27 Best Sustainable Men’s Clothing Brands of 2022

Sustainable Men’s Clothing Brands

The best sustainable men’s clothing brands are the ones that involve sustainable use of materials, fabrics, account circularity, and sustainable sourcing of materials.

Defining what makes a brand sustainable can vary according to your perception of sustainability. In the past years, many companies have adopted the concept of sustainability. Selecting the best sustainable men’s clothing brand can be a little confusing.

So, to help you out, we suggest you review the below-listed recommendations to make a perfect choice for a sustainable men’s clothing brand.

The Top Best 27 Sustainable Men’s Clothing Brands

1. Allbirds

Allbirds is a brand which was known for its merino wool sneakers, but last year they introduced their offers with their first collection of sustainable men’s clothing.

This Francisco-based brand offers beautiful apparel pieces for men like super-soft tees and merino wool sweaters. Their whole range is made with odor-resistant snow crab shells, no carbon puffer jackets, proprietary Trino Fabric, to name a few. 

This brand is among the renowned sustainable men’s clothing brands. The goal of this brand is to reduce the carbon footprint in various ways. It includes calculating the emissions released by each product from start to end in its entire manufacturing process, investing in offset, utilizing natural material until it becomes a zero-emission brand or company. 

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2. Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel is among the best sustainable men’s clothing brands. This Atlanta-based brand aims to replace virgin polyester with pure recycled polyester in their clothing by 2021. This brand uses cotton, which is OEKO-TEX or GOTS certified organic, post-user recycled polyester, hemp-blend jersey, and a mix of Tencel and cotton for men’s clothing.  

The factories of this brand work according to the guidelines of the Fair Labor Association. This brand is famous for selling basics like a comfy hoodie, tees with versatile cuts, eco-fleece sweatpants, and vintage pullover sweaters. 

3. Patagonia

Patagonia is among the most popular sustainable men’s clothing brands. It consistently became a pioneer in the production of sustainable clothing. The aim of this brand is to connect the individual with the companies that need change.

This brand wants to be a source to empower and include those who want to work in an environmental action group. Only sustainable materials such as recycled synthetic fibers, organic cotton, and non-toxic dyes are used to manufacture the clothing. Furthermore, they utilize innovative materials like recycled wool, fishing nets, and fabric made with cotton scraps and wood pulp, etc. 

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4. Pact

Pact is a colorado-based brand known for its sweatshop and cotton basics and manufacturing free from child labor. This brand offers a wide range of super soft men’s tees, hoodies, sweaters, lounge pants, and jackets.

Besides this, this brand also offers bath towels and cozy bedding. The best thing about this brand is that they don’t use any synthetic material. For the products which need stretching, they blend the cotton with a little amount of elastane. 

5. TenTree 

Canada-based TenTree brand, as the name suggests, plants ten trees for each of their products sold. The goal of this brand is to plant around 1 billion trees on the earth by 2030.

They only use materials like organic cotton, recycled polyesters, and hemp in cloth manufacturing. From basics, accessories, activewear to comfy tees, this brand offers everything. They don’t just offer sustainable products but also let customers purchase carbon footprint offset packages which lead to planting more trees. 

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6. Nudie Jeans

Nudie jeans are among those sustainable men’s clothing brands that are transparent about the details of their manufacturing.

They share every detail, including the fabric and yarn process, sourcing and origin of the raw materials, and the steps involved in the production and shipping. The goal of this brand is to become the topmost eco-friendly denim company in the world. 

7. United By Blue

If you want to contribute something to the environment, then you can consider this brand. For each and every product you purchase from this brand means you are saving oceans and waterways from almost a pound of trash.

The manufacturers of this brand utilize sustainably sourced materials like hemp, bison fiber, tree pulp-based Tencel, recyclable polyester produced from plastic bottles that consume less energy or water to produce.

8. Frank And Oak

From their sustainable tags and receipt rolls to their transparency, there are so many things linked with the Frank and Oak brand. This company clears its sustainability goals to everyone by cutting out all the polyester and plastic from their supply chain.

Moreover, this brand utilizes a number of sustainable materials in men’s clothes and accessories manufacturing processes. The materials include recycled wool, cotton, nylon, organic hemp, polyester, and kapok fibers. 

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9. Outerknown

Outerknown is a brand that Kelly Slater and John Moore founded in 2015. It is the first brand that uses Econyl nylon made by pulling waste from oceans.

The waste is processed and transformed into eco-friendly outerwear and accessories. Around 90% of products of this brand are made with organic, regenerated, and recycled materials. Also, they are entirely transparent about the production process used in their factories.

10. Sheep Inc.

Among all the sustainable men’s clothing brands, Sheep Inc. takes the crown for being the best. This brand processes its products with zero-waste materials, mulesing-free philosophy, and is always concerned about animal welfare.

Their clothing is made with pure sheep wool, which is durable and soft. Their collection includes hoodies, crewnecks, and cardigans. 

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11. Faherty

Faherty is a brand that is committed to producing premium clothes with a less environmental impact. This brand perfectly blended their passion and love for sustainable materials and casual beachwear.

