12 Best Short Acrylic Nails Don’t Have To Be Long for 2021


Artificial nails are also known as acrylic nails, as they are not usually built on the top of the fingers. You can use acrylic nails and enjoy beautiful nails for specific events or daily wear if you have a problem with growing fingernails.

Short artificial nails give a wonderful texture and enhance the look of your hands. These are glued to your nails to give a beautiful effect because they arrive in various patterns and designs.

Short acrylic nails are an excellent choice for ladies and girls who need a dazzling manicure without having a length. As everyone knows that acrylics are known for being both amazing and greatly long. But these days, short acrylics are also on-trend and below are some of the best designs that will show how.

So, Let’s dive in:-

1. Short Crystal Acrylic Nails

This beautiful yet classic design is one design that you’ll be fantasizing about for quite some time. Nails that are short can shine just as radiant as long nails.

The picture is given above definitely proves it. After all, you can’t visualize anything more beautiful than Swarovski crystals shining on your nails.

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2. Short Acrylic Nails With Heart

This short acrylic nail paint style shows us how little things can mean a lot to us. It combines cute little hearts for nail art on beautiful short-length nails on each finger.

This style is one of the best alternatives for someone who already has experienced French manicures.

 3. Short and Cute Pink

Pink is one of the colours that take us back to the sweet memories of childhood. Pink reminds us of all those cute little pink toys we had and makes us feel that we are at home.

If you still find the pink colour appealing, then this pink acrylic design is for you! 

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4. Short Red

One of the most attractive colours, when it comes to nail colours, is Red. We cannot agree more after just viewing these remarkable acrylic nails with absolutely incomparable design. It’s magical if you’ll be able to make your nails look so amazing each day.

5. Short Gray

The grey colour is one of the best colours when it comes to stylish and classic items of clothing and accessories. But what you don’t know is that the colour grey is also great when it comes to nail paints.

The above picture shows how beautiful your hand can look with the help of short grey acrylic nails. Moreover, the magical effect of crystals is an added bonus to you

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6. Coffin Style Short

You are mistaken if you think that coffin-style acrylic nails will only work with long nails. You can see that you can create a mesmerizing design by coffin style, even in short nails. Moreover, now you know this design is possible and looks magical on short acrylic nails.

7. Short and Cool Black

There are times when we want to be edgier than society. Moreover, there are not many colours to showcase your edgy look. However, the colour black is an exception.

So if you are looking for an edgy and cool look, this black acrylic nail paint is the way to go. In addition to this solid matte shade can also look very mesmerizing, like in the given above photo.

8. Short Sparkle

Who doesn’t like the sparkly shine of glitter in their happy life? The above picture can show that you don’t even have to put sparkles on all of your fingers to create the impact.

Sparkle acrylic nails will surely make your hands notice.

9. Short French

The French ombré manicure has its distinct quality of making your nails look different and beautiful. It surely can spice up the boring days.

No matter where you go, these would make quite a different statement and would catch everyone’s eyes in the room. Surely it would make people envy you more. 

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10. Short Round & White Coloured

Most of the short white coloured acrylic nails are in pointed shape, yet there is one more unique way to style white coloured nails, which is round-shaped nails.

The white cold and round-shaped nails look beautiful and elegant. Also, the chances of hurting yourself with your nails are diminished. It is a must-try look for nails as it is simply awesome. 

11. Short Nude Colored

Don’t you think that trying new colours with different shaped nails would create new statements each time? The nude colour is the colour never going off the trend. The round-shaped and nude-coloured acrylic nails are simply beautiful and fashionable.

You can keep them in shape as long as you want as the colour would always match well with almost every outfit you choose. Surely they would look stunning.

12. Short & Oval Shaped

The short oval-shaped acrylic nails styled with bold colours have their stunning statement. Definitely, the bold colours make them look distinct, and unlike any other simple shades of colour, these make a bold statement.

So if you are bored with regular nails and want to spice up your look, try the short & oval-shaped nails with bold shades. Undoubtedly, it would be a powerful look and adding sparkles to these nails would just add up to the beauty and boldness of style of these nails. 

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Last Thoughts: 

Acrylic nails are the best alternative if you are one of those who don’t want to maintain nails but also want to have beautiful nails to style on occasion. There is a wide range of artificial nails available in the market with different styles and shapes. 

Nails are the ones that can spice up the look of hands. And it’s cool to try experimenting with them. Sometimes with shapes, sometimes with shades and even sometimes with add ons like sparkles and crystals.

 And no matter what nail shade or nail shape you choose to go with, what matters is whether you are comfortable with that style or not. Because style is not always about what’s trending, but you too can create your own style statement. 

It’s good to walk along with the fashion, but wouldn’t it be better to create your style. To create styling ideas and to remain updated with trends, visit our website and find more fashion articles. 

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