21 Best Trending Hand Tattoos for Women (2022)

hand tattoos for woomen

In this post, we will list the best cool hand tattoos for women.

Tattoos, for many people, are just a way to be cool, trendy, and popular. However, the reality is that tattoos are much more than this. Tattoos to the people who have got inked are a big part of their life. Getting inked is one-way people try to show their emotions to the world. Tattoos are the commitment that stays with us throughout our whole life. This is why it’s essential that you carefully choose the tattoo design that caters to your needs.

Top Hand Tattoos Designs For Women 

There are a lot of designs available when it comes to getting your hand inked. The availability of diverse designs is one thing that makes the process of decision-making even more difficult. Not just this, but Hand tattoos come in various sizes as well, which confuses the individual even more. However, to help you with this, here are some of the trending hand tattoos for women:

Be Kind Finger Tattoo

The Be Kind Finger Tattoo is the perfect tattoo for all people who are looking for a compact yet elegant tattoo. The tattoo features a “Be Kind” quote that you can get inked on the side of your finger. The tattoo is a perfect example of how even simple small things can make a significant impact.

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Not just this, but you can get the tattoo at a low price because of its minimalistic design. All in all, it is a perfect tattoo for all the lovely ladies who are looking forward to getting inked for the first time.  

Multiple Finger Pattern Tattoo

If you are looking forward to getting a tattoo design that covers multiple fingers, you should go for the Multiple Finger Pattern Tattoo. The design of the tattoo features various symbols and patterns that look like you are wearing a set of fine jewelry.

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The tattoo covers your four fingers and looks even better when combined with a beautiful ring. Go for this design if you want a tattoo with a prominent look.

Intertwined Branch Leaf Tattoo

Whenever we think of getting a tattoo, the first thing that comes to our mind is either getting inked on the finger or the back of the hand. Very few people opt for getting inked on the thumb. So, if you want to outshine the crowd, getting an Intertwined Branch Leaf Tattoo on your thumb is a great move. 

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The tattoo features two leaves entwined with each other that symbolize wisdom, growth, and immortality. The horizontal design of the tattoo also gives a graceful look and will catch the eye of people wherever you will go. 

Curved Quote Hand Tattoo

The Curved Quote Hand Tattoo is the perfect tattoo for all people who are looking for an affordable tattoo. It features a curved quote that you can get inked along the curve of your thumb.

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The tattoo is perfect for all the ladies who want to show the world their personality with a simple yet elegant quote. The out-of-the-box design will surely help you stand out in the crowd.

Heart Tattoo

Are you looking to get inked for the first time? If so, you should get a small and simple heart tattoo. The elegant design of the tattoo is what makes it different from all other tattoos. 

The tattoo officially comes in a monochromatic scheme; however, you can make the tattoo look even better by adding colors to it.

Another reason that makes the tattoo the best hand tattoo for women is that you can get it inked for a low price. 

The Year Tattoo

As the name represents, a Year tattoo is a tattoo design that lets you ink an essential year on your finger side. The reason you are getting the year inked can be anything from your child’s birth to the death of your loved one.

No matter the reason, the minimalist font will undoubtedly fulfill the purpose. In addition to this, the tattoo is compact, which means you can get the tattoo at an affordable price. 

Zodiac Tattoo

Zodiac Sign Tattoo is the perfect tattoo for all the people who are looking for a minimalist tattoo. There are various different designs available depending upon your zodiac sign. Most of the designs feature a thin-line tattoo that gives a graceful and delicate look. The Zodiac tattoo helps show people what kind of person you are and make your fingers look cute. 

Small Quote Tattoo

Quote tattoos have gotten immensely popular among ladies in the past few years. As the name suggests, you can get your favorite quote inked on your hand. It is the perfect way of portraying people the things you believe in. 

There are many different small quotes available that you can choose from, such as patience, belief, and more. And you always have the option to suggest one to your tattoo artist. Just be careful while picking the quote. The tattoo will stay on your body for a long time, and it’s important that you choose a quote you won’t regret later.

Dotwork Ornamental Tattoo

Dotwork tattoos have become one of the most popular tattoos chosen by various people. The Dotwork Ornamental Tattoo is such a tattoo that makes your hand look stylish and helps you align with the trend. The tattoo features a jewelry design that starts from the wrist and goes up to the knuckle. With this tattoo, it looks like you are wearing traditional ornamental jewelry. 

When compared with beautiful jewelry pieces, the tattoo will give an alluring look to your hand that will never fail in catching the eye of the people around you. 

Half Mandala Tattoo

Mandala arts have taken over the whole Instagram feed. These mandala arts have made it to the top choices of many people when it comes to getting inked. Many people are choosing the Half Mandala Tattoo design over other hand designs to give a more trendy and graceful look. You can also join the Manada Tattoo group by choosing from the various art designs and getting inked. 

