14 Best Minimalist Watches For Women 2022

Best Minimalist Watches for Woomen

The best minimalist watches for women are the ones that are simple, classic, and timeless masterpieces. 

As everything else has changed with modern trends and fashion cycles, watches too have become a jewel. Watches these days in the market are quite over-emphasized.  But not everyone prefers such stylish watches. There are women who still like to go for minimalist watches.

Also, by the time the mass of minimalist people is rising, as now more people are interested in going out the simple way.

Therefore, with the rising demand for minimalist fashion, many manufacturers have introduced minimalist watches. 

What is a Minimalist Watch?

A minimalist watch must not only go with trend but should be a classic timepiece that serves its purpose well. With no extra decoration and a simple design, a minimalist watch should have a simple time-telling display and mechanism. 

So with all these thoughts well compiled and considered, we have prepared a list of the 10 women minimalist watches . Amongst these watches are the handpicked and selected extremely unique and simple patterns. Each watch has its unique features and attractions. 

The Top 14 Best Minimalist Watches for Woomen

1. Essentialist Three-Hand Watch By Fossil


This timepiece is just one of the perfect minimalist watches as it is just as it should be. It is neither more nor less than what’s actually required. And just like we imagine a simple thing, the first color that comes to mind is white, and that’s the face of this watch. 

With a classic round case and a simple white dial, the watch has a soft leather band. The watch looks extremely appealing and beautiful with this simple color combination. The case of the watch has a slightly golden tone and is made of stainless steel. 

This quartz movement elegant watch will surely add immense elegance to your wrist.  Even the Fossil logo has been embedded in the most simple way possible. Undoubtedly the modesty of the watch has been kept very well with a white-colored dial and three simple analog hands for a time. 


  • 18mm wide leather strap
  • 30m water-resistant
  • Analog display
  • 38mm stainless steel case

2. V01MKII By Void

V01MKII By Void

This particular timepiece offers a hundred percent minimalist approach with a clear and large display. Well, this watch is not specifically designed for women. It is a unisex watch with neutral colors. 

The design of this watch is unique and timeless. The watch has a square-shaped case made of stainless steel with a half-sized crystal. The watch has quartz movement and a leather strap of about 22 mm. The watch is available in ten different colors and would suit the wrist of anyone. 


  • LCD display with Backlight face
  •  Leather strap (Italian)
  •  Sapphire crystal glass
  •  50m  water resistance

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3. PKG01 By Void

PKG01 By Void

This stylish timepiece has an aesthetic vibe with simple and basic colors. With a stainless steel case of about 38 mm and a leather black leather strap, the watch defines a minimalist pattern. The face of the watch is white in color and has been kept completely sober and simple. 

While the watch has been designed with a minimalist approach, the functionality and mechanism have also been taken care of. The watch has been made with Japanese technology and has a mineral window. 

The watch indeed is a minimalist watch with such simple colors and functions. Not only would it suit the wrists, but would be great if worn with formal attire. 


  • Quartz movement
  • 50 m water resistant
  • MIneral window
  • Calendar feature
  • Analog display
  • Leather Strap

4. Petite Melrose Watch By Daniel Wellington

Petite Melrose Watch By Daniel Wellington

This timepiece is distinguished by its Swedish Design. The watch has a stainless steel case with a touch of rose gold.

The watch looks extremely beautiful with a round shape and white-colored dial. The face of the watch has been kept completely simple.

With a simple white-colored dial, the watch has a mesh bracelet that looks amazingly beautiful and unique. The watch will suit any attire with such beautiful looks. The watch is highly durable and is water-resistant.

So it’s okay even, if you are a little careless with this watch sometimes. 


  • Quartz movement (Japanese)
  • 30m water resistant
  • Stainless steel case
  • Lobster claw clutch 

5. Casio LQ139A-1E Classic Analog Watch

Casio LQ139A-1E

From the world-famous watch manufacturers, this timepiece is unique and extremely classy. This timepiece is completely black, so it’s a perfect watch for black lovers. This gorgeous piece has a resin band, round-shaped black dial with an analog mechanism. 

The dial of the watch is smaller as compared to other watches and looks just precise yet amazing. The watch is light weighted and is easier to wear. It would easily fit any wrist and suit any attire. The watch has the ability to enhance the simple looks with its precise design and appealing looks. 


  • Quartz movement
  • Black resin band
  • Water-resistant
  • Black dial

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6. Heritage 36 By Corniche Watches

Heritage 36 By Corniche Watches

Heritage 36 by Cronche Watches, is a minimalist watch with a graceful display. This minimalist watch is exceptionally graceful and alluring. With a ceramic case round-shaped case the watch has a leather strap. With a unique color combination, the watch looks alluring.

Apart from that, the watch features polished markers with a scratch-resistant sapphire glass display. The look of the watch is completed with authentic calf printed leather and butterfly clasp. 


  • 2025 Quartz (Japanese Miyota)
  •  Sapphire glass
  •  50m water resistance
  • 36mm 

7. Boxy XS Collection By Rosefield

Boxy XS Collection By Rosefield

The Boxy XS watch by Rosefield is an amazing timepiece with a little different and unique charm. The watch has a square-shaped case that is different from the other watches and has a unique style statement. 

As a minimalist square watch, this timepiece is quite different and has an eye-catchy look. While the design of the watch has been kept simple, the color of the watch has the shine to turn heads. 

Another contrasting feature of the visual of this watch is the dial and the case. While the case of the watch is square-shaped, the dial of the watch is round. That’s how this watch is unique in its own way. 


