11 Best Vegan Boots for 2022 (Ranked)

best vegan boots

Vegan boots are free of animal products, as in its name, “Vegan.” Being a vegan product does make an impact on the environment as well. As veganism grows in popularity, people become more aware of how to be more ethical. More companies are considering creating vegan materials and fake leather.

Towards veganism, it is an exciting approach. For not using animal leather, the bootmaker companies and clothing brands are also following the same path. Vegan leather used for boot or shoemaking is also known as faux leather. Faux leather is mainly made up of cotton and paper. 

Most vegan companies are gaining popularity, producing items like footwear without endangering animals.

Vegan boots are promoting a new start towards the vegan era, companies are inspiring brands to come forward and contribute their efforts. To make the earth a better place by accepting vegan products.

The Top 11 Best Vegan Boots for 2022

1. Dr. Martens 

Dr. Martens 

Dr. Martens vegan boots are the most popular among vegans. Dr. Martens brand was established in 1947. Though not a completely vegan brand, trying to make it up as a vegan brand. Dr. Martens has been around for over 60years.

They are making a must-have piece of footwear for men and women looking for comfortable, long-lasting, stylish, and animal cruelty-free. Dr. Martens’s boots are of fine quality, with soft vegan leather that feels like real leather.

Dr. Martens are the finest and durable work boots to wear. Dr. Martens’s boots come with a minimum of 20 years of durability.

These boots are easy to clean, and synthetic material feels like clouds to the feet. These boots also resist water to a certain extent or say not get wet so easily. The Comfort level of wearing these boots provides justice to their cost.


  • Animal cruelty-free product
  • Plant-based synthetic leather was used.
  • Lifetime durability guarantee
  • Water-resistant
  • Very comfortable
  • Justice the cost

2. Will’s Vegan Store 

Will's Vegan Store 

Will’s is a London-based ethical and vegan show brand. Will’s vegan store has the best faux leather boots for both men and women. The leather used by the brand is made from plants and will have faux leather boots, winter boots, and cowboy boots. 

Will’s vegan store is also a PETA-certified brand. Wills’ boots’ soles are made up of recyclable rubber. Shoes are made up of organic cereals that are transformed into bio-oil, and also shoes are carbon-neutral.

These boots are water-resistant and are very easy to wash. All of their shoes are made ethically and shipped in environmentally friendly, plastic-free packaging. Will’s boots generally cost around 90$ – 150$.

Living with animals, not against them, is the key to their vegan products manufacturing journey. Without compromising with quality and style with Wills’ vegan boots made it possible. Buying such vegan brands’ shoes will lead the globe one step away from destruction.


  • They are completely vegan and make use of faux-leather fabric.
  • Wills’ are PETA certified brand
  • Their shipping is also carbon-neutral 
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable and fine quality.

3. Beyond Skin 

Beyond Skin 

Brand “Beyond Skin” was founded in the UK and is one of the first ethical and vegan women’s footwear brands. Beyond Skin creates elegant and luxurious vegan leather boots using sustainable and recyclable materials. 

Beyond Skin has a great collection of faux leather boots that are vintage-inspired. Generally, their boot’s price ranges between $300 – $500. 

Beyond Skin has made almost everything from daily wear to party wear, from laces free to winter shoes. Beyond Skin is an independent brand among other luxury brands. Being a vegan brand doesn’t account for being a non-user of animal products, but Beyond Skin foresees environmental issues too.

They are trying to add environmentally friendly components to their products. Linings on their shoes are 100% polyurethane that has been recycled.

Alternate use of Dinamica is firstly incorporated by Beyond skin in the shoe industry.


  • Sustainability
  • Animal product free
  • Organic component incorporation
  • Recyclable materials

4. Bhava 


Bhava is a New-York based eco-conscious vegan footwear brand. They create the most lovely animal product-free leather boots and winter boots for women. All of their shoes are

handcrafted. The design is in the details, from the upper and soft eco-suede lining. As the leather replacement, they used vegan leather from organic cotton and cork. Bhava boots are priced at around $200. 

They are not very cost-friendly, but they are designed to give you immense comfort. Bhava is a unisex brand, and Bhava is a word from the Sanskrit Language that means Emotion.

Bhava’s brand owner was a designer in the USA for 10 years. He has a concept of “No more victims of fashion.” So he acknowledged it and poured each ounce of the idea into making a vegan brand. Thinking of the well-being of animals, it was a great initiative he took to minimize the risk to animal lives.

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  • Total organic products
  • Handcrafted
  • Comfortable
  • Start with a good cause

3. NAE Vegan Boots 

NAE Vegan Boots 

NAE is a brand that makes rustic, unisex boots for casual wearing and for office use too. They are PETA-approved as well as manufactured of 100% natural fibres, a water-saving fabric that consumes 46% less than regular cotton.

Moreover, the boots are stylish as well as ethical. For added durability, the soles are Goodyear welted, and the footbed is comprised of coconut fibre blended with silicone and antibacterial cork.. They are ideal for regular use. 

NAE is known as “No animal exploitation.” As the word suggests and carries the target that no animals will be executed or exploited during manufacturing or making. Their shoes and also accessories are 100% cruelty-free. NAE mostly uses recyclable, organic materials, and also, just because of this initiative, animal lives are spared. The owner’s personal veganism preferences make him portray the idea into shoemaking. If the fashion industry doesn’t accept veganism soon, then it will be a total disaster. We’ll be responsible for the extinction of many animal species in that scenario.


