15 Best Sustainable Workout Clothes in 2022

15 Best Sustainable Workout Clothes in 2022

15 Best Sustainable Workout Clothes in 2022 – You can now look after your health while also looking after the environment. Make better fitness fashion choices that aren’t harmful to the environment. Sustainable clothing is manufactured from environmentally friendly materials, decreasing the environmental impact of clothing production.

Similarly, many businesses are committed to paying fair wages and fostering a healthy, safe work environment. Some customers opt for sustainable sportswear to benefit the environment and people along the supply chain. They are curious about the sources of their items as well as the production process.

The majority of workout apparel comprises synthetic material since activewear is supposed to have high-performance features. However, some natural textiles, such as organic cotton, are sustainable and excellent exercise apparel. Sustainable clothing brands are environmentally friendly and socially responsible, promoting human rights and fair labor practices.  

Polyester, nylon, and lycra are the most common textiles used in mainstream activewear. Plastics are present in such materials, which are harmful to the environment. When such gear is washed, tiny microplastics can break off and wind up in our waters, posing a threat to marine life.

Sustainable clothing, on the other hand, has a low environmental impact. Sustainable sportswear is made, sold, and used in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Sustainable athletic brands employ recycled plastic, which means fewer single-use plastics in already overburdened landfills. Others employ natural, biodegradable materials like cotton and Bamboo, both renewable and have a low environmental impact.

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Activewear & Workout Clothes with the Most Eco-Friendly Materials 

We’ve compiled a list of 15 of the top ethical activewear brands that don’t sacrifice style for performance.

  1. Our Commonplace: 
Best Sustainable Activewear Brands

Our Commonplace collates activewear that is both functional and fashionable, and eco-friendly. You’ll find ethical sportswear created by sustainable brands you can trust in this marketplace.

These environmentally conscious manufacturers make fitness apparel for women out of high-quality post-consumer and recycled fabrics that are fashionable and safe for the earth. The company offers activewear that is both comfortable and effective.

The fitness clothes will let you maintain your active lifestyle while also fighting rapid fashion.

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2. Patagonia:

Sustainable Gym Clothes

Sustainability lies at the heart of Patagonia’s business model; it has already established itself as one of the most ethical brands in the world.

You can be confident that the quality of its activewear will be excellent and that you’ll be able to get everything you need for your chosen sport, from apparel to accessories to bags.

It also uses environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. 

3. prAna:

Affordable Sustainable Workout Clothes

prAna has been making Fair Trade Certified clothing out of sustainable materials perfect for the great outdoors, yoga, and adventure.

Activewear, menswear, and womenwear are all available, and accessories like purses, eco-friendly yoga mats, and headgear. Organic cotton and recycled wool are used in prAna’s activewear. All of its items are created in factories that are Fair Trade Certified. 

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4. Allbirds

Allbirds is an activewear brand known for environmentally friendly sneakers, but it has recently moved into clothes. Merino wool, TrinoXO, and Tencel, a novel sustainable material derived from marine life’s waste shells, are used in the brand’s clothing.

There are four pieces in the Allbirds activewear collection: A T-shirt created from recycled seashells, a ZQ-certified New Zealand merino wool cardigan and sweater, and a merino and Tencel puffer. The tees are ideal for yoga, dance, HIIT classes, and other moderate-to-high-intensity workouts.

They’re breathable, light, and comfortable. The crab shells added to the tees help keep the tees fresh between washes by reducing odor. 

5. Summersalt: 

Summersalt is a lovely activewear brand that focuses on versatility and functionality. Activewear from the brand comprises tank tops, swishy pants, and tight pants for high-impact workouts.

Summersalt pants include double seams on the inside for increased stability and a smooth feel. They’re composed of a delicate, silky fabric with a liquid drape and enough heaviness to keep you warm when working out in the winter. 

6. Threads 4 Thought:

Threads 4 Thought is an ethical and ecological apparel brand for men and women that offers comfortable essentials and activewear. All of the brand’s ethical athletic clothing is made from sustainable textiles.

The company collaborates with factories that have received industrial certifications to further its environmental purpose. It has also worked with the International Rescue Committee, donating a portion of its profits to help communities in need worldwide.

7. Athleta:

Athleta offers sustainable activewear composed of recycled polyester, recycled nylon, TENCEL, organic cotton, and other materials. The brand offers a variety of activewear, including yoga tights, cold-weather turtlenecks, tennis skirts, and swimming bathing suits.

Athleta’s fabrics are manufactured with sustainable fibers and are quick-drying, anti-chafing, and water-resistant in 76 percent of cases. 

8. Reprise:

Reprise is an eco-friendly sportswear business that uses TENCEL to make polyester-free gear. While spandex accounts for 7% of the fabric blend, the firm is also striving to acquire this percentage of the fabric from plant-based sources. The sustainable training clothes from the brand are exceptionally soft, stretchy, and breathable.

Tencel is a non-toxic, eco-friendly material created from wood pulp that uses 80 percent less water than organic cotton in its production. It’s cultivated without pesticides, so it’s clean and safe.

The fabric for Reprise is knit and colored in Los Angeles, and the company’s sewing factory is in New Jersey. Reprise is trying to become water and carbon-neutral as a corporation shortly to promote sustainability further. 

9. Wolven:

Wolven’s stunningly bright activewear, joggers, briefs, and tight pants are created from recycled waste plastic bottles. The activewear collection is made in small batches in either Los Angeles or ethical facilities in China.

The brand’s eco-friendly gear is made to keep you moving, whether you’re hiking, running, or doing yoga. Wolven helps to remove a pound of plastic debris from the ocean with every purchase.

To ensure that its imported shipments are carbon-neutral, Wolven participates in carbon-offset schemes. The company also promotes rainforest protection and landfill methane absorption through a partnership with Climate Neutral. 

