21 Best Chest Tattoos for Women (2022)

Best Chest Tattoos for Women

Let’s list some of the best chest tattoos for women in this article. No matter what tattoo you want, it can impart a very eye-catchy look. Be it any gender; the chest area can accommodate busy and detailed patterns of tattoos owing to ample space available.

Upper chest tattoos have become a popular choice among all, especially women. You can complement the shape of your body and create a magnificent impression with varied types of tattoos. With changing times and trends, the choice of tattoos has also revolutionized.

There are a plethora of choices available when it comes to tattoos for women. Women have a great liking for unique and colorful tattoos. The best part about chest tattoos is that they can come in any shape, pattern, design, or color.

Any tattoo in this location can not look wrong if it is based on your own inclination. However, if you a trendy bee and want to go hand in hand with the trends, here are the best selection we have made.

The Best Chest Tattos for Women

You can opt for the most famous designs and patterns of chest tattoos to go with the flow of the latest trends. Based on your desires and personality, you can choose an appropriate tattoo. Usually, chest tattoos are visualized as covering the whole of the chest area. However, that’s not true. Women can go for any chest tattoo, irrespective of their size and shape. Let’s have a look at these spectacular women chest tattoos ideas:

1. Floral

Flowers are the most lively and preferred pattern when it comes to tattoos. Flower chest tattoos can be the best choice if you want a simple yet attractive ink pattern on your chest.

Since the symbolization of flowers has changed over the years, it doesn’t need to represent a fragile and feminine outlook. Any woman can get flower chest tattoos as they are evergreen and match almost any personality type.

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2. Geometrical Heart

There has been a lot of inclination towards geometrical shapes and designs lately. Talking about chest tattoos for women, a geometrical heart can suit the area perfectly. It is symbolic as well as very attractive to look at.

The geometrical heart tattoos will represent the soft side of your personality with a modern design. The placement of this tattoo can be on your shoulder or on the left-hand side of your chest, resembling the position of the heart.

3. Under-Chest Tattoos

If you want a great coverage of tattoos, then you can opt for under-chest ones. These tattoos provide you with an extravagant look and can have many details. Under-chest tattoos are not very common yet, so you can stand out by getting one.

It is a suitable choice if you don’t want your chest tattoo to be visible all the time. Typically, under-chest tattoos have a focal point at the center and embrace your chest curves with a suitable pattern. You can go for any size that you like because even a big-sized tattoo will fit perfectly and make you look fantastic. 

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4. Small-Chest Tattoos

Tattoos are meant to present your style or emotions. They don’t necessarily need to cover a lot of your skin. So, if you do not like much ink but want a unique and personalized pattern on your chest, you can always go for small-chest tattoos. 

Small tattoos can be placed anywhere, including your shoulder, center of the chest, under the chest, and sternum area. There are numerous designs and patterns that are small and simple. For instance, a flower and a stem, stars, birds, leaves, roses, sunflowers, and many more can come in small sizes according to your choice.

5. Text Or Quote Tattoos 

Have a favorite quote or obsessed over some text or saying? If so, you can get it inked on your chest. Text tattoos are an excellent choice if you want to select a decent and elegant feel for your chest.

The positioning of quote tattoos is very important because the asymmetric continuity of the text can look messy and meaningless. People regard the collar bone as most suitable for this type of tattoo. However, the center of the chest will be suitable for big lettering designs. It will be able to cover most of your chest.

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6. Star Chest Tattoos 

Star Chest Tattoos are a universal and evergreen choice for tattoos. However, there are many variations and patterns that you can choose from. Your love for celestial bodies can be portrayed through star tattoos.

Depending on how much coverage you prefer, you can opt for twinkling stars, a night full of stars, a falling star, or animated stars. Stars represent hope and light, so you can spread positivity and get a great look by getting a star tattoo inked on your chest.

7. Full Chest Tattoos

Many people want their full chest skin to get covered in their favorite patterns and designs. You can go for full chest tattoos and impart a bold and beautiful look. There are plenty of ideas and combinations of patterns that can cover the space from your neck to your chest.

With the changing times, full chest tattoos are not just opted by men to flaunt their bodies; women also have shown an inclination towards full-size chest tattoos. A design with flowers and leaves, texts and shapes, a symbolic image, or any significant date along with figures representing something associated with it can be perfect for full-chest tattoos. 

8. Owl Chest Tattoos 

Obsession over owls has been crazy lately. You can go with the trend by having an owl chest tattoo. Owls symbolize supernatural powers and wisdom. So, if you love a world full of fantasies and supernatural stuff, owl tattoos will complement your personality.

Under the chest or the space between shoulder and chest are suitable areas for housing owl chest tattoos. The owl tattoo can be extended to your shoulders by cleverly designing and spreading its wings. You will be able to showcase your intelligence and deep understanding by getting a symbolic tattoo like this. 

