Interesting Tattoo Statistics and Facts in 2022

Interesting Tattoo Statistics and Facts in 2022

Interesting Tattoo Statistics and Facts in 2022 – A tattoo shows self-love towards ourselves, and it is made on different body parts, depending on the personal choice. It is made by injecting ink, dyes, and another pigment into the body.

The ink of a Tattoo varies as there are two types of tattoos, permanent Tattoo, and Temporary Tattoo. In this also there are two options: colored Tattoo or blacked Tattoo. A permanent tattoo is for a lifetime, and a temporary tattoo is for a short period.

The art of making tattoos on different body parts is called tattooing. Tattooing is not a new art, and it is an ancient art. It was first introduced between 3370 BC and 3100 BC. 

Tattoos have evolved into a fashion statement for some, a way of life for some people, and a significant source of revenue for others. While the goal remains to ink the skin permanently, the methods have evolved significantly. It is an art form that has existed for as long as civilizations, and it has undergone exciting variations, as evidenced by a set of tattoo data. 

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Tattoo Statistics

Tattoo Statistics

Earlier, people thought tattooing was not good for skin and only criminals used to have it on their bodies, but not in 2022 has changed, and their thinking about tattoos has also changed.

Now, different types of age groups love to have tattoos on their bodies, and tattoos have become a part of our day-to-day lives and are no longer taboo. To understand more, read the below-mentioned data.

1. According to demographic data on tattoos, 40% of 18-34-year-olds have one or more tattoos: About 36% of the people between the age group of 36 and 54 have at least one Tattoo on their body, and only 16% of 56-year aged people have one Tattoo on their body.

The proportion of college degree students having tattoos is 17%, and 26% of people without a college degree have tattoos. 

2. According to statistics, many countries have more tattooed women than tattooed men: Generally, nowadays, women have more tattoos than men, but the difference is slight as in the USA, 48% of women and 45% of men have tattoos on their bodies.

In other countries, if we take Greece’s example, 42 % of women and 29% of men have tattoos.

3. According to statistics, there are more than 21000 tattoo shops in the US: Approximate data covers all tattoo shops and body art studios in the United States that are registered and licensed to provide tattoo services.

Of course, this does not represent all tattoo artists, as not all are registered or work in tattoo parlors that are registered and licensed.

4. Data has revealed that in the US, 33% of people have two at least two tattoos on their body: Having two tattoos on the body is quite common in the US, and the most exciting fact is that the average number of tattoos that a tattooed man has in the US is 4.

Among 33% of people, 17% of people have multiple tattoos, 12% of people have more than 10 tattoos, and 4 % of people have less than 9 tattoos. 

 5. Among all the tattooed people, 40% have tattoos on their forearms: A forearms tattoo is the most common choice. After this, the second-most preferable place for the Tattoo is the back, the third-most preferable place is the hand and wrist, and fourth, all the other body parts come. 

6. In the USA, a study has reported that 36% of people aged 18-29 have at least one Tattoo on their body.

7. People with greater levels of education (32 percent) appear to be more likely to have tattoos than those with lower levels of education (26 percent ).

8. In the United States, 15% of males and 13% of women have tattoos.

9. Tattoos are worn by 36% of the US Armed Forces, including military veterans.

10. Tattoos are worn by 30% of college graduates in the United States.

11. Older millennials are the most likely to acquire a tattoo, with 38 percent of persons aged 30-39 having one Tattoo. 

12. In the United States, 11 percent of tattooed persons are between 50 and 64. 

Tattoo Industry Statistics 

Tattoo Industry Statistics 

The data mentioned above relates to society and the number of people having tattoos. But now, we will discuss industry statistics.

After seeing the increased demand for tattoos, the tattoos industry has increased more than earlier. The industry has gradually grown as new trends, techniques, and interests have emerged.

1. According to tattoo statistics per year, Americans today have more tattoos than they did in 2012: The number of people in the United States who have tattoos is steadily increasing.

Approximately 30% of Americans now have one or more tattoos. Since 2012, when only 21% of Americans had at least one Tattoo, this number has risen by 9%.

2. According to the statistics, there was a 6.1% growth in the Tattoo industry from 2014 to 2019: There was considerable growth in the tattoo industry in 2019, but now there is the possibility of a decrease in the tattoo industry as lots of people are facing tattoo fading problems. If this problem remains the same, there will be less growth in the tattoo industry.

3. According to tattoo industry figures, the tattoo artists market was worth just over 1.6 billion dollars in 2018: The sector was slightly under $1 billion in 2010, and it has steadily grown since then. It was a little around 1.4 billion in 2015. The tattoo industry rose in 2018, and the tattoo artists market for 2024 is estimated to be just about 110 million dollars. 

4. A tattoo varies in size: Small tattoos cost around $45, whereas large tattoos cost around $150 per hour. The money spent by Americans on tattoos is about $1.65 billion yearly. 27% of Americans are willing to spend up to $100 on tattoos, while only 6% are willing to spend $2,500 or more.

