15 Cool Face Tattoo for Men in 2022

15 Cool Face Tattoo for Men in 2022

15 Cool Face Tattoo for Men in 2022 – A Face Tattoo is a tattoo that is placed on the bearer’s head or face. It is a part of many folk groups having old tattoos. This style and placement of tattoos has emerged in some traditions in recent years, despite being forbidden and socially unacceptable in many countries.

It is also considered severe in body art. This is owing to the continued acceptance of tattoos and the rise of hip-hop culture, which has popularised tattoo forms like the tear tattoo below the eye. 

Face tattoo is also called a Facial Tattoo. But nowadays it’s a main question in everyone’s  mind that why people opt for face tattoos and the reason behind this is that It is usually for the purpose of creating the ultimate personal statement. A Face Tattoo is quite noticeable and gathers everyone’s attention, you come into touch with.

Face Tattoos, like other tattoos, are incredibly personal, and depending on who you question, there could be hundreds of different explanations. Tattoos are regarded as one of the most divisive forms of body art. It is due to the fact that face tattoos were historically connected with gangs and inmates.

If you’re ready to commit to a face tattoo, you’ll find that they can range from modest, unobtrusive motifs to large, artistic works.

Best 15 Cool Face Tattoo for Men in 2022 

There are lots of different cool face tattoo which today’s generation loves to have:

  1. Skull face tattoo 
  2. Name face tattoo
  3. Numbers face tattoo 
  4. Moon tattoo
  5. Star tattoo 
  6. Sword face tattoo
  7. Initials face tattoo
  8. Anchor face tattoo
  9. Cross face tattoo
  10. Diamond face tattoo
  11. Heart face tattoo
  12. Word face tattoo
  13. Tribal face tattoo
  14. Small face tattoo 
  15. Tear face tattoo 

1. Skull Face Tattoo 

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 

Skulls are one of the most powerful tattoos available. We’re all aware that they can represent death, the shadow side, morbidity, rage, and decay. But that doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of the true meanings a skull might convey. Skulls can represent triumphing over adversity, including death.

They can represent strength and power, as well as provide protection to the person. They can represent the end of an old life, the loss of a past, and the beginning of something new. There has been a rebirth. A significant shift has occurred, as death is the most significant change for any creature on our planet. The skull is all that is left in this life.

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2. Name Face Tattoo 

Name Face Tattoo 

Nowadays name tattoos are the most preferable tattoo as it is a wonderful way to pay tribute to someone special in your life, to express that you will never forget them, or to demonstrate your everlasting love. This someone could be your parents, lover, spouse, best friend, or pet. You can even get a tattoo of your own name.

Earlier it appears appealing at first, but later it can become a problem as life and our perspectives change according to time. It is impossible to foretell what life will bring.

After you leave your lover whose name you have tattooed on your body, you may have to live with that name on your body. People who want tattoos of their names are extremely prevalent. As a result, it is preferable to choose designs that are simple and can be tattooed.

3. Number Face Tattoo 

Number Face Tattoo 

When it comes to tattoos, numbers are a perennial favourite for all parts of the body, but especially the face. They can honour a specific year or age in your life, your children, or just your lucky numbers.

Number tattoos are ideally placed on the cheek, where they can be made large or little. Numbers tattoos are also easy to make and cost less as compared to other tattoo designs. Number tattoos can be made anywhere on the face.

4. Moon Tattoo 

Moon Tattoo 

The moon is a symbol of development and transformation. Furthermore, it represents the night and passage of time, and it is a common image in tattoo art, in contrast to the sun, which represents permanence and eternal life.

A moon face tattoo is a good choice for men who have gone through difficult times in their lives and want to show how far they’ve progressed. Crescent moons also represent letting people go and self-reflection, which adds to the impact of this stunning face tattoo.

5. Star Tattoo 

Star Tattoo

Star Tattoo is that tattoo which can be made on any body part, depending on the person’s preference, but nowadays people love to have a star tattoo on their face. For both men and women star tattoo symbolises differently as for men star tattoo represents bravery and strength but for women star tattoo represents hope and love. Different stars also represent differently as navigational stars help you in navigation in your life. 

The colour of a star tattoo also matters as a rainbow star could represent pride, whereas a gold star could represent fame and achievement.

The majority of star tattoos are either black or white with a black outline, which makes them stand out. Unless you choose a hue with a specific goal in mind, it doesn’t have to mean anything.

6. Sword Face Tattoo

Sword Face Tattoo

Sword face tattoo is also one of the most preferable tattoos among mens as sword tattoo represents bravery, strength, power, and courage. This sword tattoo is mainly related with christianaity and people love to have this tattoo on their upper back as well as on their face. Sword tattoo are made vertical.

7. Initials Face Tattoo

Initials Face Tattoo

An initial face tattoo could be suitable for you if you want a significant face tattoo that covers a little area. A simple letter might serve as a memorial to a loved one and the letter X is also used by certain guys to signify themselves. That’s because, in the past, guys used an X instead of a signature.

We recommend that instead of having a name tattoo, get the initials of your mom, dad, or your son as they are more connected with you.

8. Anchor Face Tattoo 

Anchor Face Tattoo 

The anchor is another old tattoo motif that has been adapted for the face. For a long time, anchors have been associated with safety, hope, and salvation. They can also be used to represent Christianity, which makes them a popular option among religious guys.

