5 Couple Watches For Lifelong Companions


Wearing matching accessories and clothes is the new way for modern couples in order to show their affection and mutual fashion sense to the world. Couple watches are usually a gift from one partner to another for valentines day, wedding or engagement gift and sometimes for anniversaries.

Wearing watches indicates that the pair is living each and every moment together and walking together in this journey of life. Matching watches for the couples can be creative and meaningful. Some people also choose to customize the couple’s watches to deliver their heartfelt messages to their beloved partner.

So these are some selected  watches that will suit the modern style and the affection of modern couples.

Top 5 Couple Watches for Lifelong Companions

1. Chronograph Watch Gift Set (Stainless Steel Watch) – From Fossil


This couple watch is an extremely attractive and classy pair. Two of them are classic and hold a traditional silver case attached to a stainless steel strap.

The display of the watch has roman numbers and a black dial. The best thing about this pair of watches is the colour of the watches. The colour silver and black used in the watch would compliment both the partners. 

With a 44mm case size, the watch has a strap of 22mm. Also, these watches are water-resistant and feature a multi-function movement. It would be a great gift for your loved one.


  • Stainless steel strap
  • Black dial
  • Water-resistant

2. Two Tone Blue Dial Pro Diver His & Hers Watch – From Invicta

The luxurious Invicta watch would be a luxurious gift to your partner. This pair of watches is a unique and bold pair of watches. The watch design is unique and rare. So if your partner likes making a unique fashion statement, you must go for this pair of watches.

The dual-toned stainless steel bracelet of the watch and dark blue dial are the specific elements of this couple watch. These watches are from the Invicta pro diver series with analogue dials. The dial has flame fusion crystal and a bracelet of stainless steel in dual-tone. 


  • Dual-tone bracelet
  • Stainless steel strap
  • Blue dial
  • Flame fusion crystal

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3. His And Hers Pair Watch Gift Set from Jaryn Collection (MK3859) – Michael Kors

The his and her luxury watch from Michael Kors is a simple and elegant pair of watches that indicate simplicity and elegance. The design of the watch is simple and unique, having its own distinct charm.

The gorgeous rose gold case of this pair of watches creates a fragile and soft look. But then there is a black strap that retains the powerful impact of these watches.

These watches are made by keeping in mind the colours that two of the partners would like, and the watches are comfortable and suitable for most occasions. 


  • Round shaped dial
  • Mineral dial window
  • Three hands
  • 50m Water-resistant
  • Black leather strap

4. Two Tone Timeless Watches- From Gucci

Well, this pair of watches isn’t a couple watch set. This match has been made manually.  Couple watch doesn’t need to look alike, but it’s just about the match. And these two Gucci watches seem like they can be partners to each other.

Two of these watches have dual toned bracelets. The blend of golden and silver colours in these watches indicates that the watch has unisex colours, and two of these colours will look good on both genders.

The golden toed hands of these watches look beautiful. The watch for ‘her’ has quartz movement, and the hour track is represented with stars. Also, it is 50m water-resistant.

Whereas the watch for ‘him’ is from G-timeless automatic collection. It has a see-through case back, a silver-coloured dial with Swiss automatic movement. The bracelet of this watch is dual-toned made of stainless steel.


Case 40mm27mm case
Stainless steel braceletStainless steel bracelet
Swiss automatic movementQuartz movement
Dual toned braceletDual toned bracelet

5. C41 Men’s and C39 Women’s Chronograph Watches- Uniform Wares

This is another match made manually. This pair of watches looks simple in making but is classy and charming. Made with the finest of material, these classy swiss watches are alluring, even though the colours of these watches are just basic. So if your partner likes sober and elegant things, this watch is a perfect gift.

The ‘her’ watch is perfect for night and day wear. The watch features a flat sapphire bezel for a fancy look. This watch has a cline case design and 40mm diameter attached to a stainless steel bracelet. 

The ‘his’ watch is crafted with PVD-coated gold stainless steel. This watch has quartz movement and black leather strap. The watch is water-resistant but still requires good care. 


Sapphire Glass Swiss movement
Stainless steelStainless steel bracelet
Leather strapC-line lunette case
Quartz movementDiamond cut hands


Wearing matching watches is like a string of love for the soulmates. It’s like the two of them are promising each other to walk together and face all the good and bad times together. Gifting a watch to the partner is like gifting them with precious time and moments filled with each other’s memories.

This list of couple watches is made by keeping in mind the latest style and design of the watches. These watches are a perfect gift, be it an anniversary or valentines day. Also, watches are perfect, long-lasting gifts and useful gifts. 

Watches can be a jewel to women and an accessory to men. In our busy routines, we look at our watches several times. Won’t it be great to give a watch to your partner so he or she is reminded of you? Also, at the end of the day, your partner needs your time.

So these were some selected and unique couple watches that you can choose for your lifelong companion. Flaunt your bond and affection by gifting watches and making your unique and classy style statement.

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