7 Best Butterfly Tattoo Behind Ear of 2021


Tattoos are a form of art on the body. Getting a butterfly tattoo behind the ear is quite trendy these days; it’s like carrying a piece of art on your skin that has a certain role in your life. But no matter how cool a tattoo looks, the main experience while getting it carved in your skin is extreme. But the results are worth it.

Tattoos are skin deep, but their meaning and messages are deeper. People usually get tattoos for something that they have lost or that they want to be. Different tattoos have different meanings. But there is no certain book that defines which tattoo symbolises a particular meaning.  

It’s more up to the person carrying that tattoo on their skin. Most of the females these days are choosing to get a butterfly tattoo, especially a butterfly tattoo behind the ear. But why is it so common now? What does it symbolize? Let’s see.

What does a butterfly tattoo mean?

A butterfly is a beautiful creature that flies free in meadows. Especially in spring, they give optimistic energy and spirit to fly free. So getting a butterfly tattoo on the skin would be so beautiful and can communicate different meanings for the wearer of the tattoo and the one who looks at that.

A butterfly tattoo may symbolize freedom and liberty. Maybe that is why women these days choose to get a butterfly tattoo. That’s why they choose to get it inked on their skin to remind themselves to fly free and do as they like.

A butterfly’s transformation is beautiful. The end results of these transformations give wings to that insect, and these wings are the key to fly free. This is why a woman getting a butterfly tattoo may want to symbolize her rebellious approach. Also, it can mean freedom from everything that has the power of holding her back.

Furthermore, a butterfly tattoo is used to show spiritual growth or overcoming emotional trauma. But consequently, it all comes to the point of optimism and positivity. So getting a butterfly tattoo can have numerous meanings, and even if there is no meaning, having a beautiful creature of nature inked on the skin is still beautiful.

We already know that getting a tattoo is extremely painful, but the part of the body you are choosing to get the tattoo can change this degree of pain—especially a part like the ear. The skin around the ear is extremely delicate and fragile. 

Don’t know about the meaning of a tattoo? Getting a tattoo behind the ear is a symbol of bravery in itself. The thin skin behind the ear causes excruciating pain, so if a person can get that done, the person is brave indeed.

A  tattoo behind the ear looks beautiful as that area is exposed just below the earring and hair strands. A large tattoo behind the ear would be painful and can cause trouble, so why not go for a small tattoo like a butterfly tattoo behind the ear.

The expression “getting butterflies” is associated with a romantic feeling of new love. A butterfly tattoo behind the ear can be an expression of romantic love or a gentle feeling of the wearer. Whereas other tattoos take a longer time for healing, a tiny butterfly tattoo takes a shorter span of time to heal.

Best Butterfly Tattoo Behind the Ear

1. Symbol Of Love

Spring, butterflies and love, are used together in the expression of love in poetry. These three give a perfect idea of romance. Therefore, a butterfly tattoo behind the ear can sometimes be perceived as a symbol of love and romance. Even sometimes, it is considered sensual as well.

2. Symbol of Freedom

A butterfly flies freely as per its will. Nothing stops it from flying from one flower to another. That’s what a butterfly tattoo behind the ear can signify. It’s kind of breaking the norms that hold back from living free. Females these days are breaking stereotypes and have become more self-oriented. A butterfly tattoo can be a good choice for this message.

3. Spiritual

A butterfly tattoo is often perceived as spiritual. The tattoo signifies optimism and self-belief. People who want their soul to feel free and live like a butterfly use butterfly tattoos. As a sign of confidence and positivity, people use this tattoo for self-esteem and emotional strength. 

4. Transformation

The transformation of a butterfly is beautiful and striking. From an egg to a creature with witty wings, the transformation signifies that overcoming different phases leads to freedom of soul in the end. Therefore, people turning over a new leaf or overcoming traumas and painful phases use butterfly tattoos as a sign of their transformation into a better person.

5. Decorative

Butterflies are so pretty that some females choose it as a decoration on their body. A butterfly tattoo behind the ear gives a beautiful look as it’s just beside the earring and hairs. With different hairstyles, they choose to expose the tattoo in different ways.

6. Heals Quickly

A tattoo behind the ear restricts the jaw movement, and takes longer time to heal. But a butterfly tattoo behind the ear would heal quicker as the tattoo is lighter and smaller. 

7. Aesthetic

Choosing a part to get a tattoo is difficult as we want to get it in a place where it can give a more aesthetic vibe. Behind the ear, the tattoo may be painful but worth the look. They look beautiful, and we can expose them as we want and hide if needed in certain situations. 

Last Thoughts:

A tattoo tells a lot about the past we lived in, the future we aspire to make, and the present we are living in. Getting a tattoo is trendy these days, but choosing one is quite a task. Choosing something that will be inked on the body and last for a long time. It must be done with a conscience because that will be a part of your personality. 

A butterfly tattoo behind the ear can have different meanings for the perceiver and the wearer. From spiritual to emotional, they can have various meanings, but what matters most is what the wearer wants to signify for his personality and about his psyche. Visit us for more of such interesting blogs.

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