28 Unique Shoulder Tattoos for Women (2022)

shoulder tattoos for women

Shoulders are considered the best canvas for having a tattoo because the area is wide, and you can have a tattoo of any size. Plus, the shoulder tattoos look more eye-catching when you wear sleeveless or backless dresses. 

Everyone wants to have the best tattoo because the passion for having unique and trendy tattoos increases with time. Tattoos are also considered the most appealing and impressive way to represent your personality. But visibility and impressiveness of the tattoo are highly dependent upon the canvas where you are getting tattooed. For women who are thinking about tattoos, it is recommended to have a tattoo on their shoulders.

From a study made by Statista, 28% of the people who were surveyed declare that have tattoos on their shoulders.

Apart from canvas, the impressiveness of a tattoo also depends on the size, design, and color you choose for your tattoo. A variety of shoulder tattoos for women with different patterns are also available. So it is important to choose the correct size and pattern of your tattoo that suits your personality.

Script Tattoo

Having a scripted tattoo is the first choice for youngsters and adults. 

If you have some words that resemble your personality and want to let other people know, a shoulder script tattoo is a perfect pick. Just having a scripted tattoo on your shoulder adds an impressive touch to your personality. This stylish and stunning tattoo will add an appealing look to your style. 

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Sunflower Shoulder Cap Tattoo

The sunflower tattoo is the best option if you are fond of large tattoos and want to add a stunning and unique look to your attire. Not only this, but it also adds an attractive look to your personality, presenting a warm and inspiring nature, just like the flower. 

Depending on your choice, you can get this sunflower tattoo in colorful and black and white patterns.  

Cross Shoulder Tattoo

Your shoulder provides you the right place for having a cross tattoo with a crucifixion design. Depending on your choice and personality, you can opt for a traditional crucifixion or a modern crucifixion-styled tattoo.

This cross-shoulder tattoo is the best choice if you want to show your faith in God.    

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Shoulder Blade Tattoo

It is a solid and aligned patterned tattoo designed at the shoulder blades. This large-sized tattoo adds a stunning look to your personality. It is the first choice for all tattoo lovers from years ago because of its timeless design. If you also want a timeless but stylish tattoo to add a unique look to your personality, you can go with this shoulder blade tattoo.     

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Back Shoulder Tattoo

As the name indicates, a back shoulder tattoo is usually drawn at the upper back. You can get different designs like symbols such as eagle, anchor, or tiger at your back. These symbols indicate your strength. This tattoo will add a positive look to your personality by covering the larger part of your body.  

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Small Shoulder Tattoo

If you are going to get your first tattoo, you can go with small shoulder tattoos. These small-sized tattoos are the effective and easiest way to add a stunning look to your attire. You can choose from various designs such as small hearts, small flowers, as per your preference. Also, these small tattoos are the best choice for teenage girls.   

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Star Shoulder Tattoo

Star shoulder tattoos are becoming the first choice among women because of their simple but impressive design. Other elements, such as flowers and hearts, are also drawn with star tattoos to make their appearance more attractive and eye-catching. Different color schemes are used for making such an impressive and eye-catching tattoo. So, you can go with this tattoo if you are going to have your first tattoo.   

Shoulder Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos are the best way to represent your strong personality. Women highly prefer this unique tattoo to represent their strength. It is an impressive way to tell the world about your fearlessness and power. This shoulder skull tattoo is the best choice if you want a unique, large, and impressive tattoo.

Smile Print Shoulder Tattoo

Once Marilyn Monroe said,” A Smile Is The Best Makeup Any Girl Can Wear.” If you also believe this saying and want to cheer yourself up, go with this smile print shoulder tattoo. This simple tattoo is designed in small size and is the best choice for showing your happy side to the world. Moreover, the tattoo is a great choice for a first-timer, as a smile holds meaning to everyone.

Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos will come into your mind if you think about having a tattoo. It is becoming the common choice of both artists and tattoo lovers. You can have this beautiful tattoo in any size, depending upon your choice. Moreover, you can choose a black and white color scheme or add colors to make it more vibrant.  

Flower Shoulder Design

A flower tattoo is the best way to show your interest and love for flowers. You can also show your love for nature with this flower tattoo. It is becoming the first choice among young girls because of its simple but elegant design. If you are planning for a tattoo, it is recommended to have a flower tattoo. You can select and size the color of the flower according to your choice. You can also add thorns to your flower tattoo to exhibit more creativity.   

Geometric Shoulder Tattoo

A geometric tattoo is a way of drawing mathematical symbols such as circles, triangles, and squares on the shoulder. All these shapes add a unique and impressive look to your personality. These shapes are generally drawn as black and white, but you can also add shades to make them more attractive. Moreover, this geometric shoulder tattoo is a symbol of perfection and simplicity.

LadyBug Small Front Shoulder Tattoo

This small LadyBug tattoo is the perfect choice for those who love animal prints. This small and colorful tattoo is suitable for both the front and backside of the shoulder.

Ladybug is considered a symbol of good luck and positivity. So, if you want to show your luckiest side to the world with a tattoo, just go with the LadyBug tattoo.

