17 Best Eco-Friendly Deodorants of 2022 (Plastic Free)

best eco-friendly deodorant

In this article we will list the best eco-friendly deodorants of 2022 that provide a plastic free option.

There’s no denying the fact that even a single use of plastic has a negative impact on the environment. And it’s very disappointing that something this destructive is found in almost everything that we use in our routine. 

The deodorant industry generates about 6.8 million kg (15 million pounds) of plastic waste every year.

You might be shifting from chemical products to natural products just to do your part in conserving the environment. But even those natural products come in plastic wraps, so there’s always a feeling of loss, Isn’t it? 

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Here, we are specifically talking about deodorants. If you really want to amplify your sustainability practices, then you must try eco-friendly deodorants. Instead of using plastic, their packaging can be recycled and composted easily.

Additionally, only safe and natural ingredients are used to keep your mind and body at ease. Here are some of the best eco-friendly deodorants that you can try to reduce your carbon footprint. 

The Best Eco-Friendly Deodorant

1. Ethique

If you are looking for the best eco-friendly deodorant, then Ethique is the ideal choice. Although the products of this brand seem small in size, they are quite long-lasting. All of their products fulfill several standards to be eco-friendly.

The deodorant by Ethique is plant-based, cruelty-free, biodegradable, sustainably produced and palm oil-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. Above all, they are not harmful to the environment and to humans. 

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In addition to this, Ethique donates around 20% of its profits to charities to support conservation, animal welfare, and the environment. 

2. JnL Naturals Deodorant

When it comes to selecting the best eco-friendly deodorant, you can consider JnL Naturals deodorant. It contains various ingredients like virgin coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder, candelilla wax, and essential oils like orange, rosemary, vanilla, peppermint, and lemongrass, etc. 

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Talking about packaging, this deodorant comes in zero plastic tubes that last for at least a month. This deodorant is available in various fragrances, so you can choose one that perfectly matches your taste.

3. Caribbean Coconut Deodorant By Kokoa Botanics

The Caribbean coconut deodorant by Kokoa Botanics is an amazing deodorant to choose from. It is specially formulated to provide high activity. This deodorant is created without any synthetic chemicals and propylene glycol. Instead, it contains ingredients such as arrowroot powder, coconut oil, baking soda, candelilla wax, copaiba essential oil, shea butter, kaolin clay, grapefruit essential oil, babassu butter, and coconut scent. The best thing about Caribbean coconut deodorant is that it is free from plastic and aluminum. 

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This brand’s manufacturers actively searched for the perfect amount of these ingredients to add to the final product. These ingredients helped to get a deodorant with a high activity level and allowed the consumers to be odor-free.

4. Organic Deodorant Cream by Fat and the Moon

If you prefer cream over deodorant and want a sustainable product, then this organic deodorant cream is best for you. It comes in a glass jar along with a metal cap. This organic deodorant cream is paraben, aluminum, and sulfates-free. And, of course, the glass jar is reusable, so it can reduce the amount of waste. 

Coming to the ingredients, it contains baking soda, arrowroot starch, coconut oil, essential oils of clary sage, black pepper, grapefruit, and tea tree. The fragrance of lavender rose has been given to this deodorant. 

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This cream deodorant is antimicrobial and bacteria resistant naturally. The best thing is it does not leave any white cast on any dark clothing. The ingredients of this deodorant cream are properly tested and researched by its founder in order to deliver the best eco-friendly deodorant.

5. Kaiame Natural Deodorant

If you have sensitive skin and are looking for the best eco-friendly deodorant, then you can try the natural deodorant by Kaiame Natural. This deodorant is very gentle to your skin as it is made with all-natural ingredients. Also, it is free from parabens, aluminum, phthalates, and a very less amount of baking soda. It comes in a blue-colored recyclable jar to reduce waste. Besides being ideal for sensitive skin, it also works excellent against odor. Not to mention, it is GMO and cruelty-free. 

When it comes to ingredients, it is made with various organics, which include arrowroot powder, lavender essential oil, charcoal powder, and coconut oil. Along with these ingredients, it also has colloidal silver, organic baking soda, pure magnesium oil, candelilla wax, and vodka. You just need to take a pea-sized amount of this product and rub it beneath the armpits. And you will remain odor-free for the whole day. 

6. Zen Patchouli Deodorant 

This Patchouli deodorant by Zero waste zen is completely a natural product. It is packed in a tin to reduce plastic waste. The tin container can be easily reused, composted, or recycled. Zen Patchouli created this product by using natural ingredients such as cocoa and shea butter and making it the best eco-friendly deodorant. 

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This deodorant is free from harmful chemicals and is also free from parabens, aluminum, phthalates, and triclosan. Also, the main benefit of buying this deodorant is that it comes with a send-back program which means that the customer is allowed to return a minimum of five empty containers to get a free product. This is a great initiative by the brand to reduce waste.

7. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorants

The eco-friendly deodorant by Schmidt is packed in a two-ounce jar made up of glass. This brand also offers a spatula with the order so that you can use a pea-sized deodorant cream. Make sure to warm it using fingers before applying. 

The formula of this deodorant is free from scent, but it will keep you odor-free for a long time. Also, it does not contain aluminum, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, or artificial fragrance. Not only this, but it is also vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and aluminum-free. Schmidt uses ingredients like arrowroot powder, cocoa seed butter, shea butter, baking soda, and Vitamin E to make the best eco-friendly deodorant. You can try this deodorant if you don’t like artificial fragrances.

8. Natural Deodorant By Naturistic Bath

This eco-friendly deodorant By Naturistic Bath is an ideal choice for the one who loves natural fragrances. It contains beautiful and natural honeysuckle and jasmine fragrance. This sustainable deodorant consists of plenty of ingredients such as arrowroot powder, candelilla wax, magnesium hydroxide, kaolin clay, natural fragrance, ricinoleate, and probiotics. It also contains various essential oils, which include neroli, Vitamin E, ylang-ylang, and jasmine. 

