11 Best Zero Waste Stores & Companies 2022 (Package Free)

the best zero waste stores

Profit is one of the most important driving factors of any business. But ignoring the aspect of sustainability can not make it flourish in the long run. And, owing to the widespread awareness towards eco-friendly methods and recycling, many companies have started to align their ways with sustainable means.

Even the customers have started showing an inclination towards the companies that have adopted zero-waste or plastic-free methods. Due to this, many companies have resorted to recycling, a plastic-free environment, and zero-waste techniques. By eliminating the usage and sale of plastic items, businesses can downsize their waste generation. Many stores and companies have evolved as a Zero Waste firm and gained much popularity and recognition.

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The Best Zero Waste Stores & Companies

  1. EcoRoots
  2. EarthHero
  3. Life Without Plastic
  4. Etee
  5. No Toxic Life

1. EcoRoots

EcoRoots is a company that uses reused and recycled materials that are fully biodegradable for shipping their goods. The company assures absolutely no plastic with the shipment of products to the final consumer. Even if you find foam popcorn, EcoRoots ensures you that the cornstarch bits are entirely and one hundred percent compostable.

EcoRoots offers a variety of home, kitchen, bath, and beauty products and is best known for personal hygiene and skincare. All the products are sourced ethically and are sustainable. Moreover, you will find that all personal care products do not have any plastic, palm oil, animal byproducts, or SLS content in them.

Be it no plastic cleaning supplies or organic and vegan beauty products, EcoRoots can cater to all your diverse needs. The company aims for something bigger and not just surrounded with the aim of profit. It focuses on bringing about a positive change in the environment by taking initiatives such as reducing waste, no plastic, use of recyclable materials, and many more.

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To sum up, the key highlights of EcoRoots are:

  • Sustainable and ethically produced ingredients
  • Free from plastic products
  • Minimized Waste Generation
  • Biodegradable packaging

2. EarthHero

EarthHero aims to provide a variety of fully sustainable organic clothes. One of the best reviews that EarthHero can get is that it is a competitive alternative to Amazon. It deals in products needed in every house, especially kitchen and bathroom.

You can get zero-waste lunch bags, cleaning products, boxes, cutlery, and trash bags that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Not just this, but it also allows you to equip your home with zero-waste and recycled beauty products, personal care, and other home essentials. 

The most striking thing about EarthHero is that you can get a wide range of thoughtful gifts for almost any occasion and event here. Eco-friendly, zero waste, and vegan gifts have secured a soft corner in nearly everyone’s heart. So, you can go on picking the best gift for your dear ones based on their likings.

Get a glimpse of their zero waste collection of products from over 150 brands, including recyclable boxes for markers and pencils, coffee capsules, beauty packaging, candy wrappers, and more from EarthHero.

Even for shipping, they resort only to reused boxes, recycled paper, low-impact dyes, and non-toxic glue. All this, along with the product range and their dedication to making zero waste possible even in daily operations, makes them one of the best zero waste stores online.

3. Life Without Plastic

If you are looking for non-toxic and ethical products for your home and kitchen at affordable prices, then Life Without Plastic might be perfect for you. They have a wide variety of products, and all of them focus on reducing waste generation.

Although all these products are earth-friendly and eliminate the use of plastic, Life Without Plastic does not compromise the quality. It offers top-notch and reliable products that provide durability. You can get access to solutions of saving the earth from the adverse effects of plastic and toxic materials by opting for the best zero waste stores like Life Without Plastic.

When it comes to packing, this store uses plastic-free materials, including paper or cellulose tape and cornstarch foam popcorn for the purpose of shipping. Not just this, but you will also find them very determined and enthusiastic to spread awareness about the ill effects of plastic and its usage.

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Life Without Plastic uses wood, steel, hemp, cotton, glass, khadi, cellulose, and recycled paper to replace plastic. Other than that, you will be pretty impressed to know about their ethical sourcing for all the products. With each item you buy, you can find all the transparent information about the manufacturer, composition, product disposal, and many more.

4. Etee

Etee is one of the best home essential products and zero waste personal care and  suppliers. It has a variety of products that can cater to all your needs while corresponding to environmental standards.

The most striking features of Etee are:

  • Biodegradable and Compostable packaging 
  • Plastic free products
  • Non-Toxic compositions
  • Sustainable methods of operations
  • Products promoting a greener lifestyle
  • High-quality and reliable products

By choosing Etee, you can bid goodbye to plastic in your home for daily use. It has a collection of non-plastic personal care, dental care, food storage, face masks, household essentials, and many more.

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A notable feature of Etee is that it makes its own products with utmost care of eliminating the use of plastic and diminishing waste generation. Along with this, their packaging is also plastic-free and has materials like cellulose packing tape. Moreover, Etee also works for the charity with their profit margins. Talking about the working conditions and their factory, it is also powered entirely by renewable energy. 

5. No Tox Life

No Tox Life is a leading L.A.-based vegan body and home care product supplier. It aims to take steps towards a cleaner and greener environment by providing zero-waste products. The store makes use of effective materials, which makes the supplies high-quality. 

From zero-waste dishwashing bulk to body wash, you can get access to various cruelty-free products that are designed specifically to meet your needs. The fact that all the products are made in-house by the brand itself makes No Tox Life even more impressive.

