6 Best Skater Girl Outfits Ideas (for 2021)


Skating is a cool and thrilling activity that is not only fun to do but also seems comforting. Unlike other sports and fun activities, skating doesn’t consist of a fixed outfit. But yes, the only necessity is that the outfit must be comfortable. So when doing such a cool sport, why not have a cool outfit as well. Skater girl outfits can be made cooler with a little touch of styling and mix-matching.

So why not light up a cool and stunning skater girl look? From baggy pants to comfy shorts and skirts, there’s a lot one can experiment with and add up to the wardrobe. Not only the clothes but accessorising the skater outfits can spice up the attire. Here are a few ideas to elevate the skater girl look. 

1. Skate Pants

The pants you wear while you are skating have to be comfortable. A straight pair of baggy loose pants would be suitable for skating. The legs need to be comforted, so skinny denim and jeggings must be avoided. While you are on a skateboard, you would have to make several actions and movements to retain the balance and motion of the board. 

Pairing the loose and baggy pants with crop tops would look cute and cool. Or, if you want to go with wide-legged straight pants, pair them with white or black graphic Tees. Also, if you want to, make it a little peepier try shades of red, green and yellow.

Such comfy pants look cooler in summer and even in winters when paired with loose sweatshirts and hoodies; it looks super cool and striking.


  • Comfortable
  • Various colours
  • Stylish and cool
  • Easy to pair

2. Skater Shoes

Wearing a good pair of shoes while skating is necessary as shoes are required for balance. Balance on a skateboard can be retained if the shoes have a good grip on the board and weigh enough to make quick movements.

Authentically converse shoes have been seen on skateboards as they hold a good grip on board and go well with crop tops and tees. The rubber toe caps of these shoes and flat soles give a good grip and control over the board. 

 Also, there are a variety of colours in converse shoes, so style as you like. Otherwise, flat sneakers are always an option, and almost everyone owns a pair of sneakers, so they would also be a good choice.


  • High ankled and low ankled
  • Various colours
  • Flat sole
  • Good grip and control

3. Skating Shorts

On those warm and sticky summer days, shorts are the saviour. So when going to have a fun ride over a skating board on a summer evening, pick up a peppy and cool pair of shorts. 

Denim shorts are the coolest shorts and easiest to pair. They can be partnered with long tees, crop tees and crop tops. Especially choosing a ripped pair of denim shorts makes you look funky and dope.

This kind of style can be enriched with other accessories like digital watches.

Choosing black sports shorts can be a more comfortable option. There are numerous brands providing a range of sports shorts and comfortable stuff. Shorts are easiest to pair and look cool with converse shoes.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to pair
  • Trendy
  • Various fabrics
  • Cool and funky

4. Hoodies

The oversized hoodies are one of the coolest clothes in women’s fashion. The oversized hoodies look great with comfy track pants and lower. Also, if paired with denim shorts, it makes an impressive and entirely different look.

The oversized hoodies are extremely comfortable and allow free movements of hands. There are various graphic printed hoodies with warmer fabrics. So when the winter arrives, just grab a loose hoodie and have a rocking skate ride.

Choose the colours like blue, grey, black and brown. These colours suit well in winters and are warmer than other colours. Also, which girl doesn’t like pockets in outfits? So when confused with tees and jackets, just put on a cool hoodie without worrying about pairing it. 


  • Cosy
  • Swaggy 
  • Loose fit
  • Full sleeved 
  • Fashionable
  • Various styles and colours

5. Skating Jeans

Jeans are a part of everyone’s wardrobe. They go with a lot of tees, crop tops and hoodies. But if you want to put on a pair of jeans for skating, then make sure you pick baggy, wide-legged or high waist ankle jeans. 

Make sure that the pair of jeans you select is comfortable enough for you to move well. They have various denim shades and a wide range of patterns. Be it a smart sweatshirt, loose hoodie or oversized t-shirts.

So on warmer days, pair it with crop tees, and on cooler days, partner it with warm hoodies and sneakers.


  • Various styles
  • Easy to pair
  • Affordable
  • Different shades
  • Stylish and smart
  • Always in fashion

6. T- Shirts

At last, we have arrived at that one item of clothing that is worn in all weathers and owned by almost every wardrobe. Yes, it’s the T-shirts. T-shirts are the saviour for any situation. And we all know the patterns and designs in T-shirts are unending. 

Polo Tees, cropped Tees, full-sleeved tees, and baggy tees, and the list goes on. There are various patterns on tees, but the one that goes well for skating looks like ripped and baggy tees.

And as we all know, we can pair our tees with shorts, lowers, baggy pants, cargoes, and jeans, etc. There are various options to choose from. T-shirts are never going to be out of trend. They come at all styles and prices. They are one of the coolest parts of the wardrobe. 

So when confused with an outfit, just put on a T-shirt and done. 


  • Various style
  • Distinct patterns
  • Endless colours
  • Printed and knitted

Closing Thoughts:

So don’t worry much about what to put on. Just use these ideas of skater girl outfits and rock it. Skating itself is such a fun thing to do, so why worry much about the outfit. The above-listed ideas are completely comfortable to pull off and would certainly be suitable for your thrilling and rocking ride. Do visit us, for more of such fashion related blogs.

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