10 Best Zero Waste Toothpaste of 2021 (Ranked & Reviewed)

zero waste toothpaste

In this article, we will list the best zero waste toothpaste products on the market so let’s start this journey.

Every year, more than a billion plastic packeted toothpaste end up in landfills. Plastic takes a long time to degrade and cause pollution. You all know, most of the trash is sent to landfills or incinerators.

To minimize the impact on our planet, everyone should use products that are biodegradable and reusable. 

The entire idea of zero waste products is making our environment healthy to live in. Ample brands are suggesting and inspiring other brands to do the same. Zero waste toothpaste brands are also coming forward to contribute their efforts. 

They are making toothpaste that is plastic tube-free, which ultimately reduces a huge amount of plastic waste. 

Here are some zero-waste toothpaste brands you can choose as per your preferences and taste.

The Top 10 Best Zero Waste Toothpaste

1. ETEE Zero Waste Chewpaste

ETEE Zero Waste Chewpaste

Etee is a brand that makes zero waste home and personal care products. From dish pods to toothpaste, they make very every product on their very own. Most of their products are vegan. They donate a sustainable face mask to one’s who can’t afford it; every time you buy one. 

Etee’s zero waste toothpaste is nurtured with ingredients like kaolin clay, plant-based magnesium, glacial clay, citric acid, and phosphate.

Etee has developed its chew paste and made sure it’s completely vegan and animal cruelty-free. Moreover, chewpaste contains little amount of palm oil. 

Every product delivered to your house is 100% plastic-free. They use a glass jar with a lid made of steel. Etee provides you with a refill whenever you need, in compostable pouches. And the products are shipped in cardboard cases. 


  • Vegan and animal cruelty-free
  • Environment friendly
  • Chewpaste with or without fluoride
  • Glass jar packaging
  • Refill provided in compostable pouches

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2. Butter Me Up Organics Toothpaste and Powders

Butter Me Up Organics Toothpaste and Powders

Butter Me Up Organics was started in 2008 by Jilian. Its founder has spent 3 years mastering the recipes until she got the final form of the product expected. All their products are hand-made and packed in tin, glass, or paper. 

Jilian has thought of making products that produce zero waste. All the packaging materials are recyclable.

Everything used in making this product is 100% animal derivative-free and eco-friendly. Even Thank You cards inside the package are made of wildflower seed paper. 

Butter Me Up Organics make two kinds of toothpaste; one is whitening toothpaste, and another one is Organic activated charcoal.

It also contains baking soda, coconut oil, sea salt, and oils that are completely organic. These organic ingredients aid your mouth and body health without any side effects. 

Their toothpaste’s texture is the same as other ordinary toothpaste. However, this toothpaste is chemical-free. It will make the mouth fresh and teeth polished without leaving a mark on the environment.


  • Animal derivatives free toothpaste
  • Recyclable packaging material
  • Organic ingredients
  • Anti-bacterial properties to prevent tooth decay

3. Battle Green Remineralising Tooth Powder

Battle Green Remineralising Tooth Powder

Battle Green brand is situated in Northern Wales. Battle green makes every product by hand and in small quantities. Aside from toothpaste, they have a huge range of bath and beauty essentials.

Every product that comes out of their workplace is vegan and animal derivative-free. Also, the packaging material is recyclable cardboard without any use of plastic. 

Their remineralizing Tooth Powder comes in glass jars and reusable refill packets. The powder consists of bentonite clay, which promotes alkaline balance inside your mouth.

The clay also binds to the toxins and impurities around your gums to counteract the effect of acidic food and drinks. 

More organic ingredients include xylitol, cassia bark extract, peppermint oil, Himalayan pink salt, sodium bicarbonate, and sage as an anti-inflammatory agent.

However, as the name suggests, it remineralizes your teeth but also whitens and polishes them. This tooth powder also balances mouth pH and soothes your gums. 

This remineralizing powder is PETA certified, which means 100% vegan and animal-derivatives free, free from SLS, paraben, and glycerine. PETA certifications allow you to trade with suppliers who do not test on animals. 


  • PETA Certified
  • Reusable packaging material
  • Bentonite clay balances mouth pH
  • Sage as an anti-inflammatory agent

4. Georganics Natural Mineral-Rich

Georganics Natural Mineral-Rich Toothpaste

Geogranics is a United-Kingdom-based company that manufactures organic and vegan zero waste toothpaste. They produce not only toothpaste but mouthwash, dental vitamins, bamboo floss, and mouthwash tabs. 