Compass Shoulder Tattoo

Compass tattoos are considered a symbol of guidance and guide the wearer to focus on her goals. It also shows the direction to the wearer to work for her dreams. Its open side represents their present situation, and the opposite represents their dreams. In addition to this, the compass tattoo is also considered a symbol of protection as it protects the wearer from negativity.

Sea Inspired Shoulder Tattoo

Sea-inspired tattoos are the best choice for nature lovers. This small but gorgeous tattoo will add an amazing look to your overall style. The addition of sun and sea waves makes this tattoo more attractive and unique. It is a symbol of calmness and will always remind you of the power of calmness. So, if you are also a nature lover and want to show the positive aspect of your personality, just go for this sea-inspired shoulder tattoo.

Giant Rose Shoulder Tattoo

Are you a fan of flowers and especially a lover of colorful roses? If yes, this giant-size rose tattoo will be the best choice for you. As we all know, roses are a symbol of love, and you can have this tattoo to express your love for others. Go for this beautiful tattoo and dedicate it to the person you love the most.

Leaf Tattoo

If you are not a fan of large and colorful flower tattoos but want simple and unique art, you can go with this leaf tattoo. This tattoo will represent your love for nature. You can have black and white leaves or colorful leaves as you want to depending on your choice. This creative tattoo on your shoulder will add an impressive look to your overall personality.

Floral Moon Tattoo

In May, a bright moon is considered a floral moon because of its brightness and full size. People also consider it as a flower blossom after a long winter. So, this floral moon tattoo is dedicated as a welcome symbol for the return of the spring. You can go for this floral moon tattoo if you are a nature lover. Moreover, this creative art looks best on the back of your shoulder.

Shoulder Clock Tattoo

This clock tattoo represents how much time we have already spent and how much time is left behind on this earth. It acts as a reminder to remind you of your goals and inspires you to enjoy every moment of life. You can make this design more creative by adding various roman numbers or various shades.

Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

If you want a huge and innovative design for your shoulder tattoo, just go for this dragon shoulder tattoo. This tattoo represents the wearer’s power and shows the positive aspect of her personality. If you consider yourself a strong personality instead of a feminist, you can have this imaginative dragon tattoo.

Birds Inspired Shoulder Tattoo

Birds inspired shoulder tattoos for women are the best choice if you are thinking of a unique design for your shoulder tattoo. This colorful idea will show your brighter side to the world. Birds inspire us for unconditional hard work. So, if you want to inspire the world and encourage them to work hard even in bad times, just go with this idealistic tattoo design.

Back Orchid Design Shoulder Tattoo

This orchid design shoulder tattoo will be an excellent option if you want a stylish and artistic tattoo. It shows your interest in nature. The tree in this tattoo represents your spiritual as well as moral growth. This cherry blossom design will add color to your lifestyle. So, if you are thinking of getting inked, go for this masterpiece.

Watercolor Inspired Tattoo

If you like bright and gradient colors and want to add an eye-catching look to your outfits, just go for this watercolor-inspired tattoo. This amazing tattoo will add a bright look to your attire with its bright colors. You can also change the color theme of the tattoo according to your choice. Nothing is more admirable than this vibrant and brilliant tattoo, so you can have this tattoo if you are going to get your first tattoo. 

Botanical Shoulder and Arm Tattoo

Tattoos covering the shoulder and some parts of the arm, chest, or back look more attractive and impressive. Botanical shoulder and Arm tattoos are one of them. Its large but creative design is highly preferred by ladies who like flowers the most. Normally this tattoo is drawn as black and white, but you can also choose the color of flowers and have a colorful botanical tattoo.

Religious Shoulder Tattoo

Religious tattoos are the best and most appreciable way to honor the religion. Images of various gods and goddesses such as Ganesha, Zeus, and Athena are drawn in these tattoos. Some religious symbols, such as the Celtic cross, are also drawn as religious tattoos. Most of these tattoos are drawn with black ink, but you can also choose the color of your choice for your tattoo.

Mandala Shoulder Tattoo

With time, Mandala Shoulder Tattoo is gaining popularity among women. It is a complex design that involves various circles drawn with one center point. Black ink is used for drawing this Mandala tattoo, but you can also get a colored tattoo depending on your choice. It is believed that your mind becomes more relaxed after this tattoo.

Circular Floral Tattoo

A circular Floral Tattoo will be the most recommendable option if you are going to have your first tattoo. This simple and elegant piece will add a charming look to your outfit. The size of this tattoo varies according to the choices of the wearer. Plus, you can choose the tattoo’s color according to your likings. Various shades and outlines can also be added to highlight this tattoo.

Angel Shoulder Tattoo

Angel Shoulder Tattoos are becoming the first choice among tattoo lovers. These angel tattoos include winged angels, guardian angels, flower angels, and many more. Guardian angel is the most popular among these. Different colors are used to draw guardian angel tattoos to give it a more impressive and lively look. Besides this, you can add various quotes to your tattoo for a more appealing and unique look.


With the increasing demands, varieties of tattoos are also increasing. Choosing the best and unique tattoo suitable for your outlook becomes difficult. So, here we have created a list of the best 28 shoulder tattoos for women. All of these recommendations are listed by the team of fashion experts. Review this list and choose the one that perfectly fits your taste.

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