6. Increase in Tattoo removal services: In 2011, there was a 32% growth in tattoo removal services, and for the next few years, tattoo removal services will grow at an annual rate of 18%. Moreover, according to specialists, tattoo removal services are anticipated to grow by 18% every year.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tattoo Statistics

1. According to data, 17% of people feel guilty after having a name tattoo of any other person.

2. About 24% of people think that having a tattoo on the body attracts people’s attention, but 42% think that Tattoo does not attract people’s attention and it’s just a waste of money.

3. Many people love ink on their bodies, and about 32% of people find ink more suitable for them.

4. Tattoo covering is also most preferred nowadays as now 5% of people do not remove old tattoos; they cover them with new ones.

5. According to 31% of tattooed persons, the Tattoo made them feel confident. According to 29% of people, tattoos make them look or feel attractive, and 5% said their tattoos make them appear more brilliant.

6. In the US, 43 % of people get tattoos to remember their family or friends, and 37% get tattoos for style and beauty.

Facts about Tattoo 

1. The Discovery of the Tattoo was made by Otzi the Iceman, who lived between 3370 and 3100 BC. His body was discovered in the Alps with 61 carbon ink tattoos of simple dots and lines.

2. One person designed and patented the first electric tattoo machine in 1891. 

3. In a minute, a Tattoo gun machine can make a hole in the skin between 50 to 3000 times, stinging the skin about 1 millimetre in depth of the skin. 

4. When a person goes for a tattoo laser treatment, at that time, the black colour is easy to remove as it absorbs laser waves faster, whereas yellow and green are difficult to remove and do not absorb waves easily.

5. The world’s most expensive tattoo artist is Scott Campbel, as he charges $ 1000 per hour and only does tattooing on the weekends. 

6. Till 2004, tattooing was illegal in some parts of South Carolina, but in 2006 the government made it legal. 

7. The oldest tattoo inks are found in the egypt.

8. One of the most commonly misspelt words in the English language is “tattoo.” “Tatoo” is a common misspelling.

9. Musical Tom Lee set a Guinness world record for having a tattoo in mid-air while travelling in a plane in the year 2007.

10. In 2005, using a tattoo for marketing the brand, one man paid his son’s school fees, and he tattooed the brand name on his forehead. 

11. Many tattoo artists practice on fruit when they first start their practice as the texture of grapefruit, oranges, and lemons is the most similar to that of human skin.

12. Unsanitary tattooing techniques can spread infections including syphilis, hepatitis B, and HIV; nonetheless, no one has ever been diagnosed with HIV after getting a tattoo.

13. While Tattoo numbing lotion can aid with pain, it can also cause the skin to expand and deform, disrupting the inking process and damaging the design’s visual appearance.

14. Lucky Diamond is the first person who has wholly tattooed his body. He was born in 1971, and he has tattooed his body inside the eyelids, mouth, and ears. It took 1000 hours to complete the full-body Tattoo, and many artists have worked on it.

15.  Miami has the most tattoo shops in the United States, with around 24 shops per 100,000 people. Salina, Kansas, has the fewest shops per 100,000 residents, with only two.

16. The world’s most expensive Tattoo costs 924,000 dollars. Instead of ink, half-carat diamonds embedded into the skin are used. It has never been done before.


Q. What are the steps involved in making a tattoo? 

During the formation of the Tattoo, the tattoo needle pierces your skin between 50 to 3000 times each minute. The needle enters the skin, reaches the dermis, and generates a vacuum hole in the second layer.

The needle exits the ink and closes the vacuum once it is in the hole. Because of the numerous punctures, the Tattoo is treated as an open wound for the first 24 to 48 hours and is treated accordingly.

Q. How much TattooTattoo take to heal?

A tattoo might take two weeks to several months to fully heal. The human body is to blame for the approximate tattoo healing process. When a tattoo is smaller or placed on the body where the skin is thicker, and there are fewer nerve endings, it heals faster.

Furthermore, if the Tattoo is correctly cared for, it heals faster. Otherwise, the Tattoo’s healing time may be extended, affecting its final appearance and leading to infection.

Q. Which is the easiest way to remove the TattooTattoo?

Laser tattoo removal is, without a doubt, the most excellent option for removing tattoos. However, we can’t remove every tattoo ink with ease.

Black ink, for example, is the simplest to remove because it absorbs more laser pulses, which heat the ink and cause it to disintegrate. Lighter and brighter colours are more difficult to remove since they do not absorb laser energy.


Nowadays, tattoos have become everyone’s choice. Earlier, only a few people had tattoos on their bodies, but now most people at least have one. We made them part of exhibiting our interests, artistic talent, and viewpoints on many levels, even though they were exclusively cultural at first.

According to data, the tattoo industry’s development may be slowing marginally. With tattoos becoming more and more acceptable in the workplace, it’s evident that they’ll remain a popular form of expression. We hope that these tattoo statistics will aid in your study and help you decide whether you are planning to operate a tattoo business or get inked.

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