Every product comes in biodegradable packaging. If you are a UK resident, you can return their product at no cost as per their “Zero T Landfill Scheme.”

Their mouthwash includes palm oil, but other products are free of palm oil. All of their products are made in England, and ingredients are sourced locally. 

Their toothpaste consists of calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. These ingredients are rich in strengthening enamel and reducing teeth sensitivity. No SLS, fluoride, or glycerine is used in manufacturing the toothpaste. 

Glass jars are used as packaging materials with a bamboo spatula in them. Compostable paper cases are used for the delivery with vegetable ink labeling. 

The toothpaste comes in a range of flavors. You can have ginger, English peppermint, tea tree, or red mandarin organic flavors. You can also opt for combos of mouthwash and toothpaste.


  • Organic Ingredients
  • Eco- Friendly packaging
  • 0% return charges with Zero To Landfill Schemes
  • Free from SLS and glycerine
  • Reusable glass jar packaging

5. Scent Cerae Tooth Nibs

Scent Cerae Tooth Nibs

Scent Cerae is owned and operated by a woman who’s passionate about making sustainable products. Her name is Sherae, and she started the company after living in Asia for 7 years as a refugee. Sherae faces a lot of problems with skin products, so she started her own company of organic products. 

Nowadays, Scent Cerae produces organic skincare, eco-travel, and hair care products. All the products are produced in a zero-waste laboratory and use plastic-free shipping.

Products are available online as well as in pop-up shops. Some of the products are also offered at dental clinics and salons. 

The tooth nibs are produced from organic blends and simple ingredients. Its ingredients include bentonite clay, illite sea clay, natural soap nut, sodium bicarbonate, white kaolin clay, and xylitol.

Harmful chemicals like titanium dioxide, SLS, glycerine, dyes, and fluoride are not included in these Tooth nibs. There is no abrasive ingredient present that harms tooth enamel. Sodium bicarbonate is close to abrasive, but that is also very low on Moh’s hardness scale. 

Scent Cerae tooth nibs are 100% biodegradable; don’t affect the earth’s environment. Each jar consists of 80 nibs with many flavor options: Mint chocolate chip, strawberry champagne, and cinnamon roll. These all flavors are natural and organic. 

Compostable craft paper cases are used for the delivery of the products to minimize the risk to the environment. 


  • 100% organic brand 
  • Every flavor used is from natural ingredients
  • No abrasive ingredients used
  • No use of harmful chemicals
  • Biodegradable packaging is used for the delivery

6. Nelson Naturals

Nelson Naturals

Nelson Naturals is another Canadian toothpaste organization with all tasks and production situated in Nelson, B.C. Nelson Naturals was founded in 2012 by a group of people who were driven to do something different.

They were inspired to contribute a helping hand in making the earth a better living place. Plastic packaging and chemicals used in producing products are harmful to human health as well as to the environment. 

An individual, on average, spends about 1500 hours of their life brushing twice a day. Two minutes, two times a day, add up a lot in long runs. Nowadays, conventional toothpaste is not trustworthy to use.

You don’t know what you are going to use or how it will affect your health? Chemical blends are mostly harmful. But Nelson Naturals offers you a great way of taking care of your teeth health. 

Nelson naturals produce zero waste toothpaste, which is great for your health and the environment. They make two types of pastes: one is Crush brush tablets, and the other is traditional toothpaste in a glass jar. 

Sodium bicarbonate, potassium bitartrate, organic peppermint-spearmint, natural xylitol, and calcium carbonate are the main ingredients of this toothpaste. They even offer you a lot of flavors to choose from. 


  • 100% organic toothpaste
  • Free from animal derivatives
  • No use of plastic-based materials
  • No artificial flavors (all organic flavors)

7. Denttabs Toothbrush Tablets

Denttabs Toothbrush Tablets

Denttabs is a company founded by a group of doctors in Germany. They are passionate about minimizing the impact of the products on human health. Produced products are cruelty-free and vegan. Products for delivery are wrapped in compostable packaging. 

Denttabs are chewable tooth cleaners, much like other dental tablets on this list. These tablets are offered in compostable bags made of corn and starch. These tabs are free of any preservatives, binders, germ-inhibiting ingredients, or nanoparticles. 