Dove Tattoo With Olive Branch

Are you a person who believes in peace and quality? If so, the Dove with Olive Branch is the perfect tattoo for you. With the help of this tattoo, you can let the world know that in this fast-paced self-centered world, you are a calm, peaceful and loving person. The tattoo also represents hope because of its biblical background. The tattoo does not only provide hope to the wearer but also to the people around him.

Floral Ring Tattoo

If you want a cute and elegant tattoo, choosing a colorful ring tattoo can never be a wrong decision. This tattoo has a design that makes you and the viewers feel like you’re wearing a beautiful ring. It simply looks cute and adds to your overall looks.

In addition to being cute, the tattoo also provides your hand with a minimal look. Thanks to the bright colors and the unique floral design of the tattoo, it’s a perfect solution for all the ladies who want to outshine the crowd.

Side Finger Rose Tattoo

Are you looking for a minimalistic tattoo design that not only enhances the look of your hand but also makes you more stylish? If so, you should go for the Side Finger Rose Tattoo. 

The black rose featured in the tattoo will look astonishing on the side of your finger. One of the biggest plus points of the side finger tattoo is that it allows people to show and hide the tattoo wherever they want.

Coffee Tattoo

Are you one of those people who can’t survive the day without Coffee? If so, show the world your love for coffee by getting inked with the Coffee Tattoo. You can get this tattoo inked on any of the sides of your fingers. However, it will provide a better look if you will get it on the ring finger. It is a design that is very rarely picked by people, which ensures its uniqueness. The tattoo can surely catch the attention of many people wherever you go.

Vine Ring Tattoo

Ring Tattoos have recently seen a lot of popularity among girls. It has become the one-stop solution for all the ladies who are looking for a unique yet stylish tattoo. And the vine design ring tattoo is one of the best possible ring tattoo designs that you can get.

The tattoo features a vine around the finger, making it look like you’re wearing a ring. The quirky design is perfect for all the ladies who are looking for an eye-catching tattoo. 

Knuckle Tattoo

When it comes to getting inked to show people your personality, it’s never wrong to choose the Knuckle Tattoo. You can get various four-letter words inked on your knuckle. The list includes words like GROW, HOPE, HEAL, COOL, and many more.

The word that you are going to get inked totally depends on you. However, it will definitely represent your character, choices, and way of life. Not to mention your style choice. So, it is advised to choose the word carefully so that you will not regret it later.

Snake Finger Tattoo

Snake Finger Tattoo has become one of the most popular designs when it comes to getting a badass tattoo. As the name represents, the tattoo features a long snake on the index finger. Snake tattoos are very versatile; the reason people are getting inked with the snake tattoo may differ from person to person. 

Many people choose this tattoo to represent power and wealth. In contrast, some opt for this tattoo because the design is very cool and helps them outshine the crowd.  

Outer Edge Hand Tattoo

Are you searching for a beautiful tattoo that you can get inked on the outer edge of your hand? If so, you should choose the moon and sun tattoo. It will cover both the edges of your hand. The plus point of this tattoo is that you can either get one tattoo of the moon or can complement it with another tattoo on the other hand.

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The moon symbolizes calmness, while the sun represents power and strength. You can show people your calm and strong personality traits with this tattoo. Another feature of outer edge tattoos is that you can hide these tattoos whenever you want, unlike other tattoos. 

Rose Hand Tattoo

If you are looking for a big tattoo that can cover one side of your thumb, then you should choose the Rose Hand Tattoo. It is a perfect tattoo that will offer a minimalistic look to your hand. 

Not just this, but it also helps you catch the eye of people around you, thanks to its big alluring design. The tattoo is a one-stop solution for the girls who want to represent their rebellious and strong personalities. 

Moon Phase Tattoo

People get a tattoo not just to look stylish but to represent a deep message with it. There are a lot of different tattoos available in the market, but if you want a tattoo to show how life is changing every second, then you should go for the moon phase tattoo. 

As the name suggests, the tattoo shows the different phases of the moon that you can get inked on the sides of the fingers. The minimal design will cover the finger’s edges and will provide you with an eye-catching look.

Bird Tattoo

Birds are symbols of being free and real. In addition to this, they also spread happiness and freedom. So if you are a person with such a lively and happy personality, you should get inked with the Bird tattoo. The tattoo features a flying bird just over the curve of your thumb.

It shows the world that you are a free soul and that no cage can hold you with this tattoo. Not just this, but the tattoo is also a symbol of hope and happiness for both you and the viewers. And you can further enhance the design by adding different birds, clouds, or colors.


Hand Tattoos are one of the best ways to make a statement as they come with a compact yet impactful design. Compact hand tattoos are one of the most efficient and inexpensive ways to show your emotions.

The availability of various different hand tattoos for women makes it hard to choose your ideal tattoo. Tattoos are the permanent commitments you make that make it even more important that you take your time, go through different designs and choose the tattoo that suits you the best.

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