11 Best Metal Wallets For Men & Women 2022

Best Metal Wallets

Metal Wallets are used widely today so we have decided to review the best brands that the market offer.

In the era where most people prefer using cards instead of cash, the standard wallets are a big no.

They are bulky, non-protective, and completely ineffective against RFID attacks. Even with the most expensive leather or fiber wallet, your bills or cards can get bent. It’s part of the reason that these wallets are taking over the market.

These wallets are sleek, durable, and retain their shape. Most of them can even resist RFID attacks by masking the cards.

So, stop wrapping your cards in foil and upgrade to these statement-making wallets. Just select one from the list of top products, buy it, and be the proud owner of a metal wallet.

The Top 11 Best Metal Wallets For Men & Women

1. RidgeWallet


Ridge Wallet is practically one of the most preferred aluminium wallets in the present market. It is part of almost every top list, and for good reasons. It is strong, elegant, sleek, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Its manufacturers are so confident in its engineering that they provide full warranty coverage with no questions asked. However, it’s highly likely that you don’t need it.

The wallet uses military-grade 6061-T6 Aluminium, the material used for aircraft wings. It is strong, weather-resistant, and can shield the cards against RFID readers. Even the screws holding it together and the elastic strap are highly durable. The company made sure this wallet could take more than just a hit.

Talking of storage, this wallet is compatible with up to 12 cards. It has a rubber track to ensure that these cards stay in place and don’t fall out. You will need to push them out through the notch to take them out.

The wallet is also a money clip to tug in your bills. It’s a complete package of strength, style, and functionality. And of course, it looks good on both men and women.

2. Decadent Minimalist DM1

Decadent Minimalist DM1

When it comes to minimalist design, no metal wallet can beat Decadent Minimalist DM1. The wallet is basically a slim outline of metal precisely bent at corners. You can simply slide your cards in/out of this wallet within no time.

The minimalist design also makes it ideal for storing ID and driving license. You won’t even have to take them out, thanks to its open design.

What makes the cardholder even more appealing is the fact that it’s a single piece. There are no joints or welds to weaken the structure. Moreover, DM1 uses Aircraft-Grade anodized Aluminium material that’s noncorrosive and scratch-resistant.

You can also get it in color Anodized colors. The parent company has the wallet in nine different colors, including red, blue, pink, and black.

This wallet’s also available in different holding capacities. There are the 5-card, 8-Card, and 12 card variants. 

And the most interesting part, each of these wallets has a custom engraving option. You can contact the company to write anything you want.

The only con is that the cardholder is ineffective against RFID. However, it still makes a great gift for people of every age and trades.

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3. Shell D Card Protector

Shell D Card Protector

Shell d is the simplest RFID credit card protector that you can find in the market. The thing looks identical to a well-rounded and angular cut box with an ABS lining. Obviously, not the most minimalist product, but it’s a great consideration, especially with its ease of access.

The wallet has no complicated mechanism or strap to open it. There’s a small button on the top side that you can press to open it.

The inner part of this wallet is lined with ABS and has multiple organization slots. You can store up to 9 cards and even some cash in it. Once locked, the slot material wraps them and ensures they stay safe.

The material and build of this product are other advantages. It uses high-end aluminum that is ideal for everyday use. It can endure a decent amount of shock and impact force without getting dented or damaged. This material also works as an RFID barrier. It can block even the most powerful RFID readers.

Moreover, this material is customizable and you can get your wallet in multiple assorted colors. Each of them has excellent scratch resistance and life. 

4. A10 Adapt Wallet

A10 Adapt Wallet

If you are looking for a unique and somewhat innovative modern metal RFID wallet, A10 fits the profile perfectly.

This wallet has a very distinct design and does not use slots, ribbons, or notch to take out the card. Rather, it has a rail system that brings out your cards. Simply slide the back, and you are good to go. The whole thing adds bulkiness, but that is a small price to pay for such craftsmanship.

Talking of its build quality, the whole product is highly durable and steady. The wallet’s parent company uses high-grade 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum to make its components.

The product is machined with precise CNC machines and assembled manually to assure desired quality.

The wallet’s also a great choice in terms of storage and safety. It has one front and one back slot to hold cards.

The back one can hold up to 4 cards, while the front part has space for 1. There is also a cut to slide in the protective plate. This plate covers the cards and turns the wallet into Faraday’s cage. No electromagnetic frequency can pass through it, which means no risk of RFID attacks.

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5. Armour Supply Co. Copper

Armour Supply Co. Copper

Armour Supply Co is a company dedicated to making high-quality wallets. They have one of the best collections of metal minimal wallets, including carbon fiber wallets, brass wallets, and more. Copper is the latest addition to this long list of wallets.

This particular variant comes with a rubber lining that holds the card. It lets you store up to 12 cards with ease. The wallet also has enough space for up to 5 folded bills. You can put them in by a simple slide and take them out using the cut in front.