They are working very hard to evaluate the harm that the textile industry causes to our environment. Plus, this brand puts extra factors in producing products beneficial for the community, customers, and especially the environment.

12. Bethany Williams

Recently this designer has become popular and known for her sustainable fashion practices. After being awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Award, she was again nominated for the LVMH award in the same month. Her success coincided with the time when the world started taking sustainability seriously. So, there’s no denying that Bethany Williams is among the best sustainable men’s clothing brands.

13. Organic Basics

Organic Basics always stand out from the crowd when it comes to sustainability. The core mission of this brand is to work according to sustainability.

They make sustainability the main center of their mission, as they only select fabrics that are environmentally friendly. Not only this, they make partnerships with those companies that also care about sustainability. 

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14. Pangaia

Panagia is a brand that is on a mission to protect the environment. The main goal of this brand is to produce essential products from bio-engineered and innovative tech materials. By opting for this brand, you get plenty of sustainable clothing options without compromising the style. 

15. Outerknown

As the name suggests, this brand has the highest concern for the environment. Outerknown believes that both style and sustainability can work together in harmony.

There is no need to compromise with style for sustainability. This brand has refined the traditional and old supply chain and provides amazing men’s wear that is sustainable. 

16. Asket

When it comes to sustainability, this brand pushes the boundaries to be among the best sustainable men’s clothing brands. This brand is working on reevaluating the materials and re-establish the cloth values in which we are investing.

The mission statement of this brand is to make zero-waste garments. They track the whole production process from source to the final destination to ensure this. You can visit their website to check out their sustainable clothing collection. 

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17. Nau

Nau is a brand that produces the best performance wear. This brand makes sure that the part of each purchase people make goes to a great cause.

Their 98% income is used to build a more sustainable company, and the remaining 2% is donated to grassroots organizations. This brand wants its clients to enjoy premium designs while maintaining sustainability. 

18. Everlane 

Everlane is a famous American brand that offers modern and outstanding designs for sustainable men’s clothing. If you want some refined basics, then you must try this brand. This brand is putting significant effort into making a difference.

The main focus of Everlane is to provide premium quality, radical transparency, and ethical factories. Everlane is a perfect example that illustrates that even brands having a global approach can produce honest and good products.

19. Columbia

If you want some innovative outwear, then Columbia is among the best sustainable men’s clothing brands.

The ideology of a company is to produce innovative products, use sustainable practices, and pair with organizations to protect natural resources and to empower the sustainable lifestyle.

20. Thought

Thought is a brand that makes products by considering creating a thoughtful world. This company is fulfilling its desire to produce natural contemporary clothing.

From the usage of organic cotton and breathable bamboo to recycled polyester and hemp, Thought always wanted to make you feel good while wearing their clothes. 

21. Naadam

Naadam is among the sustainable brands that offer a perfect blend of sustainability and luxury wear. This is a Mongolian knitwear brand aiming to protect the nomadic lifestyle. To conserve their heritage, they are paying more than required efforts to enhance the transparency of their grazing practices.

22. Oil and Lumber

When it comes to sustainable men’s clothing brands, Oil and lumber is the ideal option. With the significance of apparel design, Oil and Lumber provides quality products that are ethically sourced and constructed. The main aim of this brand is to make people aware of their engaging craftsmanship and inspire them to buy their products.

23. Brothers We Stand

Brothers We Stand is a brand that offers exceptional styles and quality. This brand has great taste in terms of ethical wear.

This brand checks each and every product to evaluate its carbon footprint to reduce the environmental impact. They acknowledge each and every piece with great care to let it excel at the sustainability level.

24. Outland Denim

Outland Denim is a brand that works on the philosophy of eliminating poverty. That’s why they source materials from different sources to produce contemporary garments.

Their aim is to provide sustainability, transparency, and empowerment to the community. Following these beliefs, this amazing brand wants to reduce the effect on the environment and minimize the exploitation involved in each process.

25. Corridor 

The Corridor is a brand dedicated to producing the highest quality and sustainable garments by keeping a carbon footprint minimal. All the materials used by this brand are sustainably sourced by keeping away all the plastic.

Their clothing is of very good quality, and some of the retailers have selected this brand to stock it in their collections. They have included marigold seeds in their hand tags to encourage consumers to plant them.

26. ISTO

ISTO is a brand that is committed to preserving the environment. This brand creates products to make a less negative impact on the environment.

This could be possible with the use of natural materials, reducing the water and chemical amount during production. Although this brand is providing sustainable products, they are not compromising with the style. ISTO offers a number of the latest fashion trends that you can choose year after year. 

27. Neutrale

Neutrale is a brand that manufactures genderless clothing inspired by Mediterranean life. This brand is a Spanish label that has local production and offers small collections. The goal of this brand is to allow people to buy timeless clothing styles which last for a long.

The garments produced by Neutrale are simple yet versatile and are available in a number of muted and neutral colors. 

Final Words

The above-listed recommendations are selected carefully by our fashion team by taking care of all the factors that you expect from a sustainable brand.

We have listed all the brands based on the reviews and the type of sustainability they are following. We hope that these references will be helpful for you to choose the perfect sustainable brand for men’s clothing.

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