7 Best Italian Leather Wallets 2021 (Compared)

Best Italian Leather Wallets

The Italian leather wallets are known for their quality craftsmanship, uniqueness, and mostly chemical-free tanning. 

Leather has been popular for its versatility, style, and looks for centuries. Some even consider it a symbol of class, and for good reasons. 

They are instant-style lifters: leather accessories, especially wallets, can present an engaging look and long life that’s unmatched by any other material. It can easily resist regular wear and tear, lasting for years without getting damaged.

However, not every leather wallet is this durable. Of course, it’s about the leather type, but it’s also about the process used to make the Wallet. 

So, when it comes to authentic leather, Italian leather is what you should choose. It’s old school, full-grain, and extremely tough.

Thus, if you are into leather wallets especially those made in Italy are the best ones. Here’s a list of the best Italian Leather wallet that you should try. 

The Top 7 Best Italian Leather Wallets



Style, durability, and storage are the few things that define Montblanc Extreme 2.0 wallet. The authentic leather wallet is of its kind and uses two leather types for its distinct look. The design combines both split calfskin and full-grain leather for its overall build. 

The interior is of the same material, but it’s lined with cotton to add a glimpse of softness. Adding to this soft cotton look is the carbon fiber pattern on the exterior part. The Wallet’s parent company uses chrome tanning with embossing to attain this pattern.

What makes it even more interesting is its Montblanc shield. The Wallet can easily block most electromagnetic fluctuations like the metal wallets. It means that the RFID attacks won’t affect the credit or debit cards inside the Wallet. 

The Wallet can store up to 4 of these credit or debit cards at a time. It has dedicated pockets in the front to secure them. Other than that, there are 2 compartments for bills and four additional pockets. There’s also a coin pocket with a flap that you can use. 


  • Chrome Tanned
  • Elegant carbon fiber print
  • Lined with cotton
  • RFID blocking lining
  • Flap locked coin pocket
  • 8 storage pockets

2. The Ticciano

The Ticciano

If contemporary is what you like, then you will definitely love the Ticciano leather wallet by Maxwell Scott. The firm has been in light for quite a long time and is known for its quality. Each of its wallets is genuine Italian leather that is perfectly crafted to boost your classy looks.

Maxwell-Scott uses extremely new full-grain leather that’s soft yet extremely durable. The Wallet looks even more authentic due to its old-school crafting. Every bit of leather used in it is handcrafted to perfection. The parent company is confident that the Wallet can last several decades. They even provide a 25 years warranty with each of these wallets. 

The Wallet comes in three different variants-Classico, Croco, and Soft grain. Each of them shares the same properties but has a different finish quality. The classic model has a smooth finish, while the soft grain has small abrasions. The Croco, on the other hand, has a crocodile skin pattern. 

The wallets also come in color variants. You can get them in brown, tan and black. However, the storage capacity remains the same for all nine variants. You have three credit card pockets, with 2 bill pockets and one coin pocket. So, you have plenty of options to choose from. 


  • 3 credit card slots
  • Large coin pocket
  • Backed with 25 years warranty
  • Developed from handcrafted leather
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Three different finish qualities

3. Harber London Card Wallet

Harber London Card Wallet

Harber London is where classes meet luxury and then collaborate with minimalism. Any wallet from this brand is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. The card wallet is no exception.

The Wallet lives up to the Harber London standard and offers unmatched functionality. The Wallet uses the most premium full-grain Leather and expert craftsmen of Spain for making it. The leather is tanned and hardened very precisely. It’s sturdy and durable yet maintains a soft exterior feel. 

But that’s just one part of what’s special about this Wallet. The other part is its innovative design. The Wallet looks identical to a standard wallet, just not that bulky. Due to its finish quality, there is also no unevenness on its exterior part.

However, even with a slim design, the Wallet has enough space for more than 12 cards. There are multiple secure pockets to secure them in place. The Wallet also features magnetic locks to prevent anything from falling. There’s also a pull-up strip to take them out on-demand. 

And the best thing, it’s RFID protected. The Wallet features a metallic lining that acts as a cage protecting the cards against every type of electromagnetic frequency.  

Furthermost, the handmade Wallet is available in multiple colors. You can get it in black, gray, brown, tan, burgundy, navy, and stone colors. Each with the same smooth finish quality and precise stitching. 


  • Full-grain leather build
  • Minimalist design
  • Handmade Wallet
  • Comes in 7 colors
  • RFID protective
  • 12 card slots with pull-up strip

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4. Bally Bennel 

Bally Bennel 

Bennel wallet by Bally is your perfect companion for anyone serious about style. The Wallet uses a notebook wallet design that’s sleek and different from the standard wallets. The added length of the Wallet also increases the space in the Wallet.

This particular wallet can have enough space to hold up to 14 cards. There are 7 slots per side of the bifold Wallet to secure them. Then there are the four pockets behind the card pockets that you can use for storing bills. There’s no coin pocket as it would add thickness to the Wallet and reduce card storage space. 

Bennell, like all other Bally products, is known due to the brand and trust associated with it. But what makes it even more special is the design and material used for this product. Bally has used tough calf leather as its base material. Moreover, they have used classic Italian tanning and crafting. So, you can expect durability.