No Tox Life also ships the products to your place if you are unable to get in-store refills. For that purpose, it uses recycled materials, paper envelopes, and cornstarch foam popcorn. Not just this, but they also have a lending hand in charity. 

6. RemiUsables

RemiUsable is a renowned Etsy store that is based in Michigan. The reason for its popularity is the eco-friendly and premium zero waste products. You can find a wide variety of things, including unpaper towels, everyday cloth napkins, burlap scrubbies, and sandwich bags.

Every product is cloth-based, so you can easily wash and reuse it according to your needs. On top of that, if you are inclined towards hand-made products, then RemiUsables is the most suitable for you. The store also takes various initiatives such as made on order supplies that will reduce overstocking. 

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Although the store takes a long shipping time, it makes use of recycled materials and compostable kraft paper ones. Moreover, all the paperwork, including business cards and shipping labels, is printed on recycled paper. You can visit the website and explore all the product range. 

7. Zerovana

Zerovana offers products produced by small businesses around the United States. It is a no-plastic shop based in Texas and has a wide range of products, including kitchen essentials, cleaning tools, personal and beauty care items, and zero waste kits.

If you are impressed with the following features, you can opt for Zerovana:

  • Palm-oil free personal care products
  • Plastic free and Earth-friendly shop
  • Recycled and reusable packaging
  • Handmade
  • Affordable 

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You can also get a unique no plastic first aid kit, having compostable bamboo band-aids and seed paper cards that are plantable. You won’t be disappointed even if you are getting the items delivered at your place because the order comes in boxes and gift wrapping paper that are recycled and zero waste. 

8. A Drop in The Ocean

To cater to all your diverse needs, A Drop in The Ocean is here with various zero waste product categories. Be it pet care, personal care, or travel essentials; this company is here to provide efficient, earth-friendly solutions.

A Drop in the Ocean provides transparent information and eco-credentials labeled on every item they are producing, like B Corp, Washington local, cruelty-free, vegan, or palm oil-free. The website renders you the ease of shop by categories, product types, or even tags. However, some products of personal care have palm oil content in them, but all of them are RSPO-certified products. 

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There is also a handmade section from where you can get cotton crochet facial rounds and cup cozies. Along with that, all the zero wasters can get bulk raw material and empty containers from here in DIY style. Moreover, they use reused materials for making boxes and seal the boxes with paper tape and recycled paper labels, which is a great step in reducing waste generation. 

9. Eco Collective

Eco Collective is a Seattle, Washington-based diverse store that has numerous products to offer. You can shop from the main categories, including Wellness and Beauty, Gifts, Office and School, and On the Go. Further, subcategories will lead to the specific product that you need.

The company regards sustainability and customer satisfaction as its priority and hence works to produce eco-friendly items. All the beauty and personal care products are claimed to be free from cruelty and have zero waste packaging using reusable cardboard, kraft paper, paper-based tape, and crinkle paper.

You can also find refillable fountain pens, stainless steel tiered lunch tiffins, and recycled paper notebooks, and with each product, there is clear information related to the product. So, if you want to contribute towards sustainable development, you can go for the best zero waste stores like Eco Collective.

10. Marley Monster

You can find all the essentials at one-stop at Eugene, Oregon-based Marley Monster. It is not to say that kids are very messy. And minimizing their mess seems to be impossible. But you can always work at reducing their waste. Marley Monsters allows you to select the most well-suited products, including products like fabric zero waste paper replacer.

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The store offers UNpaper towels in pre-rolled packs of 6,12 or 24 on cardboard tube centers that are fully compostable, bibs, washable duster pads, reusable snack bags, nursing pads, facial rounds, and linen bowl covers. If your children create a lot of mess and that has become a headache for you, a pack of 40 cloth wipes that can be reused are for you.

Marley Monster does not ignore the quality and the outlook of the products. You can get the products in colorful patterns and prints, which will make the job of cleaning even more fun. On top of that, the store offers entirely plastic-free worldwide shipping and is also BRING rethink certified business and aims at upgrading that up to BRING true zero-waste certification. 

11. ZeroWasteStore

ZeroWasteStore is one of the best zero waste stores that have a large collection of zero waste products. From upgrading your kitchen to a zero-waste kitchen to getting a laundry detergent producing zero waste, you can find everything at ZeroWasteStore.

It has a huge base of customers, owing to the following reasons:

  • Cruelty-free products
  • Natural and Organic Composition
  • Palm-oil free
  • Largely vegan products

Check out makeup, haircare, baby care, cleaning, pet care, and many more such products from ZeroWasteStore. It is also a perfect place to look for gifts for your friends and family who have a great liking for earth-friendly products. Another notable feature of ZeroWasteStore products is that they are all reusable, natural, organic palm oil-free, and largely vegan. 

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The trend of preferring zero waste stores and companies can go a very long way when it comes to saving mother earth. The initiative to go for no-plastic products can be very helpful in attaining bigger goals.

However, it is not very easy to find these sustainable stores online. There are many businesses and companies that have resorted to eco-friendly means and techniques.

Even the consumers have been attracted to the same, and the sale has been on the rise of such zero-waste products. You can find sustainable stores offering all types of products according to the different needs of the people. However, the companies do not compromise with the quality of their supplies while going earth-friendly. 

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