11 Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack 2021

waterproof laptop backpack

We’ve listed the best waterproof laptop backpack to help you choose the best one.

There’s nothing worse than losing your precious laptop or accessory to a few drops of water. It’s both financially harmful and emotionally devastating. 

Now, you can avoid spilling on them or even use advance cover, but you have to eventually take them out.

You never know what you are going to face while you are outdoors. But the one good thing about this whole problem is that it’s avoidable with one simple step-choosing a good waterproof backpack.

This article will provide you with a list of some best options. So, put your stuff on hold, and let’s have a look. 

The Top 11 Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack

1. Lenovo Legion Armored 17 inch Gaming

Lenovo Legion Armored 17 inch Gaming Backpack

The name Lenovo is not unheard of for anyone. It’s one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computers, laptops, and accessories. So, it’s rocket science that they have bought forward one of the all-rounder Legion Armoured laptop bags.

The backpack comes in two variants for both 15.6 and 17 inches gaming laptops. Both of them have 16 storage pockets, including one hidden one.

Protecting these pockets is the hard exoskeleton structure that repels almost every weather damage. It means that you don’t have to worry about not just water by heat, dust, or any such damaging factor.

And that’s not all that this bag offers. The Armoured backpacks also offer a compressed mesh-type back with extra padding to ensure ventilation. Complementing it are the ergonomically designed shoulder straps lined with soft padding.

There’s also a supporting chest buckle to support the bag. Buy one of these, and you don’t have to worry about a heavy bag ever again. 

2. Pelican Mobile Protection Backpack

Pelican Mobile Protection Backpack

The pelican bag is the kind of sling bag backpack that offers books’ looks and functionality. The product comes in four different colors, including black, grey, green, and tan, to suit your style.

Make no mistake, the color isn’t the only specialty of this bag; it also offers excellent built quality and fiber.

The parent company develops each of them from a unique 1000D nylon with a semi-hard exterior shell. This shell helps the bag not just resist water but also absorb minor shocks without taking damage.

Even the zippers used for the pelican bags are specifically designed for water resistance and strength. They have a polyurethane coating for this purpose.

Coming to the back and straps, the bag uses compressed molded Eva straps that are strong, versatile, and comfortable.

They also offer very good drop protection capabilities. Thus, making the bag a quality option for all types of laptops.

3. Pelican S100 Sport Backpack

Pelican S100 Sport Backpack

The S100 is another gem from the Pelican backpacks manufacturers. The bags, like every product of this company, are a perfect blend of both quality and style. The rugged bag offers you a patterned front with an armored front pocket.

Its parent company has developed this bag as an all situation product that’s usable for multiple devices.

You will find cushioned sections for both laptop and tablet in this bag. The product can store 27 liters of stuff and also has an external pocket for the bottle.

What makes it even more unique is its build structure. The bag has a rigid lining that prevents any up-top compression damage.

Pelican has also deployed equally good rubbed handles and floating straps to maintain the ergonomics. And then, there is the hip belt and chest clip for completing the looks and additional safety.

4. Swede Graneberg

Swede Graneberg

If you need high-quality waterproof bags but are not ready for heavy case models, Swede Graneberg is what you need. Friendly Swede, its manufacturer, has developed this product specifically for urban use.

It offers you a minimalist look, high appeal, and a very clean build. There is no rigid structure or plastic lining on this bag. It’s completely made of toxic-free- 500D PVC material.

But make no mistake, the bag is pretty durable and resistant to weather damage. It can easily ensure water splashes and resist a decent amount of dust. Its protective film also makes it very easy to clean.

As for storage, the Swede Granberg bag offers 15 liters of storage space. There is a main compartment with a 13 inches laptop sleeve and three pockets.

The main compartment uses a roll-down mechanism, while the other three are zipper pockets. And don’t worry, the zippers are a secure type as well. So, you will never have to worry about water getting in through them. 

5. Showers Pass Transit Waterproof

Showers Pass Transit Waterproof Backpack

The Shower Pass transit bag is a heavy-duty product developed for bikers and cyclists. The product focuses on the main issues faced by these people and solves most of them. For instance, it has a self-supporting design, making it ideal for quick packing/unpacking.

Another good feature of this bag is the reflective surface for high visibility in the dark. The shower pass has also integrated 4 LED beacon lights that can run for 200 hours with on battery.

Even with this fitting, the bag manages to provide around 42 liters of storage space. It includes 2 media pockets, 2 zipper pockets, and 17 inches laptop sleeves. The bag even provides an expandable front pocket to store the helmet.

Coming to the build quality, the transit bag uses high-end Ballistic nylon with exceptionally good strength. Supporting this fiber is the anodized aluminum skeleton that can endure rough usage with ease. And then there’s the TPU coating to deal with the impact damage.

6.Pelican U100 Urban

Pelican U100 Urban

The general use of waterproof laptops may be good, but they have limitations. Most of these bags fail if you submerge them in water for a long time. And that’s where the Pelican U100 Urban comes to play. This one of its kind bag is IP67 tested and is submersible in water. It can handle up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes without any issue. Its hard shell and rigid skeleton further add to the safety. Pelican has used a Crushproof ABS casing in this bag that can easily endure shocks without damaging your laptop.