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In addition, it does not contain baking soda and comes in a cardboard tube which is compostable and helps in reducing waste. You just need one or two swipes beneath your arms to get the best results. Make sure to not put excessive amounts of pressure. 

9. Natural Organic Deodorant By Hammond Herbs Pit Stop

Freshen up yourself by using this amazing natural deodorant by Hammond Herbs Pit Stop. This eco-friendly deodorant will make you smell fresh throughout the day. This unisex plastic-free and natural deodorant come in an ingenious recyclable and attractive tube. Also, it contains multiple natural ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, arrowroot powder, and virgin coconut oil. 

Their innovative formula includes organic baking soda. Along with this, they also offer a version with no baking soda for people with sensitive skin. In that version, they replaced baking soda with organic sea salt. 

After choosing this plastic and aluminum-free deodorant, your skin will be thankful to you for selecting one of the best eco-friendly deodorants. Also, it comes with a shelf life of around six months. It is best to use dry and clean underarms and store them in a cool and dry place. 

10. Armpit Armor by Bohemian Tea Peddler

This deodorant by Bohemian Tea paddler comes in a cardboard tube with various varieties to select from. It is made with natural ingredients such as cocoa butter, beeswax, arrowroot powder, doTerra, activated charcoal, and essential oils. And, it’s available in two sizes, one size is for traveling, and one size is for daily use.  

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The scents available for this deodorant include gypsy woman, green witch, ash, and a happy camper. If you want to get the best results, then it is recommended to switch the scents after some time. 

11. Natural Deodorant By Meow Meow Tweet 

If you have sensitive skin, then you must try this natural deodorant by Meow Meow Tweet. It is free from baking soda, which makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin. This lavender-scented deodorant comes in a glass jar which is perfect for its smooth and creamy texture. The essential part of this deodorant is that it is free from plastics, sulfates, aluminum, and parabens. 

This US handcrafted product is 100% vegan, certified organic, and cruelty-free. You just need to take a pea-sized amount of deodorant and rub it gently on your armpit until it gets blended properly. The one-time application of this deodorant offers protection from odor for the entire day. 

12. Deodorant Cream by Little Seed Farm

The next on the list is this unisex cream deodorant by Little seed Farm. It is packed in an ounce jar with a wooden scoop and a steel cap. The scoop provided can be used to take a small amount of deodorant to apply on your armpits. 

Little seed Farm has created this formula to protect against odor for around 24 hours. This deodorant is free from baking soda, aluminum, phthalates, and parabens. Furthermore, this brand is certified for being cruelty-free and GMO-free. The ingredients used to design this product includes beeswax, magnesium hydroxide, arrowroot powder, and activated charcoal. Along with these ingredients, it contains various essential oils like vegetable glycerin, spearmint, rosemary, coconut, jojoba, geranium, and vegetable glycerin.   

13. Trail Blazer Deodorant By Apothecary Muse

Another selection for the best eco-friendly deodorant is Trail Blazer Deodorant by Apothecary Muse. It is handcrafted with great care and takes a crown for producing the best sustainable deodorants. 

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The ingredients for this deodorant are carefully chosen and include guaiac wood, rosemary, arrowroot powder, non-nano zinc, sandalwood, grapeseed oil, lavender. Furthermore, it is free from parabens, aluminum, and baking soda. So, without waiting much, keep yourself fresh for a whole day by trying this deodorant.

14. Plastic-Free Deodorant By Tom’s of Maine

To experience long-lasting odor protection, give this deodorant by Tom’s of Maine a try. This deodorant will let your skin breathe freely as it does not contain any preservatives. The formula of this deodorant contains no aluminum and artificial fragrances. Furthermore, it does not contain aluminum and is cruelty-free. 

The organic ingredients in this deodorant will keep you confident and fresh, whether it be at a gym or at work. By using this deodorant, you can go hot and long summer days without any worries as it provides long-lasting protection against odor. The best part about this deodorant is that it comes in plastic-free packaging. 

15. Pack & Leaf Natural Deodorant Stick Set

To get better protection against sweat and smell, you can use this eco-friendly deodorant by Pack & Leaf. The gentle formula of baking soda and magnesium has been used to design this product. You will find all the natural and moisturizing ingredients in this deodorant, which includes coconut oil, vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, and vanilla extract. 

The vanilla extract is added to offer a natural scent. The arrowroot present in this deodorant will keep you dry for a long time by absorbing the extra moisture, whereas candelilla wax will make your skin soft. Above all, it is free from cruelty, parabens, aluminum, and is vegan, and contains a gentle formula.

16. Organic Probiotic Deodorant by Island Deodorant 

This Probiotic deodorant is a perfect blend of all the natural ingredients like jojoba and coconut oil, probiotics, baking soda, cornstarch, and shea butter. So, if you have been looking for the best eco-friendly deodorant that actually works, then try this toxin-free and natural formula.

The oil present in this deodorant will nourish your skin, and the other ingredients will keep you fresh for the whole day. Moreover, it is 100% vegan, paraben-free, aluminum-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and with no artificial fragrances. 

17. Natural Deodorant By DOM

If you are looking for natural deodorant, then you can consider this option. This natural deodorant by DOM is made with vegan and natural ingredients. It is suitable for all skin types, and your skin will not get damaged after using this deodorant.

The formula of this deodorant is creamy and mess-free that goes for a long time. Also, it comes in beautiful packaging, which makes it ideal for gifting. Last but not least, it is free from aluminum, cruelty, parabens, and synthetic fragrances. 

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