Others acquire this tattoo as a reminder of their travels across oceans. People who love ocean trips but can’t afford due to high expenditure prefer to get an anchor face tattoo. 

9. Cross Face Tattoo 

Cross Face Tattoo

Among all the males, a cross is a popular tattoo. A cross tattooed on your forehead sends a message to the rest of the world that you are a devoted Christian who is serious about your faith. You’ll see a constant reminder of God every time you glance in the mirror.

A cross face tattoo at the corner of your eye, symbolising God opening your eyes, or a cross face tattoo at your temple, symbolising God guiding your thoughts and decisions, is a notable alternative.

10. Diamond Face Tattoo

Diamond Face Tattoo

These days, diamond tattoos are really popular. They’re a common tattoo design that appeals to both men and women. Diamond tattoos can be used alone or in conjunction with other symbols. Diamond tattoos are extremely popular all around the world.

Diamond tattoos can be worn on their own or as part of a bigger design. Because of its shape, it may be used for both large and small tattoos.

11. Heart Face Tattoo

Heart Face Tattoo

Heart tattoo is also divided into two categories, one represents love and the other represents broken heart. A broken heart is the most popular facial tattoo design. Most people acquire this tattoo after the death of a loved one or the end of a significant relationship in their lives.

The broken heart, which is designed to look like a tear under the eye, represents the loss and suffering that these occurrences bring. If you encounter someone with this tattoo on their face, it usually means they’ve suffered a significant loss that has broken their heart. As a result, while approaching another individual, you must be cautious and compassionate.

12. Word Face Tattoo 

Word Face Tattoo 

Word face tattoo is that type of tattoo in which people generally love to write one word or short quotations which represents their personality. Many mens love to write one word such as evil, lover, or any other thing. Quotations are generally written on the forehead or above the eyebrows and it clearly represents your nature and your thoughts.

This tattoo is also considered as the traditional form of tattooing  as earlier word face tattoos were commonly used than other tattoo’s.

13. Tribal Face Tattoo 

Tribal Face Tattoo

The meaning of tribal face tattoo varies from tradition to tradition or the difference between design as each tribal group has their own face tattoo design, which makes their group unique. The most unique tribal face tattoo designs are from Maori Ta Moko tradition and these tattoo’s tell specific details about their family and their rewards.

14. Small Face Tattoo

Small Face Tattoo

If you are thinking of having a tattoo, but are afraid if it will suit you or not, then you should try a small face tattoo with blacked ink as this tattoo can be made anywhere on the skin. Small face tattoos look cool on your skin and give an intellectual look.

The best place to have a small face tattoo is at the corner of your eye. These tattoos are made in a short time as there are less details in these types of tattoos.

15. Tear Face Tattoo

Tear Face Tattoo

Tear face tattoo is a small tattoo basically made under the eyes and it is in the shape of teardrop. This tattoo is mainly related to criminals or the prisoners. Few people make this tattoo to represent their emotions when they lose someone special or when they are broken. People who are associated with criminal communities make tear face tattoos, when they have killed someone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Face Tattoo


1. Tattoos Have Health advantages

Getting a tattoo enhances strength by triggering the immunologic response within the body. The organic structure could be a mechanism that fights against any external influences, either by turning into at home with them or by making antibiotics to fight with them. Obtaining a tattoo prepares our bodies to fight external contaminants and thus improves immunity.

2. Tattoo tells your emotion 

Tattoo is the best way to express your emotions for those people who have experienced disasters or particularly traumatic life experiences, getting a tattoo may be the only explanation required.

It’s both incomprehensible and powerful to have the choice of feeling as if you’re carrying a lost loved one with you at all times, or having a constant reminder of that obstacle you overcome.

3. Increase in confidence

A pool was organised in many colleges and they observed a correlation between tattoos and confidence. The more tattoos you have, the more self-assured you will become. Those who had four or more tattoos had much higher self-esteem than those who had less.

This was especially true for people who stated they had previously been depressed. It’s likely that a tattoo gives you a sense of self-control and helps you reclaim something you’ve lost or had taken away.


1. Body pain

When you decide to have a tattoo on your face, first be prepared that while having a tattoo you have to undergo a lot of  pain. After the completion of the tattoo your face will pain for about 10 days till the tattoo is healing as in making a tattoo lots of pins enter our skin which makes our body pain. 

If you’re ready to carry some pain then you can go for a blacked ink tattoo as in this you will feel less pain as compared to colored tattoo.

2. Tattoos are for lifetime 

 If you are a moody person then you should not opt for a permanent tattoo as sometime you write your loved one’s name on your body, but in future if you break relationship with that person then you will not be able to remove the tattoo.

So, if you want to have a permanent tattoo then you should make other tattoos instead of having a name.

3. Tattoo can have impact on your health in future

Several tattoo inks have been linked to cause reactions on your body. At many places, well known tattoo parlours are regulated and must follow strict needle and equipment sanitation rules.

Tattoos, on the other hand, do carry the danger of allergy and sickness. If needles aren’t adequately cleaned then allergy might spread more easily.


Through this article you got familiar with the 15 Cool Face Tattoo for Men in 2022 can have and also the advantages and disadvantages of having a face tattoo. So, before choosing a tattoo for your face make sure you want this tattoo for a lifetime as the removal of the tattoo is very much expensive and painful.

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