6 Best Wooden Watches for Men 2021 (Reviewed)


The Best Wooden Watches are fashionable, ethical, vegan friendly and sustainable. Wooden watches used to be very cheap, adorning people who ironically didn’t care about the time and hippy. However, in recent times, wooden watches have become a trend and are more refined. They are made with Swiss watchmaker mechanisms.

Wood is considered way more sustainable than other elements that are used in timepiece productions. With that being said, everything is not created from trees. The work functions or movement of a watch is ‘Quartz’ or metallic, so obviously, not 100% of your wristwatch would be a tree. 

However, wood is an elegant and versatile material used in watches, mostly when it is produced from renewable materials like ebony, zebrawood, reclaimed hardwood, sandalwood and bamboo. All these mentioned above are endangered at some level.

If you are the type of person who likes to be in harmony with nature, then you are just at the right place. Today we have handpicked the Best Wooden Watches in the market that can add a little nature to your life. They are extremely stylish and unique. That’s why we have handpicked wooden Watches that are affordable, elegant, lightweight and eco-friendly.

The Top 6 Best Wooden Watches for Men in 2021

1. WeWood Nut Watch by Kappa 

The WeWood team are masters in creating the most functional and eco-friendly watches. Their Kappa model is the Best Wooden Watches in their entire lineup. It is built from Walnut, which is why it is named ‘Kappa WeWood Nut Watch’. This is where it gets its good-looking color from which is light brown or rich chocolate. 

It features a multifunction Miyota motion which displays the weekdays, military hours in its bold woodgrain display. This watch is beautifully crafted and has a round and large case with a diameter of 46mm. So, if you want something stylish for your wrist, then it is the perfect option. 


  • It utilizes a multi-functional movement called ‘Moyota.’
  • It has military hours like features, days and weeks.
  • The display is set over a woodgrain face. 
  • Large and round beautifully crafted case measuring 46mm in diameter
  • It has a matching bezel to make it look more stylish
  • It has scratch-proof hard glass for people to get into action.

2. Svenn Wood Watch

If you prefer elegance in your fashion and styling, then the Svenn wood watch is an ideal option for you. The luxury and the Black duo is inseparable in the latest fashion world. A wooden watch will make you feel great as compared to the other watches made of metal. 

Moreover, the premium quality material is used to craft this wonderful piece. The cool thing about this watch is that you can customize it with special text in your handwriting. This will be a unique gift for your loved ones. 


  • High-quality
  • Sustainable 
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Larger 45mm dial

3. BOBO BIRD Wooden Watch For Men

The watches of BOBO Bird have a unique design and are eco-friendly wooden watches specially designed for modern men. It is a perfect traditional piece with a twist of modernization. These watches are created from recycled, reclaimed and sustainably sourced wood. 

You will feel good after wearing this attractive and elegant timepiece. Moreover, it is a subtle contrast of dark black color with textured chocolate. If we talk about functionality or features, it is an excellent choice as it has a multifunction face that displays the date, military time. It features a very adjustable wristband, and it comes with an instrument to get the perfect length of your choice.


  • Eco-friendly wooden
  • Made from recycled and reclaimed wood
  • Elegant Deep black Color
  • Adjustable wristband

4. CUCOL Wood Watch

In the men’s wardrobe, the watch is considered the important thing. Afterall, a watch is the accessory that completes their look and complements their styling. So make sure that the watch should be functional along with being stylish. 

The CUCOL wooden watch is considered a perfect fit for the men having both the mentioned qualities. The company has designed this watch using a real bamboo case to give it an authentic look. Moreover, the best thing about this watch is its battery life, and you can easily use it for 12-24 months. 


  • Long-Lasting Battery
  • Authentic
  • Real Bamboo Case
  • Japanese Miyota 2035 movement

5. Guanke Men’s Wood Quartz Watch 

When it comes to lightweight watches, Guanke’s watch always stands out among others. It only weighs just 54 grams, and you would forget that you carry it in your hand if you don’t get endless compliments. Moreover, the range of colors and wood types have featured a limitless range of styles and designs for the manufactures.

In addition, this classic watch is a perfect contrast between zebra wood edges and a black sandalwood face. Moreover, biodegradable wood is used to make this watch, and it works on quartz movement by the Japanese. It contains scratch-proof mineral glass for the protection of the dial.


  • Lightweight 
  • Long Battery Life of 12-24 Months
  • Made with Eco-friendly wood
  • Various designs and styles
  • Scratch Proof Mineral Glass

6. Wood Watch by Gassen James

Do you want to add some lightweight watches to your wardrobe? If so, then this Gassen James’s wooden watch is for you. Being one of the lightest watches, it is very comfortable and easy to wear. In addition, it is attractive and well-designed, which perfectly matches your vibe.

Moreover, you can check the reviews of this watch posted by men who have styled this watch with their outfits. After wearing this watch, you will receive plenty of compliments. It features a unique design due to its square face and vintage style and is made with solid Rosewood. Undoubtedly, this is ideal for a night out, and you will grab a lot of attention after wearing this watch with a unique design.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable To wear
  • Unique Design
  • Square Face
  • Vintage Style

Wrapping it up

These were some of the best wooden watches that are eco-friendly and sustainably made. Moreover, these all watches are reliable, durable, and comfortable to wear. There are many brands available in the market, but these are the best ones. We hope you find the perfect piece that perfectly fits your style by reading this article. Moreover, for more of such exciting content on fashion and watches do visit us.

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