12 Best Zero Waste Makeup for 2021 (Ranked and Compared)

zero waste mackup

In this article, we compared the best zero waste makeup products that you can find on the market.

Everybody knows that makeup is something that most people use, usually on a daily basis.

There are many people who choose expensive makeup as they think they are made of high-quality materials. No doubt it is true sometimes makeup produced with zero waste ingredients can also be useful when trying it.

What is zero waste makeup?

There are several options that are being offered because these days, cosmetic consumers and companies are now aware of the industry’s environmental difficulties.

Makeups is being produced by significant brands in the cosmetic industry and also smaller free brands. Moreover, zero waste products are prioritized for minimalistic and recyclable packaging.

Zero waste is produced in a variety of methods when producing makeup products, that include eco-friendly ingredients and refillable packaging.

This products are really useful to use and have many benefits too. If you use them, you will protect the environment and your skin also.

These are easily available in the market, and today most companies use them. They are affordable and reusable. If you are conscious about your skin and don’t know which product is suitable for you, this article can help you.

How is zero waste makeup useful?

No waste makeup is really beneficial to the environment and to customers themselves. These products give a lot of benefits to the environment and also to the people who don’t want to use harmful makeup products. 

Today zero waste makeup is on the increase, and the products are committed to promoting eco-friendly lifestyles plus lessening the amount of garbage the cosmetic industry produces.

These kinds of products are reusable plus give refills to customers, which indicates that customers have the choice to purchase the product independently instead of a package.

You will save money and the environment if you buy no waste products. The cost tag will be lower if you’re purchasing refills rather than the whole product again.

Zero waste products don’t include a smaller quantity of makeup. Moreover, you will apparently get more for your money because of how the products are long-lasting.

A lot of zero-waste makeup products are easily available on Etsy.

The Top 10 Best Zero Waste Makeup Products

1. Elate Cosmetics

Elate Cosmetics

Elate cosmetics is a zero-waste makeup. It has refillable packaging, Bamboo packaging, Natural ingredients, and also Plastic Free Delivery choice.

The Elate is best for you if you need no waste makeup products. Moreover, it has bamboo packaging, which just screams that we are organic and we just love our earth.

All the products are made with natural ingredients with zero waste. 

This contains eye makeup such as loose and pressed powder, zero waste eyeliner, mascara, plus brow balm. Face makeup (powder, foundation concealer, highlighter, blush, bronzer, lip gloss, lipstick, palettes.

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2. Axiology


Axiology is a zero-waste makeup brand and is a luxury lipstick specialist. It helps women-owned firms, Vegan, recycled aluminum lipstick tubes, and is Cruelty-free.

The difficulty with this kind of makeup is the importance of limited colors and natural shades. However, Axiology markets a vast range of gorgeous stains and lipsticks! 

Axiology lipstick tubes are made of good aluminum that is the most broadly recyclable material. Their boxes of lipstick are compostable. Moreover, as being completely vegan and cruelty-free, they’re certified by PETA. 

3. Clean Faced Cosmetics

Clean Faced Cosmetics

Clean-Faced Cosmetics produce zero waste cosmetics such as eyeshadow, mascara, and tinted lip balm. It is affordable and handmade. Moreover, it will produce fashion shades for every product.

Every product comes in reusable metal tins. They make specialty commodities in their variety of organic makeup that contains custom foundation powders and lash lengthening primer powders.

It is a sustainable and long-lasting option without compromising the money and also the quality of the product.

These makeup products are so good and work best if you have sensitive skin. Easily available on Etsy.

4. River Organics

River Organics

River Organics carries a small but complete collection of zero waste vegan makeup products. That covers tinted zero waste bronzer, lip balms, plus highlighter.

Moreover, these makeup products are formed using only organic butter and oils, such as Mango seed butter, Cacao butter, Coconut oil, and Macadamia Nut oil. 

Instead of beeswax, they use some mineral candelilla wax and Mica pigmentation. All the things are cruelty-free, vegan, plus palm-oil-free.

Moreover, they are packed in compostable cardboard tubes and are handcrafted. All the packaging is refillable glass. 

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5. Beeyou Organics

Beeyou Organics

BeeYou Organics practices eco-friendly personal care products for the body and face, plus some beautiful deluxe spa kits!

For sustainable make-up choices, they make 100% natural sun-protective face powders, bb creams, mineral eye-shadows, mascara, and eyeliner.

All the products are palm oil-free and 100% cruelty-free. They allow returns of old containers for reuse/recycling. Their boxes all ship in recyclable and recycled packaging. 

All the things from bags to paper, ink, and as well as shipping labels are reusable and recyclable.

Moreover, these products are made from utilizing post-consumer waste and renewable sources. Bee You Organics helps small and local businesses plus supports many charities.

6. Nudi Goods

Nudi Goods

Nudi Goods is small, but they try to provide people with the best and affordable alternative to make no waste makeup products. Products carry mascara, lip balms, brow taming wax, and highlighter sticks. They are packaged in compostable cardboard tubes and small metal slide tins.

Nudi utilizes only non-toxic and natural ingredients that are palm-oil-free and cruelty-free. There are some of the most common ingredients that you will see are activated charcoal, bentonite clay, coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, safflower oil, etc.

Nudi Goods was established a few years ago in Marin Headlands. It is a zero-waste makeup brand. They don’t use plastic in their shipping and packaging.

Moreover, they reuse all the things as long as possible.

They are really open about their sourcing and ingredients, which is excellent. They also seek to source from low waste or plastic-free companies.

There are no chemicals, and antibiotics are added when they make zero waste products.

Nudi Goods specializes in plastic-free and ocean-friendly living motivated by the natural world.

