7 Best Granny Panties for 2021 (Comfortable Panties)

Best Granny Panties

The desire to wear comfortable loungewear has increased with each day of the current pandemic situation. In the world of intimates particularly, the latest trend which emerged is granny panties. As per the Lyst, it has been noticed the increase in the high-waisted and large style underwear searches as compared to last year.

Additionally, granny panties with the new era for different fabrics and colors have changed over the years. The only thing which remains consistent is the waistline. Nowadays, transparent fabrics, backside cuts give a more revealing look to granny panties, but the waistline is the base of this style which can’t be changed. 

Here, we have come up with some of the recommendations for the ones who are thinking of adding new pieces to their stay-at-home wardrobe. From SKIMS to X Fenty, our recommendations are very famous and provide designs in ribbed knit styles and comfy designs. Knickey High-rise brief, Parade are known for creating comfortable underwear in a large array of colors.

If you are interested in Splurge, then you can consider luxe and high-end selections from brands such as Gucci and La Perla. 

Continue reading this to find out the comfortable granny panties available in the market. You can check the reviews of our recommendations online to choose the best out of them. 

Let’s have a look at the recommendations:

1. Knickey high-rise brief

If you need a high-waisted panty, then Knickey high-rise is the right option for you. This design is one of the best granny-inspired styles of 2020. This is made up of 95% organic cotton. This design is also well-known for providing full coverage as it features a comfortable high-waist band. This classic panty is the one that makes you feel right with a prominent French Leg as it has minimal leg elastics. Additionally, the high rise of this amazing pair provides class and comfort without making you feel like Granny. 

2. Parade High Rise Brief

When it comes to comfortable briefs, this amazing design by Parade always stands out. It is continuously becoming the best selling style. Moreover, it features an ultra-comfortable high waistline that provides full coverage. It offers you waist support to provide you with more comfort and the feeling you love. The Parade is a brand that is setting the benchmarks in the industry by introducing this new style. 

3. Crosby High Rise Brief

These Crosby High Rise Briefs are one of the best selling granny panties. If you are planning for a date night, then these briefs would be the perfect choice. These are extremely comfortable and are ideal for work from home with the added bonus of being ultra-feminine. By getting these comfy panties, you no longer have to compromise with comfort.

It is not compulsory that our lingerie has to be either beautiful or comfortable when you can get both in these amazing granny panties. Moreover, it has high-quality sheer lace on both sides, and the lace used is very soft.  It features a high-rise cut and a one-inch waistband to provide you with extra comfort. 

4. Spanx Women’s Everyday Shaping Panties

Are you looking for comfortable granny panties to wear the whole day? If yes, then look no further than Spanx. These shorts come with a light shaping technology that will make you feel better and comfortable in everything you wear. Moreover, it has minimal stitching, which makes it noticeable under the clothing and keeps you confident throughout the day. They are engineered to stay at one palace, so there is no need for tugging or pulling at the time when you stand up. It is made of 90% nylon, 1% cotton, and 9% elastane and is machine washable. 

5. Natori Bliss Full Cotton Brief

Get these cosy granny panties to channel your inner pinup with these high-waisted briefs from Natori. These are ultra-comfortable and are available in easy-to-wear and different colors. These panties feature a flat lace trim complemented with stretchy and soft Pima cotton microfiber, which provides a low profile and smooth fit without making you feel uncomfortable. It consists of 94% Pima cotton and 6% of Lycra. These mesh hipsters have a semi-sheer design and a low rise to rest on hips. These are an ideal choice to wear under all your summer and winter whites. 

6. X High Rise 

If you need a perfect fit around your waistline, then no other design can match the fitting of these amazing panties. These are high rise panties that perfectly fit at your natural waist.

They are kind of similar to high rise but even higher. X high rise panties are made up of 10% spandex made from recycled PET and 90% organic cotton. These panties provide full butt coverage and have a thick fabric. If you want to wear skirts or dresses, then these panties would be ideal as they have fewer lines. The best thing about these panties is that they are available in a large array of colors. 

7. Lena High Waist Undies

If you are looking for comfort, then these high waist undies are for you. These bamboo undies are tailored to provide pure comfort. You can easily perform all the activities by wearing these as these perfectly fit around your waist.

These undies can easily be worn under sundresses or while dancing. These undies are made up of 90% of Lyocell Bamboo and 10% spandex. Only top-quality dyes have been used to prevent any chemicals from absorbing into your skin. A big thumbs up to these panties, if you want comfort along with the perfect fit. 

Final Words

Nowadays, among all the trends, Granny Panties are the dominating trend of this season. But how to embrace the look without actually looking grandma? Well, skip all the all-over lace and choose the trendy styles. It is best to invest in sleek designs and textures that feel good to your skin. 

If you want to embrace the revolutionary trend and want to try full coverage panties, then these recommendations can surely help you. All these picks are carefully selected and curated by our experts’ team. You can buy any one of the above-listed designs that perfectly fit your needs. For more such content regarding lifestyle and fashion, you can visit us

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