  • No animal execution or exploitation
  • Unisex brand
  • Casual wear and office wear too
  • PETA approved
  • Durable and comfortable

4. Alice and Whittles

Alice and Whittles

Brand Alice and Whittles is situated in Toronto (Canada). Their boots are well known for natural rubber. They offer good design, sustainable products, no compromise with quality and comfort.

The founders of this company are very positive and passionate about the ethicality and vegan genuinity of the product. So they worked on a different side of the manufacturing processes that didn’t require any harm to animal well-being.

They also made sure that their products weren’t environmentally impactful. Their boots are water-resistant and made from recycled marine plastic material, and 100% repurposed wool lining. 

These boots are available in various shades: Classic black, brown, sage, classic sage, etc. These boots can endure your style as well as your walk. Alice and Whittles are made with the purpose of making the world a better place and walking along with the animals.


  • Stylish
  • Super comfortable
  • 100% vegan
  • No compromise with shades
  • Water-resistant

5. Allkind


Allkind is serving a purpose to society, and they are doing it well. Allkind is offering footwear that is free from animal products. Their boots are attractive and desirable as well. They tend to focus on producing sustainable and ethical products. Kate and Hayley are the co-founders of the brand. They both also are environmentalists and noticed that it isn’t obvious to promote veganism through a brand, so they took the initiative to go for the production of vegan footwear. 

They also witnessed that it isn’t often to produce 100% vegan products because components like glue can still be derived from animals. So, they set their conscious values to create a product free from animal derivatives.

Allkind uses materials from recycled marine plastic bottles and other recyclable materials dumped into the oceans. This brand also uses bio-oil extracted from GM (Genetically Modified) crops like corn. All of the materials used are water-based, which ultimately minimizes the threat to the environment. 

This brand possesses highly skilled personnel to make footwear. Being a Sedex member, the brand is one of the leading ethical service providers. They use 100% environmental packaging to ship their products.


  • Luxurious brand
  • Environmental friendly and vegan products
  • Durable
  • Comfortable

6. Matisse Footwear

Matisse Footwear

Matisse’s footwear is inspired by western culture boots. They use snake textured Skin on their footwear, but that is 100% vegan. Matisse’s boots have pointed front and stacked ankles, which elevates its looks more. They make footwear for women only.

These boots can be offered as a present also that’s how beautifully they are made. Boots are available in many colors: Black, white, beige, natural snake shade, and green croc.

Amazing craftsmanship work is visible in each of the footwear they have made. Heels used in the boots are also not that high, making them comfortable to wear and give you slight height enhancement. Vegan footwear of the brand is known as “Coconuts.”


  • Western-inspired
  • Comfortable
  • Super stylish
  • Many shades

7. Matt and Nat

Matt and Nat

Matt and Nat were established in 1995 as a pure vegan clothing brand. Matt and Nat do not only produce footwear; they are also making bags, purses, wallets, and other accessories. 

They have grown exponentially in their last 16 years of working as a brand. They have also worked with companies such as Apple. All their products are vegan and environmentally friendly. 

This brand stands for natural and organic usage of components and ingredients. 

They use recycled nylon for the linings and cork for labels. Otherwise, they use recycled plastics.

As they use animal derivative-free products, they equally give weightage to recycled and reusable materials. 

Materials like Polyurethane, thermoplastic rubber, recyclable nylon, and cork are all recyclable. They use all these components to produce their products.

Their cost is around $50 to $180


  • Eco-friendly & vegan
  • Recyclable materials used.
  • Comfortable
  • Durable

8. Ethletic 


Ethletic is a brand established by Dr. Martin Kunz and James Lloyd in 1998. This brand started out making shoes in 2004. They made Ethletic sneakers as their first vegan shoe made up of organic cotton. The rubber component used for making the sole is FSC certified. Every material Ethletic use is a fair trade certified one.

They are continuously making progress in the development and growth area. They tend to produce good quality products and sustainable use of supply chains. Brand’s CEO travels between three Asian countries India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, so his tendency towards growth remains consistent. 

SouthEast India is their prime supplier of organic cotton from their plantations. Again the cotton used is fairtrade certified. They get natural rubber from Sri Lanka used to make outer soles of the boots and also used as an adhesive. 15% of their retail revenue is donated to Talon Workers’ Welfare foundation.

Ethletic also won an award for being on Top in fairtrade. This brand is full of inspiration to other brands to be transparent to customers. You can at least wear your shoes with a clear conscience.

It will cost you around $60 to $78.

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  • Award winner as fair trader company.
  • Their shoes are comfortable
  • The brand is well known and has a good reputation
  • Made from 100% organic materials.

9. Rothy’s


Rothy’s footwear is made for recycling and sustainability. Rothy’s shoes are made by being conscious of the environment. Ethical shoes are most like the ones that are being manufactured with recycled material, which will not risk the environment. Usually, the leather used for manufacturing shoes or boots is extracted from animals. But the material used in Rothy’s is totally animal derivatives free. Not a single animal is harmed for carving the products.

Their shoes are also toxin-free. Using a toxin-based shoe will affect your health and the environment as well. About shipping, the packaging used is sustainable and recyclable. 

Shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles and natural rubber. Rothy’s are manufactured to give you an immense amount of comfort, coziness. So, the shoe’s sole is being made from natural rubber. Non-toxic glue(adhesive) is used in the production of these shoes. 

These shoes will cost you around $145.

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  • 100% vegan
  • Toxin-free components
  • Sustainable packaging


Many manufacturers are producing high-quality vegan boots these days, which is fantastic. It’s no longer necessary to consider actual leather when utilizing high-quality vegan alternatives. Vegan leather boots are also inherently weather-resistant, making them suitable for any environment.

With all being said, these are some of the vegan boots you can choose from. Hope you find your best fit with this guide. 

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