The Wallet will also get distinct smoothness with time, ensuring it looks more appealing with every passing day.

Adding to this material and its texture is the Bally stripe. Bally has imprinted their iconic strip design pattern in the middle of the Wallet. They have used precise hot pressing to create this pattern.

The process ensures that the effect lasts as long as the Wallet but never compromises its integrity or strength. You will also find a metallic logo of Bally locked into the Wallet. The Wallet is an instant attention grabber, to say the least. 


  • Notebook wallet design
  • Calf leather composition
  • 4 full-size bill pockets
  • Hot pressed Bally Strips
  • Slim and sleek 
  • 14 card pockets

5. Bosca Men’s Executive Wallet

Bosca Men's Executive Wallet

Leather is one of those materials that get better with time. It becomes smoother and starts to reveal a pleasant stained look. But it may take years for a leather wallet to reach that stage. Considering you don’t want to wait that long, Bosca presents their old leather executive wallet. 

The Wallet is simply a masterpiece in terms of looks, design, and craftsmanship. It uses a completely hand-stained leather that imitates a rustic wallet look. Its craftsmen use vegetable dyes and the ancient Tuscan techniques to get a rich texture. The ironing process further deepens the color. 

There are claims that Bosca’s team checks each piece for its quality. The Wallet also has to pass stitches and finish quality tests before dispatching it to the customer. So, you might find natural textures but no damage or unevenness in the product. Its shape will be nothing but perfect. There would be no bumps, creases, loose threads, or any such issue.

Another thing about the Wallet is that even its internal build is designed for a rustic look. It has an old-school lamination film-type pocket on the right side that’s good for storing ID. There are also six card slots and dedicated pockets for bills. Behind the card pocket, you also have two hidden lots to stash your bills or some emergency cash. 

The Wallet also has an RFID protection layer stitched between the leather linings. So it will never let anyone steal data from your credit or debit card. 


  • Hand stained leather
  • RFID protective
  • Clear window pocket for ID
  • Processed with vegetable dye
  • 2 hidden pockets
  • 6 card pockets
  • 2 full-length pockets

6. Maruse Bifold Wallet

Maruse Bifold Wallet

An leather wallet with Italian crafting is the best. It’s because the Italian leather masters still depend on the old ways for making quality leather. They do get some mechanical help, but every crucial aspect is human monitored. So, no doubt, the Maruse Bifold wallet is a really good alternative for any other leather wallet in the market.

The Wallet is absolutely magnificent-both practical and stylish. Its makers use full-grain leather calf leather that is highly durable and resistant.

They also take care of tanning and dyeing the leather. Thus, you will get nothing but perfection with the Wallet. 

The Wallet you get is smoothly finished, shiny, and ages very nicely. It’s also available in multiple colors to match your style. You can get the Wallet in 4 colors-black, honey, brown, and navy. Each with a smooth, natural leather line pattern and clean stitching. 

Coming to storage, the Wallet is very spacey enough for bills and multiple cards. It has 6 dedicated slots for your cards and 2 sections for bills. And like most classic wallets, there are also two hidden pockets for emergency stash. 

The amazing part, even with this storage space, the wallets manage to maintain a very slim size. You can easily carry it in your back or front pocket without any trouble. 


  • Slim and smooth build
  • Comes with hidden pockets
  • Spacey enough for 6 cards
  • Italian craftsmanship
  • Full-grain calf leather build
  • Lightweight
  • Available in different colors

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7. Hentley Bagan Slim Wallet

Hentley Bagan Slim Wallet

Hentley has been in the leather business for years. They have developed some of the best leather products in the market. Bagan Slim wallet is one of these top products.

The modern Wallet is very different from the usual wallets. It has a modern vibe to it and has a notebook-type look. The bifold Wallet also loads from sides rather than the top like most other leather wallets. Although, you can turn it to use as a regular wallet. 

The slots and storage sleeves are also completely different. This innovation and distinction in its design is the reason for its extra slim profile. Even when the Wallet is full, it stays compact enough to fit in both the back and front pocket without any trouble.

The thing that makes this wallet design even more amazing is storage. Due to the side loading and longer profile, the Wallet offers space to hold up to 15 cards. It also has ample space to store your bills. However, the Wallet does not have a coin pocket.

However, storage and style aren’t the only things that you can expect here. The Wallet is also explanatory in quality and sturdiness. It’s handcrafted from high-quality Italian leather and packs amazing strength. Its makers further use vegetable tanning and old processing techniques to ensure its long life.

Hentley is so confident in its product that it is offering 3 years warranty with each piece. And for now, Hentley is also offering you personalization. You can ask them to print your name or initials on the Wallet. Moreover, you can get the Wallet in both charcoal and Whisky colors.


  • Vegetable Tanned Italian leather
  • Personalization option
  • Available in 2 colors
  • Storage space for 15 card 
  • Handmade product
  • Slim structure

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Final Words

Leather is ageless and timeless. Humans have been using it to make stuff as long as they have learned about it. And though there are synthetic materials that can offer its look, nothing matches its strength. 

So, if you are buying one of the above-mentioned wallets, expect it to last really long. Sure, it will seem a bit pricier than common leather wallets, but you will see the difference in the long run. You will be glad you bought it.

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