Check out Wolven, an LA-based business that creates fashion-forward products from post-consumer recycled plastic, for the best in sleek and sustainable sporting apparel. With every purchase, the brand reduces a pound of plastic garbage from the ocean, and the collection is ethically created in small batches in either LA or China.

Leggings, joggers, and tops for all genders are available here, in anything from fitting silhouettes to crisscross styles—all of which are carbon-neutral, sustainably created, and simply gorgeous.

10. Outdoor Voices:

Sustainable Running Clothes

Outdoor Voice is a sustainable athleisure brand that makes activewear from various sustainable materials. Recycled polyester manufactured from post-consumer water bottles melted down and transformed into a lightweight, breathable fabric, and responsibly sourced merino wool is among the materials used.

They provide sportswear for both men and women, and their garments are well-designed and will look great in any casual setting. Boxers and long shorts, stockings, pants, activewear and crops, blouses and tanks, sweatshirts and jackets, dresses and jumpsuits, and so on are available. 

Outdoor Voices is dedicated to fair trade, and as a result, it looks after its domestic and international manufacturer partners, promoting safe working conditions and ethical labor standards.

11. Boody Workout Clothes:

Boody creates eco-friendly activewear that is both simple and attractive. The brand employs viscose derived from eco-certified Bamboo, combined with nylon and elastane to create an activewear-friendly final product.

Their environmentally friendly training garments are breathable and temperature-regulating. Tight Pants, shorts, shape wear, tanks, tees, and more are available. Boody is committed to environmental protection; thus, it employs an eco-friendly processing system, zero-waste manufacturing, and adheres to the WRAP Gold standard. 

12. Organic Basics:

Tank tops, pants, workout trousers, and other apparel are available at Organic Basics. Renewable, biodegradable, natural, and recycled materials such as recycled nylon, organic cotton, recycled wool & Tencel are used in sustainable sportswear. The activewear is comfortable &  odor-resistant.

Organic Basics only works with verified factory partners who pay livable wages to encourage sustainability. In addition, a percent of the company’s income is donated to grassroots organizers and environmental organizations. 

Organic Basics only employs natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable textiles and have a low environmental impact. It means organic cotton bras, Tencel tank tops (a material made from responsibly sourced wood pulp), and recycled nylon yoga shorts are all on the way.

Organic Basics also works with accredited factory partners and provides livable wages. As a B Corp, the company distributes a portion of its income to grassroots activists and environmental organizations.

13. PACT Sustainable Activewear:

PACT is a non-profit organization dedicated to make the fashion segment more eco- friendly. The brand uses only organic cotton from a fair trade mill. All of their clothing is reasonably priced and readily available.

The brand is GOTS certified, implying that all of its materials are sourced in a sustainable and environmentally beneficial manner. The sportswear from PACT is incredibly comfy and performs well. It’s manufactured from certified organic cotton and is free of harmful dyes and chemicals.

Many people choose the brand’s ‘go-to’ pants. They are available in various colors and sizes for men, children, women and babies. They’re pretty comfortable and adaptable. You can wear it to relax at home or wear them during yoga.

Pact envisions a society free of harmful chemicals, sweatshops, and child labor—a world we also want to live in. The essentials of the brand are created responsibly with organic cotton & GOTS certified.

The majority of the items are also Fair Trade certified. Pact is the ideal location to stock up on all your cotton underwear, including socks, underwear, and leggings, because of its neutral hues and low costs.

14. Girlfriend Collective:

Stockings, shapewear, tops, and underpants are made from recycled polyester fabric made from post-consumer plastic bottles and fishing nets by Girlfriend Collective. The company has recycled 4,482,875 bottles, saving 3,811,434 pounds of CO2.

The outfits seem like traditional athletics, so you’d never think they’re made from recycled plastic. The Girlfriend Collective will take back your old Girlfriend pieces and rework them into fresh new Girlfriend pieces and use recycled materials. 

The company provides facilities and offers 120percent of the basic salary as well as providing healthcare benefits. It seems to be a diversified brand that uses a variety of models in its campaigns.

15. Tentree:

Sustainable Workout Clothes Women's

Tentree makes all-season clothes for exercise, sports clothes, outdoor clothing, and a variety of accessories. Tentree’s sportswear is made to encourage movement and other aspects of self-expression.

The company is continuously on the lookout for new ways of making clothes with the least amount of environmental impact and to create more round distribution networks.

Tentree sweatshirts consumes 75% less water than comparable sweatshirts in one’s wardrobe. Tentree seems to be responsible for environmental improvement and preservation. 

What Should You Keep in Mind When Buying Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Active wear?

Look for reputable certified websites if you’re ever unsure about a brand’s environmental impact. It’s better to look for materials that have been dyed without the use of water.

Natural dyes are hardly utilised in sportswear due to their tendency to fade in the sun and with repeated washing. Natural fabrics are the first and finest solution for sustainable active wear. You should seek products produced from organic cotton.


Although fashion remains one of the most significant environmental risks, many people have become more aware of its impacts on the environment due to the continuous changing of wardrobes in the last decade.

And as customers want shifts, supply shifts as well. Fortunately, this has resulted in the emergence of a slew of sustainable wear, yoga gear and sportswear  manufacturers that are poised to disrupt the sector.

Investing money in health and wellness doesn’t have to come at the expense of the earth and its fellow inhabitants.

Natural resources such as water, land, and soil are used wisely and efficiently to produce sustainable sportswear. Some companies even go the extra mile and use sustainable energy sources.

Sustainable activewear brands also follow safe working practices in the field, factories, transportation, and retail. These brands are doing their part to give consumers high-performance activewear while safeguarding people and the environment by using natural and recycled materials and adhering to fair trade and ethical labor policies. 

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