5 Best Leather Camera Bags (Compared) 2022

Leather Camera Bags

Let’s start our journey to review the best leather camera bags for 2022

A camera is not just a device; it’s a gateway to a whole new world of beauty. It opens your possibilities, creativity, and beauty around you. This thing can change a person’s whole perspective on life.

And something this special deserves more than those average storage bags. It needs a bag that can exhibit your fondness for them. More importantly, a bag that stands out from the crowd to make a mark on everyone that looks at it.

In short, you need a stylish and elegant-looking leather camera bag. And this list here will provide you with the best camera bags made with leather that can serve the purpose. 

The Top 5 Best Leather Camera Bags for 2021

1. Gillis London Trafalgar Street Messenger 7749

Gillis London Trafalgar Street Messenger 7749

The Trafalgar is one of the best leather camera bags on the market. The thing is a perfect blend of beauty, craftsmanship, design, and, most importantly, safety. Inspired by the London Street style, the bag combines both waxed canvas and leather for maximum comfort. 

The bags are also excellent in terms of spacing. Its main pocket can easily hold one camera body and two standard-size lenses. The lens count can further increase for small portrait lenses.

There’s also adjustable padding to stick between and cover the lenses. Once in place, you can easily take these things out without opening the upper flap of the camera bag. There’s a dedicated zipper pocket on the top for easy takeout. 

The part that makes the bag even more functional is its tripod pocket. It has a full-length tripod pocket that can fit most standard-size tripods or monopods. You can also use it to store a large telephoto lens that usually does not fit in a camera bag. And, you don’t have to open your bag or take out every other accessory to access this tripod area. There’s a dedicated slot on the side for it. 

The camera bag also has a couple more zipper pockets that you can use to secure your accessories. Even more amazing, it’s convertible. Just take out the dividing pads, and it becomes a 13 inches laptop bag. Although, these features come at a price-weight. The bag is quite heavy and weighs nearly 2.6 kg when empty. It’s one of the heaviest bags in the market. 


  • Size: 15.16*10.83*6.3 inches
  • Weight: 2.6 KG
  • Material: Leather
  • Handle Type: Strap
  • Strap Pad: Yes
  • Main Storage Accommodates: Camera body with 2-3 lenses and a flash
  • Closure Type: Flap with Snap fastening

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2. Ona Prince Street Messenger Bag

Ona Prince Street Messenger Bag

The street messenger bag by Ona Prince is a classic-built, compact-sized camera bag. This isn’t roomy enough for large lenses or a heavy tripod, but it’s enough for a beginner set. It can easily house up to two lenses along with the camera body and a 13-inch laptop. It’s also possible to store the body with a small portrait lens attached to it. And like most camera bags, the main compartment does have thick padding.

The main compartment also has padded dividers to keep things organized. These are detachable types and are easy to adjust for your accessories. Moreover, you can remove them to convert your bag into an everyday laptop bag. There are also two front pouches on the bags that you can use to store small accessories. They can easily contain your phone keys, memory cards, batteries, and phones. 

The overall build of the bags and structure further makes it ideal for everyday use. The bag looks very simple, aesthetic, and non-distracting. Its rich top-grain Italian leather texture further adds to the appeal. This material also ensures that the bags can endure all that you throw at them. It can easily resist weather and minor wear and tears without losing its color or finish quality. 

And the best part, you can get these bags in different colors-dark Truffle Leather and Antique Cognac Leather. Ona Prince makes them canvas material if you need it. This variant is available in 5 different colors, including Oak, Tan, olive, black, and smoke. 


  • Size: 31.75*25.4*11.4 cm
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Material: Leather
  • Handle Type: Strap and top handle
  • Strap Pad: yes
  • Main Storage Accommodates: 11-inch laptop, 1 camera, and 2-3 lenses
  • Closure Type: Tuck and Clasp 

3. Think Tank Signature 13

Think Tank Signature 13

The Think Tank Signature 13 is not a complete leather bag but a partial leather bag variant. The bag uses wool-like fabric as its main material and then lines it up with leather. The combination helps it to maintain a classic look with a very pleasant aesthetic. It has gained fame due to this blended look. It’s also popular due to its compact size. The bag measures just 37*26.5*16 cm in size. 

However, despite its small size, the bag is quite roomy. It has enough space to hold a full-frame DSLR with two lenses and a flash. Signature 13 even has a dedicated space for storing the laptop on the backside.

There’s also a pocket in the front part of the bag. It comes with a dual locking mechanism, so you can use it with or without the upper closing flap.

The camera bag also has an additional foldable cover for the main compartment. You can use this flap to cover the section while working. It makes it easy to take out the cameras and accessories while ensuring nothing falls out. 


  • Size: 37*26.5*16 cm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • Material: Fabric and leather
  • Handle Type: Strap and Top handle
  • Strap Pad: No
  • Main Storage Accommodates: 13-inch laptop, DSLR, and 1-2 lenses
  • Closure Type: Tuck and Clasp 

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4. MegaGear Torres mini

MegaGear Torres mini

If you are looking for a bag that can do more than just store your camera, opt for Torres mini. This camera bag by MegaGear is popular for its multifunctional usability. It offers you detachable inserts that you can use to customize the storage space. Even the shoulder strap is adjustable.