And securing all these cards and the lining are two plates of copper. This wallet uses brushed copper, offering a unique and interesting line pattern on the main body. 

Complimenting this pattern are the black screws and a carved insignia. The company also carved the name of the product on the top.

Apart from looks, the brushed copper also adds excellent antibacterial properties to the wallet. It can cause self-clean pathogens, which is a huge advantage, especially amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

This copper build is completely resistant to electromagnetic frequencies. So, no one can use RFID to read your cards.

Armour Supply further sweetens the deal by tossing in some goodies with this wallet. With each copper wallet, you will get a money clip, multitool card, key holder, bottle opener, and many other essential accessories. It is not to mention a lifetime warranty.

6. Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet

Fidelo Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet

For those who are not into shiny metal finishes, a Fidelo carbon wallet is a choice. It’s not exactly a metal wallet, as carbon fiber isn’t metal, but it shares metallic properties. In fact, this material can offer way better strength and protection than standard stainless steel. Due to the carbon fiber layer, it offers 5 times more strength. Not to mention a unique and appealing carbon fiber pattern.

The wallet also takes a step further in terms of durability and resistance.

The carbon fiber also makes it resistant to chips, dents, and scratches. And all this without any extra weight or added thickness. The whole thing weighs just 1 ounce. More interestingly, it can still house up to 12 cards with ease.

Fidelo has also paid special attention to the interior of this wallet to eliminate damage risks. It’s machined smooth to a level where it will never scratch your cards.

The company also includes equally good bands with each of these wallets. These bands are available in 4 different colors and are excellent to add storage for bills. It allows you to store up to 10 bills securely.

7. Lever Gear Tool Card Pro

Lever Gear tool card pro

Lever Gear tool card pro is not exactly a wallet but an all-rounder multi-tool. It is usable for 40 different functions. You can use it as a cord cutter, screwdriver, opener, ruler, and a lot more. The tool even has slots that are usable as a wrench. Not to mention a money clip to hold bills and cards. However, the money clip is not an integrated part. You can detach it anytime.

The parent company developed this accessory with the needs of travelers and bikers in mind. It allows them easy access to all sorts of tools without adding any weight or hassle. It literally weighs just 0.1 pounds. But just because it’s light doesn’t mean it’s not durable. 

Lever gear manufacture this product uses 420 stainless steel that’s hardened with heat treatment. The product also goes through deburring, blasting, and masonite coating processes to ensure optimal strength.

The part that makes this tool even more interesting is its main edge. They are thin but not sharp. You can freely keep the card in your wallet or pocket without worrying about any cuts. And since it’s TSA compliant, you won’t have any problem carrying it on long tools.

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8. Trayvax Axis Wallet

Trayvax Axis Wallet

Trayvax is yet another interesting minimalist type RFID wallet. It’s a one of its kind product that tends to combine bi-fold wallet design with the modern metal build. In this wallet, you get two sections, one on the front and the other on the back. 

The front section is for cards and can house up to 14 cards at a time. The other side is for bills and can handle up to 8 bills. You can access this section by opening the wallet like any traditional wallet. This part is also usable for coins and keys. This section provides the traditional bi-fold look, though it’s detachable.

Another thing about the wallet is that it’s ideal for storing IDs. Its front panel is open, so you don’t have to take them out. But don’t worry, this section is not entirely unprotected or open. It’s cut in a way that the wallet will hide the RFID chips of your cards.

9. Humn Mini Minimalist 

Humn Mini Minimalist 

The metal and carbon finish looks fine, but what about people who like colorful wallets? Well, for them, HuMn wallets present the Humn Mini Wallet.

The low-profile wallet offers you more than eight different colors, including Forest green, yellow, sunkissed orange, powder blue, and royal blue. Each of these was developed using a precise powder coating process. So, they can take the wear and tear without losing their shiny appeal.

And these colors aren’t the only good thing about the wallet. Its design and material are equally good. Humn makes these wallets from spacecraft-grade Aluminium that’s light yet durable.

The wallet also works with minimum parts and has no complex mechanism. It consists of two cards that secure your cards and bills.

There’s a vegan leather lining on the wallet to ensure none of your stuff falls out. You have to use the slot on the side to take them out when needed. 

There’s also a third plate, but that’s used only when you need to expand the wallet’s card holding capacity. It expands the wallet to store 5 more cards. Thus, the total capacity of the wallet jumps from 6 cards to 11 cards.

This wallet, like most others, is also efficient in RFID blocking. Its metal plates cover the entire area of the card, acting as an electromagnetic frequency barrier.

Thus, it’s effective against both low and high frequencies. You will never have to worry about theft ever again.

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Final Words

Metal wallets are not traditional and definitely not something most people are used to. However, they exceed both the functionality and safety of traditional wallets. They are sleek, tough, and ready for digital theft protection. 

So, if you are still wondering whether to invest in one, do it. Just get one of these, and you will see the difference. And you will see that they are well worth investing in. 

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