  • Quartz Movement (Japanese Miyota)
  •  16 mm Wide Band
  • Stainless Steel Band
  •  30m Water Resistance

8. Somerset By Original Grain

Somerset By Original Grain

If you are one of those, who like low-maintenance accessories, then this watch is just the right choice. This watch can brighten up your attire with its beautiful color combination and radiant shine. 

The watch features a golden sunburst dial with gold markers. With the golden face, it has a genuine yellow strap. The beauty of this watch enhances with the yellow sunflower strap. Moreover, the watch has a touch of poplar wood around the case, to keep a natural look. 

With all these simple and unique features the watch certainly would be a good choice if you are looking for a minimalist watch. 


  • Quartz Movement (Japanese Miyota)
  •  Mineral Crystal Glass
  •  Sunflower Yellow strap
  • Genuine Leather 
  • 30m Water Resistant

9. Tissot  T-Wave Swiss Quartz Dress Watch

Tissot  T-Wave Swiss Quartz Dress Watch

This particular watch from Tissot is another example of a classic minimalist watch. So if you want to keep it simple and yet stand out, this watch is a great option. The watch looks beautiful with a pearl-colored dial and a silver stainless steel case. 

The silver-toned hands and Roman numerals as hour markers enhance the elegance of the watch. Therefore, this watch is the right choice if you want to have a simple yet elegant watch. 


  •  Swiss Quartz Movement
  •  Stainless Steel Case
  •  Stainless steel Silver Bracelet
  •  Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Crystal

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10. Eclipse By AÃRK

Eclipse By AÃRK

Eclipse by AÃRK is nothing but the appropriate definition of a minimalist watch. This timepiece looks so classy and aesthetic. None of the classy visuals and design stops it from being a perfect minimalist watch. 

With all black face and black strap leather strap, the design of the watch has been kept simple. The case of the watch is golden in the upper half and the other half of the watch is black.

The watch display of the watch symbolizes the moon circling the earth. The whole theme of the watch is quite impressive and literally defines the name of this watch. 


  •  Stainless Steel & Round Case
  • Quartz Movement (Japanese)
  •  Calf Leather Strap (Italian)
  •   50m Water Resistance

11. White Dial/White Strap Watch By Picto

White Dial/White Strap Watch By Picto

One of the simplest and most stunning minimalist watches is this timepiece by Picto. With just a simple dot and a single hand, this watch has a subtle and precise design. What else can be more simple than a completely white watch with an almost plain design? This timepiece is one of the best minimalist watches for women for a reason. 

So if you don’t want to give much thought while purchasing a watch and still want it to be unique and simple, this is perfect. With a white dial, the watch has a stainless steel case in the rose gold shade. 

Also, it would be easy to pair it with almost any attire. The white silicone strap and the plain dial of the watch define its simplicity in an exceptional way. 


  • Rose Gold-Toned Stainless Steel Case
  •  MIYOTA Movement (2025)
  •  Rotating Dial
  • White Silicone Strap

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12. MVMT – Rodeo

MVMT - Rodeo

The MVMT’s Boulevard series is really something amazing making them one of the best minimalist watchmakers. The watch features a gold finish case with a white display. The hands and markers of the watch are golden in color, showing a beautiful blend of color twinning. 

The watch is simple, subtle, and yet a gorgeous timepiece. With a mineral crystal glass, the watch has quartz movement. Not only is the watch beautiful but also easy to wear and handle as it is water-resistant.

So, if you are looking for a minimalist watch that looks beautiful yet sober and is easy to wear, this watch is just the right option. 


  • Matte Gold Coloured Case
  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Battery-Powered
  • 3 Hand Quartz Movement (Miyota)
  • Mineral Crystal

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13. Clique Watch By Nixon

Clique Watch By Nixon

This special minimalist watch is an elegant watch with graceful visuals. This Clique watch is the literal embodiment of elegance and style with a minimalist design. With a sunray dial and a slope-cut stainless steel case, the watch looks beautiful and sober. The colors of the watch have been chosen with a literal minimalist approach. 

From colors to design, this minimalist watch has exceptional simplicity. The phrase “Simply Beautiful” is the appropriate phrase for the appearance of this gorgeous watch. Well, you can be carefree with this watch as it is both water-resistant as well as scratch-resistant. 


  • Stainless Steel Case
  • Scratch-Resistant Glass 
  • Hardened Mineral Crystal 
  •  3-Hand Movement (Miyota Japanese)
  • 50m Water Resistant

14. Petite Sterling By Daniel Wellington

Petite Sterling By Daniel Wellington

The Petite Sterling by Daniel Wellington is one of the graceful minimalist watches. The watch looks beautiful with a silver bracelet and silver slim profile case. Designed in Sweden, the watch certainly has all the qualities to qualify as your ideal watch. 

The silver mesh bracelet of the watch enhances the beauty of this timepiece. Plus, the white face of the watch along with the silver duo of markers and hands just blends perfectly with the silver strap. 


  • Designed In Sweden
  • Stainless Steel Silver Case  (316L)
  •  30m Water-Resistant
  •  Adjustable Bracelet 
  •  Slim profile 
  • Lobster Claw Clasp


Minimalist watches for women can now be seen in the market as many manufacturers are designing such classic timepieces. But no matter if it’s a minimalist watch or a designer watch, one must choose from the best.

The above list has some of the best and elegant watches. You may choose one from this yourself and you won’t regret it. For more fashion and style-related blogs visit our site.

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