this picture is what makes it more beautiful and not sad. The Crying Angel Tattoo has a deep meaning behind it. It showcases how the angels cry for us when we can not cry for ourselves.

It is an abstract tattoo with deep meaning which is often not picked by many people. You can also use this tattoo to show your grief for the loss of your friend or a family member.  

20. Memorial Angel Tattoo

As the name suggests, the Memorial Angel Tattoo is a tattoo people choose in the memory of their family or friend. People get inked with this tattoo, hoping that their loved ones are now in a better place. The tattoo shows the name and the personal details of your loved one along with Angel wings, Halo, Angels, and clouds. It is a small tattoo that you can get anywhere on your arm, chest, neck, or shoulder. 

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21. Pet Angel Tattoo

Have you recently lost your beloved pet? No one can understand the pain more than you. Use the Pet Angel Tattoo that shows your pet with Angel Halo and wings. It is the perfect tattoo to show your gratitude and love. Not just this, but it also represents that your pet is always near you. You can get inked with this tattoo on your wrist, forearm, or on your shoulder blade.


All in all, it will not be wrong to say that no matter which Angel tattoo you choose, each of them has a deep, impactful meaning behind it. No matter wherever you get a tattoo: be it on your shoulder, back, chest, or arm, they are going to stay with you throughout your life. That is why it is recommended to make a wise decision and choose the right tattoo that caters to your needs. 

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