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Who is Christian Nodal?

Christian Nodal is a popular Mexican musician known for his unique regional Mexican music style. In January 2017, he released songs like “Adiós Amor,” a commercial and critical triumph. His debut album, Me Dejé Llevar, was released in August 2017, and his second, Ahora, was released in May 2019, both to rave reviews. His second album is described as a “deepening” of his “mariachi” style, a blend of mariachi and norteno.

Mariachi is a traditional regional Mexican music form that includes violins, trumpets, and a guitar. Norteno is a northern Mexican regional music that emphasizes the accordion and the bajo sexto and is frequently concerned with social themes. Nodal himself prefers romantic tunes, which are popular in both types.

By American post, Mexico, on April 26, 2022, Christian Nodal explains the meaning of Belinda’s tattoo on his body. In an interview with the Venga la Alegria show, the musician tells how he was able to eradicate it. Christian Nodal had the tattoos of his former Belinda removed off his chest.

What does the tattoo used for concealing Belinda’s name mean?

Following the end of Christian Nodal and Belinda’s relationship, several topics remained in the air, such as the engagement ring in between, the reasons for choosing different paths, and so on, but one that piqued the interest of fans of the ex-partner was what would happen to the tattoos that the regional singer got for love of the Spanish artist.

Christian Nodal explains the meaning of Belinda’s tattoo on his body

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Christian Nodal had a tattoo of his former Friend, Belinda, on his chest, which he had removed. The musician discusses how he was able to erase it in an interview with the Venga la Alegria program. Christian Nodal used to wear Belinda’s eye on his breast, but he took it off after their relationship.

According to the singer, he transformed them into wings that he presently wears and designed himself. Christian, whose presentations throughout Mexico and the United States continue to be a great hit, is a tattoo enthusiast who says his next ambition is to create a tattoo shop, which he plans to do shortly.


Although Nodal had many tattoos for Belinda, the one concern is that the tattoo covers her entire chest. It is really large and has a very detailed design that must have taken far too long to take shape on the skin.

Nodal decided to draw Belinda’s attention in ink on that part of her body. Furthermore, because it appears that she is the same artist who was present, this piece has an impressive reality.

Although it is unknown what will happen to that design, it is anticipated that it will cover it, but no confirmation has been given. As the weeks pass, everything will become clear.

Beli is screaming in Nodal’s ear.

The word “Beli ” was tattooed on Nodal’s sideburn, near one of his ears, which the Sonora tattoo artist had to cover up with the global symbol of poker games and betting: heart, diamond, spade, and club.


Christian Nodal’s “4” tattoo

When the pair had been dating for four months, they got tattoos with strange symbols that make sense when put together: He constructed a bow, and she made a heart with an arrow. Both characters represent how the pop singer was crushed by the regional artist when they are combined. Nodal covered the image with a heart after months.

Christian Nodal also tattooed a ‘Beli’ album

“Utopia,” one of Belinda’s most well-known albums, featured a tattoo of his ex-musical partner’s creation as a memorial to his partner. As a result, on his recent visit to the Dominican Republic as part of the “Outlaw tour,” the artist used a flower to cover the word.

Belinda’s eye tattoo

Christian Nodal’s tattoo of Belinda’s eyes on his chest was the most controversial of his tattoos. The artist needed a full design of an eagle with wings that covered much of the previous tattoo, two skulls on the sides, a hat, and a plume to protect it.

“I had two angles: I despise this, or I like it; I don’t have a common road; I’ve loved tattoos since I was a kid,” Nodal says of his passion for tattoos.

Christian also says that he just gave his buddy Adamari López a tattoo relating to the letter A in honor of his child’s name Alaa, and how he has met and become good friends with other artists.

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Christian Nodal: What does the purportedly new tattoo on his face mean?

The singer captioned this photo, “And I got it tattooed,” indicating that he has a new tattoo. 

Christian Nodal startled his social media followers by showing up with a fresh tattoo on his face, after the flower he had on his forehead, to conceal the last tattoo in honor of his ex-fiancée, Belinda. The drawing that she planned to imprint on her nose permanently complemented the look that began to emerge a few days ago and sparked a flurry of memes.

Despite the translator Bottle after bottle, we are no longer and will not be; Goodbye, love Y. He has tried to keep his private life out of the spotlight for a few kisses that I offered you. He hasn’t stopped posting content to his Instagram stories in weeks which revealed that she would have acquired a new tattoo on her face, a line with red triangles running down his nose.

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On his Instagram account, the Mexican musician shared a selfie of himself with a woman named Barnett Mine, a Sonoran artist who was in charge of capturing the painting on her face. Nodal was said to have requested a specific piece at the time, but hours later, he posted a selfie in which he not only showed her up close and fueled whispers of a new tattoo.

Christian Nodal revealed a flower in the spot where he had the word “Utopia” tattooed, the name of a Belinda album, a few days ago. He wrote of the image, “and I tattooed it.” So far, the singer has been silent about the subject; nevertheless, owing to a Sonora-based musician. Some specifics about the painting that now frames Belinda’s ex’s appearance are known.

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