Some individuals prefer non-sodium fluoride toothpaste, but this product does come with sodium fluoride. However, Denttabs is certified by COSMOS as a natural product. 

Unfortunately, Denttabs are not palm-oil-free either. This product includes two unique palm oil derivatives- Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate and magnesium stearate.


  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Sold in compostable pouches
  • Certified by COSMOS as a natural product
  • Free of preservatives or any germ-inhibiting ingredients

8. Unpaste


Unpaste aims to offer the best oral care using the least quantity possible of chemicals with zero waste. They became quite popular just by selling tooth tablets. You can see their products on every sustainable online vendor as well as you can find these tabs at natural and zero waste brick-mortar stores. 

However, these tabs are entirely made in Germany and also certified by various German organizations. These organizations include Aktion-zahnfreundlich e.V. as Safe and BDIH as natural. German organizations are a bit stricter than US certifications.

Unpaste is about “replace your paste” with zero-waste toothpaste tablets. These tablets are free from preservatives, gluten, artificial dyes, GMOs, SLS, paraben, and nanoparticles. 

Moreover, you are getting a cruelty-free and vegan formula produced from cellulose, silica, and baking soda. Cellulose helps in polishing your teeth like a post-dental care session.

You can opt for fluoride-free tooth tabs as per your preferences. Each pack of their tabs contains 125 tabs, and the pouch is made of corn starch with natural vegetable ink.


  • One pack of the tabs is enough for 2 months
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Zero-waste packaging
  • Both fluoride and non-fluoride version is available

9. The Dirt Trace Mineral Toothbrushing Powder

The Dirt Trace Mineral Toothbrushing Powder

The Dirt is a Los Angeles-based company that aims towards organic personal care. Shannon Drake was not satisfied with the green-washing of so-called natural products. Green-washing is a term used to describe a product that is shown naturally but is not. 

The Dirt has an aim to produce products that we can eat, so they are free from gluten, soy, and corn. The Dirt’s products are cruelty-free and vegan. There are no palm oil derivatives in their products. 

The Dirt’s toothbrushing powder is available in super mint and sweet spice orange flavors. This powder does not contain any fluoride, glycerine, and GMO Xylitol. You will receive a 6 month supply in a glass jar (reusable jars).

This oral brushing powder ranks 1 or 2 on the Mohs scale of Harshness, which means it is almost free of abrasive ingredients. 

You carefully decide rather you choose their tooth powder (100% vegan) or toothpaste (contains beeswax). Another reason to stay with tooth powder is that toothpaste comes in a plastic tube. 


  • No green-washing product
  • The toothpowder is animal derivatives free and vegan
  • Available in different flavors
  • Almost zero abrasive substances included

10. Naked Company’s Dental Crush Tabs

Naked Company's Dental Crush Tabs

Elizabeth is the owner of Naked Company. Her thought is to solve two major issues; one is to zero the packaging waste, and the other is to provide a healthier alternative to ordinary toothpaste while maintaining your oral hygiene. 

In addition, her company also sells cotton swabs that can be reused, bamboo brushes, and more zero-waste products. When you purchase their products, they will plant a tree. The trees are getting planted as part of the Amazon reforestation project at Madre de Dios. 

The Naked company offers fluoride toothpaste that promotes enamel health. Foaming & stabilizing agents are not present in these tablets. Also, these tablets are cruelty-free and 100% vegan. 

Ingredients used in production: Silica, Sodium bicarbonate, cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Menthol, Aroma, Xanthum Gum, Citric acid, Stevioside, Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, and Eugenol. If you are allergic, you should know Eugenol is extracted from cloves, and that is a potential allergen. 

Packaging is not 100% zero waste as its case contains aluminum lining with crafted paper casing. You will have 2 month supply in a single pack of these tablets. 


  • Total vegan and animal cruelty-free
  • Zero waste (if the aluminum lining is left aside)
  • No use of foaming and stabilizing agents
  • They plant a tree when you make a purchase 


Environmental friendly toothpaste is very rare to find. Moreover, there were no eco-friendly alternatives for a long time that are also economical. 

Fortunately, now you can get zero-waste toothpaste, powder, tablets, and even a toothbrush with a rapid search. Zero-waste products not only benefit your health but also improve the environmental condition.

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