13+ Best Organic Baby Clothes of 2022 (Certified)

best organic baby clothes

Organic Baby Clothes are important and difficult to find the right and certified ones.

Taking utmost care of babies is a necessity for all mothers and their loved ones. Everything is a big concern, from their food intake to clothing because of their sensitive bodies. The widespread awareness among people has led to the shift to environmentally friendly and organic options, including clothes.

It is important to ensure that your baby’s clothes are not only long-lasting but also pleasant on their skin and free from harmful substances. Organic baby clothing is free from unsafe dyes, germicides, and various other toxicants.

In addition, it helps to minimize harmful results on the environment. Selecting and trusting reliable brands must be difficult if you are new to organic baby clothes. Here is a list of sustainable brands that offer organic clothes for babies. 

The Best Organic Baby Clothes

1. Monica + Andy

Monica + Andy Is renowned for providing premium quality and organic clothes for babies, toddlers, and kids. All the baby clothes are made from the softest and most trustworthy fabric. This kind of fabric makes babies feel relaxed and let their skin breathe.

This brand uses GOTS-certified organic cotton in its purest form, which is free from all toxic materials. Along with this, you would not have to worry about shrinking, diminishing, or fading! So you would not have to worry about the quality of the clothing and its durability.

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2. Hope and Henry

Searching for vintage-inspired clothes for your baby? Hope and Henry got you covered! It offers organic and eco-friendly clothes for babies at affordable prices. By choosing the baby clothes from Hope And Henry, you can contribute towards minimizing the water consumption and pollution level.

The material used in making baby clothes is from fabric mills that recycle water and reduce wastage. These organic baby clothes can make a lot of difference in the fashion industry as a whole. And besides that, Hope And Henry’s organic clothes do not cause any harm to the baby’s skin and are fully safe. 

It is an American company born from the belief that high-quality clothing can be accessible to all without sacrificing the well-being of our people and our earth. This brand’s baby clothes are made from GOTS-certified fabrics. 

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  • 100% GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Button closure
  • Machine wash
  • Eco-friendly fabric

3. Burt’s Bees Baby

Burt’s Bees Baby sells organic and natural baby apparel, newborn essentials, and clothing for kids. As a translucent and US-based company, Burt’s Bees is proud of its work, including its GOTS certification for meeting the highest global standards for organic textiles.

You would be impressed to know that even the buttons and threads are made by using recycled materials. This brand’s clothing is safe and very comfortable for your baby. Also, it is a perfect shop for premium quality baby clothes at affordable prices.

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  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Zipper closure
  • GOTS certification
  • Machine Wash
  • Best choice for sensitive skin

4. Pact

Want 100% organic baby cotton clothes at affordable prices? Then Pact is your place to shop! You can get various types and varieties of chemical-free clothing sets for your baby here. They offer you unique styles and the latest arrivals of baby’s clothing.

All products are certified natural by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). So you can be confident with your purchases and choices. The pact provides prewashed and shrink-resistant fabric, and don’t forget to check out the latest arrivals.

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  • Fit for comfort
  • Easy care
  • Certified by the GOTS
  • Prewashed and shrink resistant
  • Affordable price
  • Made with Fairtrade cotton


Mori knows the dangers of environmental toxicants. The brand’s products are developed from pesticide-free cotton and bamboo, which are ideal fabrics for sensitive skin and are processed without the use of harmful chemicals. In fact, the fabric is so soft that your baby will love wearing it again and again.

MORI claims that all the clothes have a pleasant and calming effect. There are tops, bottoms, swimwear and other accessories available too.

Their clothing is full of bright colors, unique designs with a moderate price range. MORI uses suppliers that provide safe, lawful working conditions and adhere to strict ethical standards.

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  • Ultra-soft and breathable organic cotton and bamboo from viscose.
  • Easy care – Machine Washable
  • Eco-friendly fabrics
  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Reasonable price range

6. H&M

If you are looking for a more affordable price for buying chemical-free baby clothes, then H&M is here for you. All baby clothes of H&M are made from truly soft cotton fabric, and this cotton is 100% sustainable.

Along with sustainable quality, H&M also offers attractive and fashionable designs for your baby. Not just this, the brand also ensures minimum waste generations and sustainable business practices in the manufacturing process.

According to H&M, sustainability is defined as organic, recycled, or approved by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). They aim to use 100% sustainable or recycled material by 2030.

All the baby clothes by H&M offer the following features:

  • Uses environmentally friendly fabrics.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin.
  • High quality and comfortable fit.
  • Gives a Reasonable price.
  • Easy care.

7. Finn and Emma

In search of clothes that are suitable for the soft skin of kids but gentle on the earth? Finn and Emma are here for you.

This brand provides all garments with G.T.O.S certified organic cotton, which means the clothes are non-toxic. The company’s eye-catching products are designed to stand out from the crowd.

Even the dye used on the baby clothes is safe and eco-friendly, so you will have nothing to worry about by dressing your baby in Finn and Emma’s clothes.

Their collection includes fresh prints, vibrant colors and always has a unique spin on timeless classics or fashionable trends. It has long-lasting material, a unique design, and is much more reasonably priced.