You can move the clasp to lengthen this strap up to 53.1 inches. It’s also removable, so you can easily place this bag inside another camera bag. 

This bag is also a consideration due to its overall build that’s compact yet stylish and functional. The whole bag measures just 21.5*19*10 cm and is very lightweight. However, its ample storage space. The bag can easily house one camera with up to two lenses. 

Even more amazing fact is that this bag comes with a heavy-duty protective lining. This lining can resist shock and prevent the camera from damage due to drops or bumps.

The hard leather shell further compliments these properties. And if you think that’s impressive, just wait till you see the color variants. The bags are available in black, brown, olive, Maroon, and several more colors. 


  • Size: 21.5*19*10 cm
  • Weight: Not specified
  • Material: Leather
  • Handle Type: Strap
  • Strap Pad: No
  • Main Storage Accommodates: One camera with 1-2 lenses
  • Closure: Tuck and Clasp

5. The Bond Street

The Bond Street

The bond street is yet another innovative camera bag by the bag manufacturer Ona. It’s their most compact camera bag model, developed specifically for small cameras. It’s not that ideal for the traditional DSLR and full-frames but works great for instant cameras. The bag’s an option for mirrorless cameras with minimal accessories. 

Ona designed this bag for dual functionality. You can insert it into another larger bag or simply use it as an individual bag. It has a detachable strap that you can use according to your needs.

The bags also have four exterior pockets and side flaps that you can use. Both of them ensure that the rough weather outdoors never reaches your camera. Its tough and durable leather exterior further adds a layer of safety.

The material makes sure that the bag remains steady and delivers long life. It also adds a uniquely rustic look to the product. And like most other Ona camera bags, this variant is also available in multiple types of material.

You can get it in both dark truffle leather and Antiques Cognac leather. The bag is also available in canvas material if you need it. 


  • Size: 19.1*22.9*11.4 cm
  • Weight: Not Specified
  • Material: Leather and Canvas (optional)
  • Handle Type: Strap
  • Strap Pad: No
  • Main Storage Accommodates: Mirrorless/Compact cameras, small accessories, notebook
  • Closure: Clasp and buckles

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What To Look In Your Leather Camera Bag?

Leather Type: More than one variant of leather is used for making camera bags. Some like to use Vegan leather, while others stick with traditional animal leather. There’s also the option of faux leather. However, most of the bags nowadays consist of either Full-grain or Genuine leather. Both of these materials have their advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, the genuine leather is more customizable and offers better styling. And since it consists of multiple glued pieces of leather, it has low wear and tears resistance. The top-grain or full-grain leather, on the other hand, is much steadier and durable. But it’s not customizable and doesn’t cost a bit more. It may also need proper moisturization and cleaning. So, make sure to pay special attention to the leather user for your selected bag. 

Storage Space: A leather camera bag is a considerable investment, and it has to last for years. Thus, it’s best that you invest in the right-sized bag. If you are a beginner or a casual photographer, you don’t need a lot of accessories. Hence a normal size bag will do just finer. 

However, if you are a professional, your accessories will increase over time. You will need new flashes, tripods, filters, and more. Thus, it’s best if you select a considerably large-sized bag. Even the size of your camera is a consideration here. The smaller variants like mirrorless or compacts are smaller than standard full-frame DSLR and will need a lot less space. 

Protective Features: The camera bag isn’t supposed to just uplift your style. It’s also responsible for keeping the stuff inside safe. So, it makes sense to check out its safety features before buying it. Usually, it’s best to buy something that’s waterproof, scratch-resistant, has decent padding, and can resist heat. But, it all depends on your usage and whether you work outdoors or in a studio.

Holding Mechanism: Most leather camera bags use adjustable straps for holding them. But there are some that consist of small handles, especially the bags made for women. Again, it’s not a big deal and is a matter of personal choice. However, if you are going for a large bag, handles may not work well. They can easily strain your hand. Similarly, plastic clips or buckles are not a good option. They may break long before your bag starts to look old or worn. 

Extra Pockets: As a photographer, having some extra pockets on the bag is a must. You can expect to open the main compartment every time you need to take out a memory card or a cable. Make sure the bag has them, so you don’t have to carry another one for extra accessories. 

Opening/Closing System: Pictures are a matter of some seconds. You spend too much time taking out the camera, and the opportunity of a rare picture may pass. This thing is even more common for traveling and wildlife photography. So, it’s essential that your bag has a secure yet easy-to-use opening/closing mechanism.  

Warranty: Leather is a durable material and will last years without damage. But there’s nothing wrong with being a little cautious. Therefore, try to go for bags that come with a warranty when possible. It’s even best if you can get a no-questions-asked return option. 

Final Words

Leather was, is, and will always be the best material for stylish accessories. It is tough, easy to maintain, and lasts for years without any problem. Not to mention it’s classy. Having a leather bag for the camera is a must. It will instantly uplift your style.  

Further, these steady bags are tough and will stay with you for an extensive period. They also age really well. Their exterior look will get better with time. 

So, use this list to get you the best leather camera bag and walk out in style on your next photography session.  

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