Nudi zero waste products are made with passion, an honest way to undefined beauty, plastic-free packaging, plus a few ingredients. 

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7. Neek Skin Organics

Neek Skin Organics

Neek skin organics give a variety of lipsticks in different colors. Certified natural, cruelty-free, and vegan, these lipsticks except parabens, synthetic dyes, phthalates, mineral oils, sulfates, palm oil, lead, beeswax, perfume, gluten, sheep grease, carmine, and animal by-products or animal ingredients.

The lipstick tubes are manufactured from bamboo, which decreases plastic. Moreover, it is a more reliable choice than traditional packaging.

These lipsticks are the best and 100% natural. They work with elements that are verified as a sustainably organic and sourced grade.

All the products are manufactured in Australia, which lessens their carbon footprint. They work as much as feasible as a paper-free company, plus are really keen on picking recyclable, recycled, and ‘green’ choices in all the things they do.

8. Plant Makeup

Plant Makeup

For the best powder, eye shadows, foundation balms, mascara, makeup primer, and highlighters, Plant Makeup is the best botanical shop. You must check these products if you are searching for something with bright items or colors with a little shine and shimmer.

All the products are made with nourishing elements in small batches, with no nanoparticles, mineral oil, synthetics, palm oil, and toxins.

All products are cruelty-free. Moreover, for coloration, they do not use carmine. Moreover, all products are packaged in compostable cardboard tubes and glass pot minis.

Apart from only no waste makeup, they also give hair and skincare, and cruelty-free or vegan perfume, plus adorably bright incense cones.

All the things are composed of organic or local ingredients, which are cruelty-free, non-GMO, sustainably sourced, and palm oil-free. 

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9. Fat And The Moon

Fat And The Moon

Fat and the Moon give an exciting range of eco-friendly beauty products. It can be from nontoxic perfume to zero waste skincare to natural face moisturizers, and many more.

As for their “adornment” stock or sustainable makeup, they concentrate on eye and lip products, which include different colors of “eye coal” plus many painted, highlighter, and lip/cheek stains.

Obtaining inspiration from scientists and original healers, Fat and the Moon produces all-natural, organic “remedies” that compute healing.

All products are handcrafted and use all the natural plants at the time of making these products.

 Every Fat and the Moon product is palm oil-free. The lip stains and eye coals include beeswax, but the highlighter does not have any beeswax.

Moreover, all components are ethically sourced and cruelty-free. The product arrives in reusable tins, plus all are dispatched with no unnecessary packaging.

10. Vyana Plant Beauty

Vyana Plant Beauty

Vyana Plant Beauty offers a wide variety of zero waste cosmetics, such as organic eyeshadow, lipsticks, blush, and skincare products (like blemish balms, eye cream, therapeutic night cream).

To give you a concept of what ingredients you’re buying, their powders include organic cornstarch, hibiscus powder, organic beet powder, organic clay, organic rosehips, organic kaolin clay, iron oxide, and Mica.

Everything is mineral and natural, and also the tints are completely plant-derived. 

It is a Swedish-based brand founded in 2013. Most of the boxes of makeup come in recycled metal tins, plastic tins, and cardboard tubes.

Moreover, you can order a refill of powdered product at a discount that will come in a compostable bag according to their refill plan.

The single product that is not surely talking zero waste is their lipsticks. The tubes are completely recycled plastic and can be recycled and refilled according to the Vyana company plan. For shipping, Vyana gives completely zero-waste packaging.

The products will come in compostable bags, and for fragile things, there are corn-starch dissolvable packing peanuts.

11. Eco Minerals

Eco Minerals

Eco Minerals have a variety of makeup choices that contain blush, foundation, eye shadows, and bronzer.

These days, for their White Light Illuminate, mineral foundation, and Mineral bronzer and blush, they give zero waste make-up refills.

They use biodegradable shipping bags and are plastic-free, and they have minimum packing on every product. In addition, Eco Minerals are totally natural, are cruelty-free and vegan, and give natural SPF.

Eco Minerals makeup products include no nano-particles or fillers, no bismuth oxychloride, and no dyes or colorings. They have proved that they are certified palm oil-free.

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12. Dab Herb Makeup

Dab Herb Makeup

Dab Herb Makeup gives a wide variety of makeup choices. Face tinted moisturizer, natural foundation, contour powder, color corrector, cheek pinch, and concealer. For eyes: eyeliner, eyebrow grower, mascara, and eye shadow. For lips: the balm, tint, and gloss.

Several of the makeup products arrive in tin or glass boxes plus have refill choices. Make sure to check the boxes before you purchase as, according to their policy, you need to give cleaned boxes for a refill. After that, Dab sanitizes the boxes at the time of refilling them.

Each Dab Herb’s products are cruelty-free, vegan, mostly organic, food-grade, plus completely palm oil-free. Dab Herb is the best skin care company that understands self-care and beauty are inseparable. For all products, Dab Herb uses only certified organic, food-grade, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. 

Several of these plant and herb oils improve the skin, not only cover it. Dab Herb’s products are palm oil-free, and ingredients are used from good trade licensed suppliers and farmers.

Final Thoughts

By doing small things for your environment in your daily routine, you begin to give the gesture to the beautiful earth. It doesn’t imply that you have to go totally to zero waste.

Small things have a big influence on the huge plan of improving the environment.

Make your beauty system important for both yourself plus the planet by picking products that don’t contaminate the skin and earth.

Remember one thing that you must put good makeup on your skin just like you ate good food.

We hope this article will help you in getting the point clear that zero waste makeup products are far better than other makeup products. Thanks to the eco-minded makeup brands and products.

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