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  • 100% G.O.T.S certified organic cotton
  • Non-Toxic and Eco friendly
  • Itch free tags
  • Generous Fit
  • Latest and Stylish arrivals

8. Colored Organics

If you are looking for a brand that gives you full satisfaction regarding quality, then Colored Organic is the perfect place for you.

Colored Organics is known for its affordable and decent cotton baby clothes! They use 100% non-chemical cotton certified from GOTS, the chief organic textile standard.

Organic cotton is not just softer but also it’s perfect for your baby. The sweaters, tees, and leggings come in neutral colors and are also made from 100 percent organic cotton. They color their garments with water-based dyes.

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  • Water-based AZO/ Heavy metal-free dyes.
  • Sustainably made without harmful chemicals or pesticides.
  • Certified 100% organic cotton by GOTS.
  • Generous Fit clothes.
  • Latest arrivals with decent designs.

9. Boden

You can get the perfect clothing options that are sustainable for your baby here at Boden. Boden is a great brand to go to in terms of availability and affordability.

The company designs a wide variety of bright and patterned baby clothes. Along with great looks, the clothes are made using sustainably sourced cotton.

Most eco-friendly clothes feature a relaxed elastic edge and adaptable straps to fit as your child grows. You can also find organic clothing for everyone in the family, from adults, teens, kids, youngsters, and newborns. This brand’s clothes are comfortable for all, including babies, to wear all day long.

The company promotes fair trade and manufactures its clothes through moral practice in the textile industry.


  • Uses 100% non-chemical cotton.
  • Wide variety of collections for all age groups.
  • Non-Toxic and Eco-friendly.
  • It has a reasonable price.
  • Perfect clothing for sensitive skin.

10. Jazzy Organics 

Jazzy Organics presents to you premium organic baby and kids clothing. This brand is committed to offering high-quality baby clothes made with the softest top-quality GOTS certified organic cotton. Talking about the looks, all baby clothes have delicate colors and modern designs.

Jazzy organic products are built on the idea that the chemical-free cotton will support kids’ sensitive skin, while benefiting both farmers and mother earth. In addition, this company nurtures Fair Trade to help producers in developing countries to achieve better trading conditions and promote better sustainability. 


  • Uses super soft natural cotton.
  • Certified from GOTS.
  • Delicate and Modern colors.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Non-Toxic and Eco friendly.

11. Mini Mioche

You can find the best organic and ethically-made fashion basics for babies and kids here at Mini Mioche. Mini Mioche’s baby products are designed and made locally in Canada using super soft chemical-free cotton and neutral, non-toxic dyes. Your baby’s skin will definitely love these clothes.

The company offers clothes that are without tags and have a perfect fit. All the baby clothes are made using super soft organic cotton.

It is a perfect option for a child who can’t tolerate the feeling of restrictive or unbreathable clothes. From fashionable harem pants and tops for your baby to baby jelly and creams, everything is conservative for your baby.


  • Great quality and Soft fabric.
  • Harmless and environmentally friendly.
  • Clothes without tags, not too tight.
  • Latest arrivals with unique designs.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin.

12. Under The Nile

Under The Nile sells a selection of natural baby clothes made in fair and guarded working conditions. All the baby clothes are tailored to comfort the baby and safeguard them from toxic materials.

This brand uses only 100% organic Egyptian cotton, and all organic clothes are certified from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the National Organic Program of the United States Department of Agriculture(USDA). Egyptian cotton is a safe and gentle fabric on the baby’s sensitive skin. Your baby’s skin will surely love this fabric! Don’t forget to check it out.


  • It uses 100% organic Egyptian cotton.
  • All clothes are GOTS certified.
  • It has a unique design at a moderate price range.
  • Amazing quality products.

13. Softbaby

Softbaby has a wide variety of clothing for newborn babies and children. This brand uses 100 percent organic cotton while manufacturing its clothes, and it is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The fabric used in baby clothing will prevent any chances of itchiness or irritability on the baby’s skin.

The company’s manufacturer uses water-based inks on all clothes to make them extra safe for a baby. The company even uses reused packaging material to minimize the impact on the environment.


  • Certified by the G.O.T.S.
  • It has a wide variety of clothes.
  • Uses 100% pesticide-free cotton.
  • Uses reused packaging material.

14. Babysoy

Babysoy came up with modern layettes and accessories for babies covering from head to toe.

Babysoy can be a perfect fit for your baby because of its non-toxic manufacturing, chemical-free, and organic fabrics. All the products of Babysoy contain some amount of Azlon ( a fiber derived from soybean protein).

Azlon is naturally delicate and makes the baby clothes more comfortable. All the raw materials are gathered from sustainable farming. No unhealthy chemicals are used in the making of fiber and the production of clothes. All baby clothes of this brand are luxuriously cozy and soft.


  • Uses soybean protein fiber and bamboo rayon.   
  • Provides sustainable and green protein fiber from soybean.
  • Doesn’t shrink or fade.
  • All raw materials are produced from sustainable farming.
  • Supports Environment-friendly products.


You surely want the best for your kids, and organic clothes are one of the most comfortable and feasible options. These are made from natural materials that are grown and processed without using any harmful substances. By picking chemical-free, organic clothing options, you can keep your baby active and away from toxic chemicals.

We have tried to cover up the best sustainable, pesticide-free, and environmentally friendly brands for you. Use the above list to pick the best for your kids.

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