10 Best Eco-Friendly Shower Curtain For Bathroom (2022)

Eco-Friendly Shower Curtain

Let’s list the best eco-friendly shower curtain for the bathroom.

The foremost thing that comes to mind while choosing a shower curtain is aesthetics. Most commonly, people tend to overlook the whole concept of its materials. But little do we know that while taking steps towards building a dream home, we let the planet pay the price for it.

Various toxic materials are used in the composition of shower curtains, including PVC. Undoubtedly, these materials are very toxic and harmful to the environment when chemicals like organotins, phthalates, lead, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are released into the air. The best alternative is to opt for an eco-friendly shower curtain that can minimize the ill effects on the environment.

The Best 10 Eco-Friendly Shower Curtain

1. Coyuchi Organic Waffle Shower Curtain

Coyuchi is experienced in providing top-notch sustainable curtains, towels, robes, sleepwear, sheets, and many more for your home. Organic Waffle Shower Curtain comprises 100% Organic cotton, which is woven and sourced ethically in Turkey. The team at Coyuchi makes investments in regenerative and organic farming and circular initiatives that could minimize waste.

It aims at offering eco-friendly and affordable curtains all over the US. Although you might not find many organic options to choose from, you can transform the living style into a restorative one. The GOTS-certified organic cotton that makes up this Organic Waffle Shower Curtain saves around 98 square feet of farming land from pesticides.

Another design that you can go for is a rippled stripe Organic Shower Curtain. It also has an organic composition that spares the cotton farming land from dangerous pesticides. On top of that, by choosing these curtains, you wouldn’t have to worry about shower curtain liners, as these can be quickly dried by squeezing the water out after the end of a hot shower.

The brand gets its organic cotton from either Turkey or India. But when it comes to sourcing and manufacturing, it goes for localized supply chains. All their practices and methods amount to an ethical supply chain. 

Coyuchi’s 2nd Home Take Back encourages people to recycle their own belonging products from Coyuchi and avail a discount of 15% on shopping for the next time. So, you can swell your savings while minimizing waste generation.

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2. Parachute Turkish Shower Curtain

You can get the most premium quality eco-friendly products, including shower curtains at Parachute. As the name suggests, Turkish Shower Curtains are made in Turkey from 100% long-staple Turkish cotton.

Talking about the looks, the curtain comes with hand-knotted fringes that can instantly enhance your bathroom’s outlook and make it feel very fresh and decent. You can get eco-friendly products from Parachute in many areas of the world, including the US, some countries in Europe, and Canada.

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3. Vita Futura Sonny PVC Free Curtain

These PVC Free Curtains are designed by a German brand called Kleine Wolke and offer various advantages. Sonny PVC Free Curtains are a great initiative to reduce the ill effects of the toxic materials used in curtains.

Vita Futura has focused on rendering products that are high in quality and fit the pockets of the consumers. You even get a quality guarantee, along with environmental benefits. The curtains are in various color options, including ruby, blue, sun, green, anthracite grey, and violet when it comes to looks. So, if you think colorful curtains will adorn the feel of your bathroom, then these curtains are perfect for you.

The curtains have the following notable features:

  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • PVC free
  • Non-Vinyl
  • Liner not necessary
  • Easy to care and clean (hand wash with a mild detergent in warm water)
  • Non-chlorine-based
  • Semi-Transparent
  • Affordable
  • Recyclable Plastic

You can choose for a better world in the making by opting for such eco-friendly shower curtains that can reduce the amount of waste generation. 

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4. Pottery Barn Rebecca Atwood Lemon Organic

Made from 100 percent organic cotton percale, this shower curtain is an excellent choice for all people looking for sustainable products. Designer Rebecca Atwood created the Rebecca Atwood Lemon Organic Shower curtain in such a way that it imparts an attractive botanical accent in your bathroom.

Growing organic cotton does not involve the use of toxic chemicals and many synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. This has a lending hand in reducing the harmful effects on the environment. Since these shower curtains are made from organic cotton, you will spare yourself from the toxic materials by choosing them.

Pottery Barn does not compromise the quality of the products while going earth-friendly. And the curtain material is certified to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX. Along with the sustainability and premium looks, the curtains are also very easy to clean and maintain.

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5. Rawganique Hemp

Rawganique is a store that aims at providing sustainable products that do not cause much harm to any consumer and the environment overall. It has a variety of items that make use of organic fabrics. You can get organic shower curtains of the best quality at an affordable price here.

There are various sizes and color options of the curtains available, and you can go for the one that corresponds to all your needs and fits the bathroom perfectly. These are composed of European hemp and hence are totally PVC and chemical-free.

There are many features that make a Rawganique shower curtain a suitable choice.

  • No Outgassing
  • No PVC
  • No Vinyl
  • Chemical-free
  • Fast Drying properties
  • Ethical sourcing 
  • BPA-free

Undeniably, fabrics do not work perfectly when they come in contact with moisture. To combat this problem, Rawganique has made effective efforts. The cloth that is used in the making of the shower curtains is woven, taking into account the issue of leakage. So, along with eliminating the toxic exposure, the shower curtains work efficiently by not leaking and promoting quick drying.