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9. Butterfly Chest Tattoos 

Butterflies represent feminism and hope. For all the women who want a pretty yet meaningful tattoo, butterfly chest tattoos are the perfect pick. The most notable thing about butterfly tattoos is that they come with various details and create a focal point on your skin. 

The chest area is well suited for butterfly tattoos as it will provide ample space for details and extended patterns of wings. You can choose to play with the shadows, wings, and colors in your tattoo. 

10. World Map Chest Tattoos 

World Map Chest tattoos are for all travel lovers and adventurous women. You can showcase to the world your desires and passion for traveling by getting a tattoo on your chest. World Map Chest Tattoos are a great representation of keeping things you love near to your heart.

You can personalize your tattoo by highlighting the nation or city that is special to you. You can also use them to mark the place you want to visit, or you have visited. Mix and match the tattoo with a figure or shape that reminds you of a specific location. 

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11. Heart Chest Tattoos 

Add a cute heart-shaped tattoo to your chest and create an impressive look. Heart Chest tattoos can be inked in any size of your choice. You can add the initials of your loved ones or their name along with the heart.

The chest area is perfect for the placement of heart tattoos as it will overlap with your heart. Also, you can show or conceal your tattoo as per your choice when inked on your chest. Although the heart tattoo is very simple and popular, you can make it unique by adding other elements like flowers, stars, wings, fire, and crystals. 

14. Bird Chest Tattoos

Birds represent freedom and flying to catch dreams. If you love birds and their symbolism, you can go for bird tattoos either below your collarbone or at one side of your chest. There are many options available for making the tattoo more attractive. For instance, you can ask for a geometric bird, or a bird with a flower, or a pair of love birds. 

15. Colorful Chest Tattoos 

Adding colors to your tattoos can do wonders. Colorful chest tattoos can level up your outlook. Colors will bring life to your tattoo and add a better meaning to it. No matter what shape or pattern you choose, hues will make them look better. If you want to portray your colorful and lively personality to the outer world, then go for an amalgamation of many different bright colors. 

16. Unique Chest Tattoos

There’s nothing wrong with getting your imagination inked on your chest. You can jot down your unique designs and patterns and hand them over to your tattoo experts. It can either be a small one indicating a significant meaning or just a big piece of art that can cover the vast area below your neck. Uniqueness never goes out of style. 

17. 3D Chest Tattoos

With the advancement of technology, it is possible to get 3D tattoos. The most renowned 3D tattoos are mechanical chest tattoos. Although it is regarded to be ideal for men because of the masculine factor, women can also get this chest tattoo to represent their toughness and strength. Go for 3D chest tattoos and get a lifelike appearance on your chest. 

18. Art-based Tattoos

For all the artists, getting art-based tattoos are an excellent way of portraying your interests and personality. There is no limit to art pieces that you can recreate on your shoulder or chest area. While getting an art-based tattoo, remember that colors can make it look happening and original-like. 

19. Wolf Chest Tattoos

Wolf tattoos depict that the person wearing them is full of enthusiasm and zeal. All the brave women can consider getting a wolf tribe chest tattoo or a lone wolf tattoo. Depending upon the area and coverage you are aiming at, you can decide the right details and size of the wolf tattoo on your chest. 

20. Moon Chest Tattoos

Moon chest tattoos are also a very highly chosen and popular type of tattoo. Ink your love for the moon and other celestial bodies on your chest and impart a fantastic look. Moon also symbolizes other deep meanings such as eternal love, scary night, and religious aspects. 

21 Memorial Chest Tattoos

Have a beautiful memory associated with a particular date or lost a loved one? You can ink a memorial data of any event on your chest to get reminded of it every time you look at it.

Apart from the date, you can also have a sentimental piece of art symbolizing either the relationship you had with the loved one you lost or any figure related to the special event. Make sure the font and the lettering go with the theme because this tattoo comes with a deep meaning you might not want to ruin. 

22. Snake Chest Tattoos

Snake chest tattoos are highly suitable for strong and secretive women. This tattoo looks amazing, even with a simple outline filled with black ink. However, with details of the reptile skin, it can do wonders to the feel of the tattoo. For getting a snake chest tattoo make sure the artist is well-versed with inking the scales.

You can make it artistic and match your needs by adding elements like flowers and skulls. The snake chest tattoos can either cover the whole of the visible chest area or can be placed at the center along your sternum. 

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23. Angel Wings Chest Tattoo

Angels wings come in various sizes, so you can determine the design and coverage it will take in advance. For a detailed and realistic angel wings chest tattoo, you can have a full-size tattoo covering your chest and shoulder area. Whereas if you want a small yet meaningful tattoo, go for small wings. 


Chest tattoos for women are a perfect way of creating a style statement and outshining the crowd. There are a lot many options available when it comes to getting one. The basic criteria for selection should be your liking and not the trends because the trends do not stay for a long period of time. You should make a thoughtful decision while selecting the right tattoo for you, and then you are ready to have a dazzling outlook. 

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