13 Best Eco Friendly & Sustainable Sunglasses (2022)

best eco-friendly eye glasses

The trend of Eco-friendly and sustainably built sunglasses is increasing day by day. Almost everyone is slowly but surely updating their preference in many ways to save the environment. Buying sustainable sunglasses is one of the best ways to reduce plastic consumption. There are multiple brands that offer a wide range of sunglasses to choose from. 

Down below is a list of fashionable and sustainable sunglasses for eco-conscious people. If you are also the one, then have a look at these sustainable eyeglasses brands that are giving their part to save the environment. 

The Top 13 Best Eco Friendly & Sustainable Sunglasses

  1. Proof Eyewear
  2. Sunski
  3. Water haul
  4. Solo eyewear
  5. WearPanda

1. Proof Eyewear

Proof Eyewear is an American company and is one of the leading brands that offer sustainable sunglasses. This brand manufactures sunglasses from sustainably sourced wood that doesn’t harm the environment.

It helps to reduce the eye strain caused by blue UV light and also provides protection from UVA/UVB 400. In addition to this, the range of optical frames and sunglasses are available in different sizes and colors, including sleeker and slimmer frames. 

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  • Slimmer and sleeker frames
  • Gives blue light protection.
  • Allows lens replacement.
  • Provides UVA/UVB 400 protection.
  • Offer hand polished and sweat-resistant frames.

2. Sunski

Sunski is a California-based company that sells eco-friendly sunglasses for children and adults. This company provides the sunglasses with removable, magnetic, and protective side shields that help to protect your eyes from sun, wind, and dust.

Also, this brand offers sunglasses that are perfect for sports, and the best part is their sunglasses filter the blue light. Sunski manufactures the sunglasses from recycled material and ships them with recycled packaging material without glue or plastic.

The best part is each product of this company comes with a lifetime warranty, and it also replaces broken sunglasses. 

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  • It gives sunglasses with polarized lenses.
  • Uses recycled plastic frames
  • It provides removable, magnetic, and protective sun shields.
  • It is perfect for long active days.
  • These sunglasses block the 100% UVA/UVB/UV400 wavelength.

3. Water haul

Are you looking for the best eco-friendly sunglasses? If yes, then Waterhaul is the best option for you. They utilize the most potent form of plastic coming from oceans to manufacture sustainable, recycled eyewear.

This company designs every pair of eyewear that meets the technical demands of adventure, ocean exposure, and UV protection.

Furthermore, this brand uses chemically hardened polarised glass, which is significantly more scratch-resistant than other lenses and exceeds all the international effect resistance tests.

Also, every pair of Waterhaul eyewear comes with a lifetime warranty and is produced from 100% recycled raw material.

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  • Suitable design for ocean adventures.
  • Frame comes with a 100% recycled fishing net.
  • Offers the world’s most premium and sustainable lenses.
  • Free replacement of lenses.
  • Lifetime warranty. 
  • Provides the greatest optical clarity for all material lenses.

4. SOLO Eyewear

The concept of SOLO Eyewear was developed as a class project at San Diego State University. As a result of rapid growth, it has become a famous brand for eco-friendly eyewear. SOLO Eyewear manufactures environment-friendly sunglasses using wood, bamboo, and plant-based plastic.

These sunglasses provide polarized lenses that give 100% protection from UV rays. This brand is known to deliver lightweight handcraft frames made with 100% sustainable wood. Not only this, but they also provide wood boxes with microfiber pouches.

This Company offers a wide range of selections, so you can quickly get suitable frames for you.

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  • Provide features of polarized lenses with 100% UV protection.
  • Lightweight frames
  • Eyewear comes with a wood box and microfiber pouch.
  • SOLO Eyewear gives a variety of sunglasses like narrow, medium, comprehensive, and many more.
  • All products are handmade with the highest quality material.

5. WearPanda

WearPanda eyewear is all about “Trend with a purpose.” This Company uses 100% natural and reused raw material while manufacturing the sunglasses. All the eyewear comes with eco-friendly bamboo frames. Bamboos are not only naturally lightweight, but they are also more substantial than steel. 

The best part is that the part of each selling eyewear’s profit comes back to the community and contributes to the eye care centers, free exams, and many more.

WearPanda is certified by FSC and has a variety of collections, including different sizes and colors that look great on all faces. Each pair of sunglasses come in a microfiber pouch with a free bamboo case.

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  • Sunglasses come with eco-friendly bamboo frames.
  • Provides 100% polarized lenses.
  • Ideal for All face shapes
  • Gives a lifetime warranty.
  • Uses 100% recycled raw material.

6. Shyne

Shyne is a Canadian environment-friendly brand whose main aim is to help you shield your eyes from the sun in a sustainable way. This brand offers you sunglasses that come with UV400 protection and are durable yet fashionable.

Each eyewear is made out of regenerative nylon created out of 100% recycled textile waste and is free from harmful paints & solvents. All lenses are certified tested for quality and impact resistance.

If you work on the computer for a long time, then you can consider their blue light blocking lenses. Their blue-light-blocking lenses are helpful to reduce eye strain. 

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  • Eyewear comes with UV400 protection.
  • Uses eco-friendly raw materials for manufacturing.
  • Durable and fashionable.
  • It also has blue-light-blocking eyewear that helps to reduce eye strain.
  • Gives the best quality products at affordable prices.
  • Offers certified and premium quality lenses.

7. Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a NewYork based company that offers high-quality sunglasses, eyeglasses, and contact lenses at a reasonable price. This company uses 100% recycled raw material to manufacture sustainable sunglasses. 

Plus, this brand is known for providing prescription sunglasses. Besides these, these brands offer a variety of affordable, stylish, and sustainable sunglasses. Plus, all of their lenses offer protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Additionally, the lenses come with an anti-scratch coating and replace your lenses if any scratch appears within a year of your purchase. All the frames available at Warby Parker are made with titanium or plant-based acetate. 

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  • Uses 100% eco-friendly raw material for the manufacturing of eyeglasses.
  • Gives the best quality products at affordable prices.
  • Products are built from hand-polished cellulose acetate.
  • Lens block 100% UVA and UVB rays.
  • Provide durable and fashionable glasses.

8. Zeal Optics

Want to buy sunglasses for outdoor adventure? Zeal Optics is the best option for you. It is an American brand having a variety of collections of eyewear for both men and women. All their glasses come with a unique design that gives you a modern look.

They used plant-based material in replacement of plastic and used castor oil as starter material for all the frames.

There are different types of lenses available at Zeal Optics, including Ellume Bio-Plastic lens, polarized lens, and many more.

Moreover, they use premium polarized lenses to enhance the quality of the sunglasses. The best thing about this brand’s eyewear is they use the Ellume Bio-plastic lenses that are the world’s first lenses made with plant-based materials. 

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  • Use premium polarized film for sunglasses.
  • Unique design for providing a modern look.
  • Uses plant-based material 
  • Eyewear comes with an Ellume Bio-Plastic lens.

9. Blue Planet Wear

Blue Planet Wear is a California-based company that manufactures premium sustainable sunglasses at reasonable prices. If you are searching for budget-friendly eco sunglasses, then you must consider this brand.

They offer polarized sunglasses that don’t just appear good but are environmentally friendly too. Furthermore, all the products of this company are made from natural and recycled materials like wood, bamboo, and more.

The frames offered by this brand are lightweight and hand polished. Plus, they use 100% recyclable packaging that creates a less negative impact on the environment. 

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  • It gives a superior quality polarised lens
  • Provides 100% UV rays protection
  • Hand polished, eco-friendly 
  • Affordable Pricing
  • 100% recycled packaging material is used 

10. Woodzee

Woodzee is a brand that offers a combination of style and nature. This brand always follows the recycling program and uses sustainable raw materials while manufacturing its products.

Their eyewear frames come with various features, including zero base CR-39 lenses with 100% UVA or UVB rays protection, high durability, Rx compatibility, and more. Every piece of

Woodzee eyewear comes with a unique design and superior-quality microfiber cleaning cloth. Plus, all products of the company come with a one-year warranty period from the order date of the purchase.


  • Uses eco-friendly material 
  • It gives 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • Highly durable glasses
  • Provides Rx compatibility
  • comes with a unique carrying case
  • Uses recyclable packaging material.

11. Sticks And Sparrow

If you want some fashion statement and sustainable sunglasses, then Stick and Sparrow is the brand for you. They produce scratch-resistant and 100% UV-protected lenses with a design that will surprise you.

These sustainable sunglasses are tailored to last for a long time. If you are a fashion enthusiast and always conscious while choosing the products, then you must try these sunglasses.

The sunglasses feature an envy-worthy design and are perfect for the fashionista who prefers oversized sunglasses with a connection to nature.

This brand only uses plant-based acetate with natural bamboo and wood while producing its frames. You can check out their entire collection by visiting their website. Also, you will be aware of their initiatives taken towards environment conservation.  

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  • They use natural bamboo and wood for the manufacturing of the sunglasses.
  • Provides high-grade scratch resistance lens.
  • Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • Uses eco-friendly packaging material.
  • It uses plant-based acetate for its frames.

12. Covry

Are you looking for stylish yet sustainable sunglasses? If yes, then Covry is the brand for you. This company makes elevated designs for faces of all shapes and sizes.

All eyewear designed by this brand is made with premium quality material that gives a perfect fit for everyone.

They use plant-based acetate that is made from wood pulp and cotton for the manufacturing process of the frames. All the eyewear comes with premium quality stuff, including scratch-resistant lenses that offer you UVA and UVB protection.


  • Large Variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Uses wood pulp and cotton for the manufacturing of frames.
  • Offers scratch-resistant lenses with UVA and UVB protection.
  • 100% environment-friendly sunglasses.

13. Sea2see

Sea2see is the first sustainable eyeglasses brand that manufactures all its products with 100% marine plastic collected from the ocean.

This brand owns cradle-to-cradle gold certification and 100% made-in Italy certification that offers the guarantee to the customers that all frames are made of Italian origin. Their frames are lightweight, and the lenses used in their structure provide protection against UV rays. 

The best thing about choosing this brand is that your single purchase of eyewear contributes to the collection and recycling of 1kg marine plastic. 


  • It has the cradle-to-cradle gold certification.
  • Frames made from marine plastic.
  • 100% made in Italy certification.
  • Ultra-lightweight design. 
  • Gives protection from sun damage.
  • Each eyewear helps to reduce the harmful effect on the environment.


With the increasing concern for environmental protection, the consumer market is also transforming with time. Now is the right time to create a positive impact on the planet. So, we must support the companies or brands who are doing their part in helping the world.

You can also share your part in improving the environment by considering the above-mentioned recommendations. These are some of the exceptional brands which offer fashionable and sustainable sunglasses. Try one of these brands and let others know how they are helping the environment. 

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