The most amazing part, the bag offers equally secure pockets for iPad and tablets too. Though all these security features come at a price- an increased weight. It weighs around 8.05 pounds (3.7Kg) when empty. So, be sure not to take it on long trips. 

7. Bopai Anti-Theft Business Travel Laptop Bag

Bopai Anti-Theft Business Travel Laptop Bag

The economical-shaped Bopai business travel bag is one of the best products for travelers. The bag, unlike most on this list, is an Anti-Theft type with lots of pockets. You can expect two large compartments and six internal pockets for storage. There is also a hidden pocket for storing cards, passports, and wallets. And like most Anti-theft bags, this product also provides an external USB socket to charge the phone.

The feature that further adds to its appeal is its leather finish. Bopai uses microfibre leather for the front part of the bag. As for the rest of the bags, it’s ballistic nylon. So, you can expect the bag to endure rough usage.

But the bag does have a limitation, its zippers. They are not waterproof or have fiber covering them. Thus, you may experience minor leaks during heavy rains. Another thing to consider is the breathability of the back panel. This part has thick padding and spaced-out foam but no mesh. So, it may get a little uncomfortable to use this bag for a prolonged period.

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8. Timbuk2 Spire 2.0

Timbuk2 Spire 2.0

Spire 2.0 is the upgraded version of Timbuk2’s best seller laptop backpack-Spire. This new model brings forth several interesting features while maintaining the quality of the previous version. In this bag, you get 26 liters of storage space divided between the main compartment and front pockets.

Its main compartment covers most of the space and also houses the laptop sleeves. You can use it to store any 15 to 17-inch laptop. As for the pockets, there are two of them on the front. They are zipper-type pockets lined with high-end waterproof material. Spire has also added a top flap to keep the water away from the pockets. You can lock this flap in place using a strap and switch. The bag also features a U-lock daisy chain on the front part.

And that’s not all, the straps of this bag are equally good as well. Timbuk2 uses soft padding with a mesh lining for straps. They can carry all the weight without causing any discomfort on the shoulder.

9. Amazon Basic Laptop Bag

Amazon Basic Laptop Bag

If you are looking for something simple yet functional, then Amazon basic backpack is an option. The native Amazon product is a general-purpose bag with enough space for all your everyday accessories. Not to mention a padded 15 inch pocket for a laptop. There are also two side pockets and a front zipper pocket to sort and store your stuff.

Amazon has also done a great job in designing the zipper of this particular product. They have used secure two-way zippers that work very smoothly. These zippers also have extra fiber and a protective coating to lock out water. Paired with the elegant waterproof nylon fabric, these zippers ensure you can walk in the rain without any issue. 

The product is not the most spacious or the most protective, but it is functional. It may not be a good option for bulky or large screen laptops, but it’s great for small variants. Moreover, it’s available at a fraction of what a normal waterproof bag costs.

10. Troubadour Goods Apex Backpack

Troubadour Goods Apex Backpack

Apex by troubadour is by far the best waterproof backpack in terms of style and functionality. The bag presents its users with a very distinct fabric and leather look. And adding to this look is its minimalist appeal and secure zippers. Even its pocket placement is unique and non-distracting. The company has even replaced the standard bottle pocket with retractable ones to maintain the ergonomics.

In terms of build material, the bag uses a very soft and lightweight fabric. It’s waterproof and won’t get damaged with abusive use. Troubadour has also considered your color choice while selecting the material. You can buy this bag in multiple colors, including black, grey, marine blue, khaki, and green. 

There’s also an all-leather variation of this bag. This variant uses Italian vegetable tanned leather instead of fabric. It’s a little more expensive than the fabric version, but it’s completely worth it. 

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11. KAKA Travel Backpack

KAKA Travel Backpack

For those of you looking for an all-rounder waterproof bag, the Kaka travel bag is the best choice. It’s the perfect blend of hiking bag and laptop that’s also usable as a duffle bag. It’s also usable as a shoulder bag by attaching a strap to its side. In short, you can adapt this bag for the gym, outing trips, travel, and even everyday use. The product has both appeal and storage space for all of these activities.

It provides you with a total of 10 pockets that are enough for 35 liters of stuff. Its main compartment can easily contain your clothes along with a laptop of up to 18 inches. There’s a padded sleeve on the backside to hold it. Apart from the main section, the bag features 3 front pockets, 1 mesh pocket, 3 large front pockets, and 2 strap pockets.

The whole bag used a high-quality Oxford fabric and compressed padding. So, rain, shocks, and small impacts are ineffective against it.

Final words

There are numerous waterproof bags, with new ones being added even now and then. But the few above are the best in the market right now. Each of them offers its unique features and looks.

Some are rugged, while others are classy. But one thing that’s common is their reliability. You can rely on any of them to save your precious laptop and accessories from water damage. 

Just make sure to check the size compatibility of the bag before you buy it.  

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