The 24’ X 72” curtains are a very affordable option ($55) and come with rings. You can also go for a wider choice, 48” X 72” curtains, for $79.

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6. Bean Organic Cotton

Bean Products is a renowned brand that offers entirely natural and organic shower curtains. These are available in seven different fabrics, all durable and attractive to look at. No matter how your bathroom is decorated, these curtains will fit perfectly in any theme or setting.

Besides the looks, you will have supreme quality and longevity by choosing the organic cotton shower curtain. The grommets of the curtains are made of brass and coated with nickel. This makes them rust-proof and stronger.

Furthermore, these curtains have a sturdy design that will help the curtain stay in shape and not billow in as in the case of conventional curtains. Apart from stability, a significant advantage of these curtains is that they dry rapidly. This is owing to the durable quality of the fabric used.

And if you do not want to block all the light through the shower curtain, then they are perfect for you, as these are translucent and allow the penetration of light through them. It also helps in fastening the process of drying.

On top of these advantages, the curtains are wholly natural, non-toxic, handmade, and do not have toxic phthalates as found in plastic curtains. Not just this, but these are also sustainably sourced and produced domestically. All this makes the curtains environmentally friendly. 

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7. Organic-Linen Shower Curtain

These Organic-Linen shower curtains by SHOP2016, as the name suggests, are made up of organic linen fabric in Europe. The store aims at providing sustainable and eco-friendly curtains that do not have any adverse effect on the environment. For this reason, the curtains are composed of entirely natural and organic flax.

There are many noticeable features of these curtains that will leave you quite impressed.

  • To begin with, the curtains are handmade by experts having extensive experience.
  • The linen fabric, known for antiseptic and hygienic properties, is used in the making of the curtains. They are all certified and of the highest quality.
  • They have an attractive outlook and much strength owing to the french seams. That means the edges of the fabrics are not visible and hidden in the seam.
  • The density of the curtains varies from 165 to 185 GSM (Medium-weight linen).
  • You can customize the surface of the curtains and get more or less soft curtains because the store does the stone washing itself. 
  • You can get these curtains at a very reasonable price because of the absence of intermediaries. 
  • The linen is ethically sourced and produced locally from the local raw materials.
  • You can choose from the various color and size options. 

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8. Bed Bath And Beyond

Bed Bath And Beyond presents to you an organic option to shift to. You can get the shower curtains made from organic cotton or the blend of cotton and hemp in a pocket-friendly way here. The quality of the curtains is very reliable, and the certifications, including STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX and Global Organic Textile Standard, proves it all.

You can check out the different types of curtains available here:

  • Solid Hemp Shower Curtain

The Solid Hemp Shower Curtain uses cotton and hemp to make it. You can check the availability of sizes and colors and pick the one that suits the decor of your bathroom the best. 

  • Two-Tone Organic Cotton Shower Curtain

The two-tone organic cotton shower curtains are also made of 100% organic cotton and attractive designs that will make your purchase worth it. 

  • Pebble Stripe Organic Cotton Shower Curtain

You can choose from the available sizes (small, standard, long, or extra-long) that fit your bathroom the best. The composition is entirely organic cotton which eliminates the use of toxic materials altogether. 

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PEVA/EVA Shower Curtains are the one-stop solution for all people looking for an affordable, sustainable shower curtain. It will not be wrong to say that everyone does not have enough money to spend on eco friendly shower curtains. That’s where PECA/EVA shower Curtains come in to help. You can easily get eco-friendly shower curtains made of synthetic from PEVA/EVA at a low price. 

Although PEVA is not the best alternative to PVC, it has various upsides. PEVA and EVA shower curtains are composed of chloride-free vinyl and, hence, PVC-free. Another notable feature of these curtains is that they are water-resistant.

You can increase the life of the shower curtains and make sure you do not contribute to the generation of unnecessary waste by taking care of a few things. For instance, wash the curtains regularly, ventilate your bathroom from time to time to let the curtain dry, and ensure that it does not come in contact with the floor. 

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10. Wild Canary Shop

The wild Canary shop is renowned for high-quality home accessories. You can shop Wild Canary Shop’s products from Etsy. It has a wide range of eco-friendly products, including a mildew-resistant shower. You can find it in many sizes and natural colors.

All the products at Wild Canary Shop aim at impressing customers with unmatchable prices, quality, and sustainability practices. Its shower curtains are made of organic hemp and hence carry all its advantages. 

You can get the following features on buying this shower curtain:

  • Water-repellent
  • Beautifully designed
  • Resistant to bacteria and fungi
  • No need for liner
  • lightweight
  • No chemicals, beach, and dye
  • Handwoven

Along with all these, their business practices are eco-friendly and aim to reduce waste generation. You can opt for the size and design that best suits your bathroom. 


It is essential to save the planet earth from slow deterioration due to the excessive use of chemicals used in products. Small steps in the right direction can make a big difference, which is why woke people have started to shift their consumption to sustainable products.

Even an initiative such as opting for eco-friendly shower curtains can help relieve the earth from such enormous pressure. You can find various brands and stores that offer chemical-free and earth-friendly products. We have provided a list of such top brands that you can rely on. 

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